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Marina coil

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting , I recently had the marina coil fitted in November ever since then I have been bleeding, not really heavy but enough to wear a pad. And I can't stop eating is this normal with the marina coil. In the past I have always had the copper coil, but the last one copper coil I had in made me bleed really heavy and ended up being rushed in hospital and having 2 blood transfusions cuz I was so anemic. In the end I had it taken out. This coil seems to be effecting me in different ways, I just want some advice really on what to do.

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Hey, the bleeding I would say is normal for up to 2-3 months unfortunately and can come and go through out the first 6 months if it still carries on 6m after maybe go back to who fitted it and talk to them about it, as for being hungry all the time I'm the same but you just need to learn to ignore the urge and make sure you follow a decent diet or you may find yourself gaining weight with it, hope this helps :) x

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Hi louskippylou. I had the marina coil fitted in May last year. I was bleeing for 6mnths but not heavy either. I was worried for a while. I finally stopped in November. I am also anemic so i understand your concern. As the weeks progress your bleeding will become alot lighter. As for your excessive eating cleaverrage is right about the possibility of weight gain, tho the coil affects people in different ways. If you still feel worried after then see your gp/ or the individual who fitted it, just to ease any concern you may have. 😊


I have coil fitted last September same as yours, i fully understand your concern mind is fitted 20th Sept. then i have light bleeding until the 15th Oct.then have a heavy bleeding i believe it is my monthly period but they stop like a normal and now i still have a monthly period every month in normal but mind you the coil is working in thier on way in diffirent person our body is diffirent, what can i say give it more time to workout with you. About the diet sometimes i don't have appetite we are opposite.xxx


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