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Recurrent Thrush

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Hi all, new to the block here. I keep having recurring thrush every time after sex. It has become quite a problem for me, and every time I go to the doctors/walk in clinic etc they always just tell me to take the oral tablet and external cream to get rid of it. Whereas this does help, it doesn't help the fact that it still comes back every time. I'm not in a relationship and don't have sex often because of the whole thrush thing after, but when I do, I always ask them to wear condoms and I still get thrush. It's depressing me a little, and I've completely run out of things to do/help prevent it. I'm at a loss so if anyone can tell me why you think it happens and any ways to prevent it, I'll be most greatful!

12 Replies
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أنا ث u should take oral anti fungl lik duflokan one cap evry week two caps u will take ,vag supp also miconazol nitrat for 3 days will be good .wish u will be good


I get thrush after using condoms too, I've had non-latex ones and lots and lots of lubricant (KY Jelly) recommended but it still happens!! It's a pain!

I'm in a relationship so we don't use them because of it... But then if I do get thrush he has to be treated as well as me! It's like a vicious circle.

They say eating probiotic supplements or lots of yoghurt helps, so I'm trying this next!

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The yoghurt is a waste of time, I don't think anything will prevent it other than no sex !

Well that's not going to happen !

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Can't help because I haven't found a cure yet but wanted to let you know you're not alone!

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Hi you're the same as me, I don't have regular sex as I'm not in a relationship but when I do I always get thrush. It takes two of those capsules to get rid of it but is that OK to do every couple of months ?? It's a pain !

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I have more or less the same problem. I take Fluconazole 150 every month and also use the cream if I know I am going to have sex. Having a boyfriend helps knowing when it is going to happen, so if it is at weekend I would apply the cream two days before I am meeting him. There is a very little evidence that prebiotics help but I believe they do. I definitely got less thrush since I started taking them. Also cut out sugars ( sugar, cakes, fruit, white bread, pasta pe rice) so basically anything that is transformed into glucose once we eat it. Cotton underwear, loose clothing not as much during winter as I love skinny jeans and tights.

I would say prevention rather than treatment :)

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I am also in same position. Can I get prebiotics at chemist or doctors? Thanks

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Probiotics* they can be bought from the supermarket in a refrigerated vitamin area or pharmacist

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I have stopped using all washing powders for my underwear ie panties and tights and even jeggings and its best to stop wearing tight fitting tousers, I have cut down on sugar as this causes candida which is a form of thrush and just wash below with water or shower without using any form of shower gel or soap , dry on a towel that has not been washed with washing powder and try to wear trousers less often than normal . Washe after sex and there is a herbal capsule called Acidopholous that you take orally that prevents candida which can cause thrush and apparently there is a cream called oilatum which you can wash/ shower yourself with and this cools the itch . good luck

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You could try the natural thrush treatment by mama nature - proskin candida. Worked great for me and I was always getting it. This stopped it in its tracks.

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Try the proskin candidals natural treatment. Since using this my thrush has never came back.

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Hi sorry my girlfriend is having this problem recently, did u find something which helped solve your issue

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