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Hi. I started my period last Friday but took the pill again on Wednesday morning. My boyfriend and I had sex Friday night with no other contraception. I read that if I take the pill within 5 days of starting my period then preventing pregnancy takes effect straight away but I wasn’t sure if taking it on Wednesday classes as 6 days and not 5 so I’m a little nervous that I may be pregnant. Please help me?

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  • Hi there! Just want to make clear that I’m not a medical expert but I think that you’re right, if you take it within 5 days of you’re period then you’re immediately protected, otherwise it’s recommended to use condoms for 7 days. By the time I’m replying it would be too late for emergency protection but if you took this you’d be covered, but this then affects the pill so use condoms for 7 days after taking the emergency pill. If you’re worried do a test 21 days after the incident and you’ll have the answer. So sorry I can’t be more helpful or relaxing. Were you restarting the pill or starting it for the first time, and what pill are you on? X

  • Thank you for that but I haven’t taken any emergency pill and we didn’t use a condom. Quite worried. I’ve been on the pill for 6 months now and I take Rigevidon. I’m going to see if I come on my period when I take my week off and hopefully I’m okay x

  • Ah right okay! did you have sex on your week off the pill? If so I’m pretty sure you’ll still be okay, as long as you’ve been quite good with taking them and haven’t missed too many. Also be careful if you’re on any antibiotics to use additional protection xx

  • No I had sex two days after starting back on the pill xx

  • Ah right. In that case I would say there had been a risk but if you were so close to the 5 day cut-off then there’s a fair chance you would be covered. However I would definitely go and see your GP or if you’re under 25 go to a local Brook centre, or do a test 21 days after the incident. Also, I’ve always found that the ladies who work for the NHS sexual health line are super knowledgable and helpful, and if you google you’ll find their number. All the best and be safe and try not to stress too much, and take care of yourself (I suffer with anxiety over this stuff myself so I know how you feel!) because everything is resolvable xxx

  • Thank you! Yeah I’m really anxious about it xxx

  • Hi x can I ask which pill are you on hun and do you take it regularly on the days you’re supposed to take it ? When you say :

    No I had sex two days after starting back on the pill xx

    do you mean 2 days after your normal 7 day break or do you mean you had a longer break from the pill ?

  • I took the pill 1 day late so instead of having 7 days off, I had 8. Then two days after starting back on the pill I had sex. But I read that if you take the pill again after 5 days of starting your period then you’re not protected x

    I take Rigevidon and yeah I do xx

  • Mmm it does sound you were unprotected hun !! The only way to know for sure is to either use condoms or abstain from sex for a couple of weeks and then do a pregnancy test at 21 days after you had sex!

    Good luck Hun xx

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