After having unprotected sex me and my sex partner have fever

I had unprotected sex with a girl, about 2 days ago,whose status of HIV is unknown. Me and my sex partner having very high viral fever fom the next day. It's about 100-102 F. I have sore throat too, but I am not coughing, and my nose isn't blocked, and also having heavy body pains. I don't have any rashes on my body. No matter how much paracetamol and ibuprofen tablets I take, the fever comes back to me in a few hours. When I take tablets, it feels good after an hour. Although, the effect remains for only 4-5 hours. I have been also having headache, and have been feeling very fatigued. Don't have any night sweats though. The girl that I had sex with, wants to be in a relationship with me. It may be she has the HIV virus in her body, but doesn't know about it. She said that she doesn't like having sex with a condom on. She had been in a relationship with many guys before. I have kind of broke up with her, and I am not seeing her anymore. Anyways, my point is, do you think I might have HIV in me?

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Hi Kiransai943,

Symptoms of HIV infection would typically take 2 weeks to come on after catching the virus.

Best way to know is to get tested though.

Kind regards


Don't have unsafe sex with someone with hiv . You and you're partner may got it . Best to get yourself tested at the doctors . Always use protection when having sex .


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