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having feelings for both, and i dont feel sex with a condom.

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I am 20 year teenager bi sexual. i am dating two gay and ma girl freind and we hv tested for hiv when i have sex with my gay patner I dont use condom and I heard that is dangerous because there are many sti's expecially in anal sex so i want advice on the regard.... Is there anythng that I can use to prevent the STI's from anal sex besides condom... because we a using lubricating gells etc... plz help in this regard... if there is something plz empower me about that.

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Listen dear there is nothing except condoms to prevent STI's so please please use it. For your own protection and others. Be safe than sorry. I strongly emphasise it.

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Hi Sipho,

Blue star is correct - there is no other way. But it doesn't have to be a bad thing. When you get used to using condoms, you don't even notice them much. I had the best sex ever with a woman using condoms. It becomes part of the love making ritual, you just need to get used to stopping the action for a few moments while you dress for the occasion. It shows also that you respect yourself and your partners which believe me is a turn-on, especially if you are strong about it. If that's not cool with them, either they are very ignorant - you can put them right or they don't give a fcuk about you or themselves - not very sexy or safe. Be a proud bi guy and bite the packet before you bite his bullet!

Respect and peace - you already have the power to be safe,


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Dear sipho,

HIV status may not be correct till 3 months after exposure. Hence it is better to use condoms.



Consultant in Reproductive & Sexual Medicine

Republic of India

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sipho in reply to Sexologist

Sexologist after that three months could it be safe not to use a condom.

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thank a lot... but i could like to understand more about condoms because if i use it i loose ma erection and i cannot enjoy sex... sexologist plz help


This is is really good site for condoms their cheap and there is every brand, size and style to choose from. if you loose your erection maybe your using a condom that is too small this site has measurements of the condom so you can see if your size. You can also get thin condoms for more feeling. Good luck :)

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my penis is 16 cm and cock hard i dont thnk the size could be a problem.

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Hi sipho - hope you got all the advise you need and remember unprotected sex with men and women carries a high risk of HIV infection. I know it's like wearing a raincoat with condoms but there are so many different types so go to the site Holly94 says. It is good that you are testing for HIV but if you have unprotected sex there is that 3 month window so be aware of that. I know all of this takes the edge off of sex but in the long run once you can adjust to safe sex all the time life just keeps on getting better.

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all condoms are not made the same. u will get the best protection from using the right condom. the issue here is not your dick it is your mind. there are super thin condoms made both by Trojan lifestyle and others. the trick here is telling yourself is a few seconds of ecstacy worth a life of misery. I chose to be careful and have the ecstasy and a life free of disease and worry. u are young do not ruin your life. sex is good, only if done for the right reason and with the right person. good luck.

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you want to keep your health! very simple, protect it! U have to do it! no one else can. UNLESS! UNLESS! there is NO PROMISCUITY between U and your gay mate! (I assume u prefer him.) but U are bi so the assumption, is an OPEN relationship. U cannot guarantee me under these circumstances, HE is only true to U. if so why should he? use the condom. SAVE yourself in the least.

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I HAVE a 98 cm get on my level rah bitch

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do you speak at home?

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