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From coil to pill

Hi everyone,

I would like to have my coil, Jaydess, hormonal, removed cause I've understood it's not the right method for me and come back to my old pill. I have the appointment in a week, and my period is about to finish.

First question: is it possible to start the pill (it would be 5 days after my period, probably better than starting in any other time) and still having the coil inserted?

Second question: if I start the pill later, what could be the side effects, like bleeding etc.? (I know that I have to use condoms for at least 7 days in both cases).

Many thanks to all.

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You can start the pill at anytime, and it's actually better to start the combined pill seven days before your coil is removed or if its the progesterone only pill 3 days before the coil is removed and then you won't lose / have a break from contraception and you'll be continuously covered.

As you say if you start the pill after the IUS is removed it will take 7 days for the combined pill to give you cover and 3 days for the progesterone only pill to give you cover.

Have a chat with your contraception provider about the reasons you want the Jaydess removing, there may be simple things that can be done so you can keep it (its one of the best forms of contraception going).

If you are starting any hormonal method you can get erratic bleeding until the pill has "settled in".


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