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Marina coil and medical anxiety

Hi after always saying I’d never have the coil.... I had it put in last Monday! It was our last option whilst waiting for my husbands vasectomy 🙄😩 we’ve been waiting since August with no appointment yet! Anyway I suffer with medical anxiety due to finding out I have a rare genetic disorder call loweys ditez syndrome ! ( even though I have no symptoms) it was traced back to my through one of my sons ! Anyway that’s a long story! My question tonight is about the coil! As I say it was fitted Monday I’m now on Saturday and have a bit of discharge, a little discomfort and now a little bleeding! I feel quite achy and a little off too!

I called 111 and they said I need to see a dr so I went to out of hours! The gp said I have a very very small water infection ! They didn’t check my coil😩 it’s not like I wanted them to look but then needs must! He just gave me some antibiotics for the uti!

Should I be worried ! He also said my blood pressure was a bit high! I have 5 children and I’ve never had high blood pressure ( well not at the Drs anyway 🤣🤣)


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