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HIV scare,

Hey guys,I’m having an hiv scare!

So basically a few months ago,I slept with an escort...we had PROTECTED sex but I did do oral on her vagina,but at the same time I did have a cut on my lip! And we also did kiss!

The second time I had sex with a transsexual which we did have protected sex,In fact we didn’t even have sex we did oral on eachother with condoms on,but she did cum in my mouth! I asked her to stimulate my anus so she got a dildo from her draw and put it up my anus but I didn’t enjoy it? She also didn’t put a condom on the dildo?

Now recently I went for my usual blood test,and the doctor wants me to do more as my previous one came back with “slightly low white blood count” I googled what that means and theirs a list of what that may mean..

On the nhs website it has this extract:

What causes a low white blood cell count?

Common causes include:

* cancer treatment, like radiotherapy

* anti-psychotic drugs

* medication for an overactive thyroid

* some cancers, like leukaemia

* infections such as HIV or hepatitis

* autoimmune disorders, like rheumatoid arthritis

Now obviously because it says HIV I’m abit scared..

It also said that Afro Caribbean’s may have a low white blood count too

But now I’m super scared?

Need some advice !

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I think low blood count could also mean to do with low iron. I had the same where I was asked to redo my blood test 6 weeks later as I had a low blood count. I freaked out assuming something to do with cancer and the nurse said it could be something as little as low iron (anaemia)

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Ah right ! I see!

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Thank you for the response ❤️

If you would also like some more reassurance call your doctor and ask if they could help explain why this may happen

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Yes I am booking this blood test!

this is most likely due to the sample taking a while to reach the lab and causing a low count. Your HIV risk from this event is low /zero . There is more out there than HIV, including syphilis , which can be passed through oral sex, so you should do a full sti screen. And if some of your partners are male or trans , consider getting hepatitis B vaccination.

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Thank you for the response! And I will do!

you are welcome :-)

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P.S were you meant to say “than” ? Instead of that lol

I think in future u must remember it not just hiv u can catch.. so wearing a condom is ok for the sexual protection but ur still putting urself at so much risk with any bodily fluids b in in mouth or anywhere... ie hepatits, herpes.syphilis.

U should have a good sexual health check and mayb not put urself at such risk....

also make sure the person ur having sex with if there a professional has had all there sexual health checks... which they should do if they are escorts

4th generation hiv tests are very conclusive after 4 weeks. Its recommended to test after 3 months if PEP or PREP has been used just in case there is delayed seroconversion which is very rare .

Er - I'm a healthcare practitioner in the HIV field and this is simply not true . check here look at sections 4.4 ( recommendation for 4th generation test ) and then section 6 ( recommendation for repeat testing at 3 months ) .

Im not sure what country you are living in but these are both UK and European guidelines. European guidelines here ( which are based also on WHO guidelines - so these are global )

There is no role for testing at 6 months in any guideline - unless of course there is a further exposure risk within the timescale. There may be some extremely rare paediatric cases of delayed seroconversion, especially with PEP after delivery, but these are very rare.

There is a course a role of repeat testing for high risk individuals based upon new and ongoing risk.

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I reference : Individuals whose specimens test negative on the initial HIV screening should be considered noninfected unless the patient presents with symptoms of primary HIV infection or has a history of recent(≤6weeks for fourth generation assays,≤12weeks for other assays)high-riskexposure. (IV,C)In the case of recent exposure,the tests should be repeated at 6weeks to 12 weeks (according to the test to be used)from the time of exposure

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