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Only one period after starting mini pill

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I'm new here, but I'd like to ask for some advice regarding the POP. I've changed from a combined pill to a progesterone only pill, and the week after I started a pack I got my regular period, which wasn't light nor heavy. This period was about a month ago, should I have another one now? I have been taking the pills every morning around the same time, so that should be fine.

I have read that periods can stop with this pill, I just thought that might be after a few months of taking it.

So, should I be worried that I haven't had a period since my first period after starting a progesterone only pill? Your advice is much appreciated, any good or bad experiences are welcome.

9 Replies
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Don’t worry, this is normal. Lots of women have no bleeds or irregular bleeds with the progesterone only pill. They aren’t true “periods” as your normal cycle is being over-ridden by the contraception

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aurantiaca19 in reply to DrSelena

Thank you!!

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Hi, I’m on the mini pill since August and I have had no periods. I was told this can happen in the mini pill 🙂

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aurantiaca19 in reply to HP12

Thanks for replying and easing my mind! How do you know you're not pregnant, though? That's kind of freaking me out.

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HP12 in reply to aurantiaca19

It kind of freaked be out too to be honest. I do use other protection, but I’m not sure how I would know haha. I’m sure that doesn’t bring any reassurance. I just use other protection just to be safe! But I take my pill at exactly the same time everyday (I set an alarm) and I suppose I just trust the pill.

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aurantiaca19 in reply to HP12

Same! I have read that there's actually no reason to be worried when you take the pill correctly, suppose I'll just have to trust that!

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Can you take this pill to regulate your periods? Which brand do you use?

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POP eradicated my periods after a month. In fact, a lot of women choose the POP for this reason

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Thank you ladies for putting my mind at rest too as I’m new to how the pop pill works too as I’m on month 5 of this pill and had not taken any form of contraceptive pill before and this month I have had no period at all and thought I was pregnant so took pregnancy test and which was negative. Reading your comments has reassured me that this is one of the bonuses of this pill it can stop periods when taken at the same time every day but it can still be worrying when people like me are used to having periods every month and are new to the change. But can I just ask is it normal to still have slight period cramps at the time when your period is due?

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