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new implant

i just got the implant nexplanon a couple of weeks ago and i wasn't on my period at the time so i was told that i wouldn't be covered for contraception until my next period. i'm having my first period since then but it's much much lighter than usual and a different colour. i know that can be a common side effect of the implant so i'm not too worried. but does that mean it's working now? am i now protected against pregnancy??

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Implant starts being effective contraception straightaway if inserted at the time of periods. If implant inserted any othe time other than while on periods, it takes 7 days after insertion to be effective. As implant is likely to alter bleeding pattern, periods either going to be lighter or no periods. Period bleed is nothing to with the effectiveness of the implant. If reliable contraception was not used prior to insertion of implant or if any doubt about risk of pregnancy, it's advisable to do a pregnancy test 3 weeks after insertion of implant. If you have any further questions., I suggest attending a local SRH clinic for further advice.


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