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Hi, I had the copper coil(10yrs) done in August 2015 and was told that my period will stop after 6months but almost 2yrs later I'm still bleeding heavy and longer days, it's kinda worrying me that my period is heavy and last longer despite the fact that I have the coil put in. Also have added about 15kg and the weight is impossible to loose, have tried dieting and workout still no progress. I hate being fat and now I'm depressed over this issue pls I need help on what to do and if I should have the coil removed.

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  • The copper coils key side effect is longer/heavier period. It's the 5 year hormonal one that can stop your period. As for the weight gain, my doctor once informed me that most people come off their contraception because of weight gain or mood swings, so it's perfectly acceptable to have it removed, ESPECIALLY since it ought to have settled by now.

  • Thank you

  • It's your health, ultimately, and if you think that you need to take the coil out, then you should. Your mental health is JUST as important as your physical health.

  • I'm also scared of getting pregnant after taking it off, I'm not financially ready for a baby plus I don't want to go back to using pills which was the reason why I opted for a coil in the first place.

  • If you get the Mirena (which I think is the five year one) you should have no problems. I know lots of people who had the five year one and had no problems. It's also the most effective as well :)

  • That being said, everyone is different, and I know that feeling of being terrified of pregnancy, it's not something to be dismissed, and I hope you find a solution <3

  • Hi the copper coil 10 yr one does not stop your periods. As it is a non hormonal coil. The Marina however is a hormonal coil which does eventually stop your periods. The copper coil has side affects such as longer heavier periods but is meant to settle in over time and one should go back to the usual time and duration of your period cycle. I think you have been mis advised about the copper coil as the 5 or 10 yr does not stop your periods.

  • Thank you, what about getting fat? I'm adding too much weight and I suspect it's the coil, plus working out is almost useless as the weight is difficult to shed. This is the primary reason I want it removed but I'm open to suggestions

  • It will have no effect on your weight as there are no hormones involved.

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