Am I pregnant?

I'm a 16 year old female and I recently lost my virginity to my boyfriend approx 2 weeks ago (5th March, it is now the 20th). We used protection (condoms), but I'm still worried that I might be pregnant. I simply can not be pregnant, I do not want to go in my mother's footsteps and stop my education due to pregnancy - or anything like that. I'm not sure if I'm overreacting as I do have anxiety and tend to overthink a lot.

But in the past day or two I have been getting headaches and started to urinate more often. Previously I would only urinate 1-3 times per day so not that much, and now I feel like urinating every 1-3 hours. I haven't had a headache today but did have one yesterday. I just don't know, it's quite a big thing for me and I made sure we had protection because I can not risk anything.

I regret it now because I might just be worrying for nothing. Is it normal to worry like this after losing your virginity? Should I buy a pregnancy test? My last period was on the 28th Feb and ended 5th March, so if it is worth to take the test when is the earliest i can take it for reliavle results? I really would not want my parents to find out, I'm sure she would be supportive but I'm scared she will not allow me to see my boyfriend again. I'd just prefer her not to know.

Again, I'm 16 and I have my A-levels and university ahead of me. If, in the unfortunate case of pregnancy would I be able to get an abortion without my parents knowing? I feel so embarassed for asking, and very ashamed of myself - it's probably best to take extra precautions before having intercourse but we only used a condom. I feel terrible and I'm praying that I'm not pregnant as I feel like I'm not physically nor mentally prepared for it. I want to have kids at the age of 24-30, not 16! I feel so silly, and really want to be sure I am not pregnant but feel like taking the pregnancy test would be too early now.

Thank you in advance for any answers and I do apologise for being another one of these irresponsible teens!

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You can take a test earliest 3 weeks after intercourse for reslults.. since you have used a condom you should be okay i wouldnt worry unless the condom broke. If you are worried about it you can go to your local sexual health clinic an they will give you a pregnacy test for free but wait till its been at least 3 weeks xx


Thank you for the answer,

I will take the test as a double - check just to be sure. I don't think the condom split or anything like that, at least what my boyfriend claims so it's unlikely that I did get pregnant. I'm probably just worrying too much but I feel like a proper test will help me calm down as I can't exactly base everything on assumptions.

Anyway, thanks again!



First off you are NOT used a condom and are a young couple enjoying a normal part of life. We were all young once ☺

I would imagine the headache is due to worry and doubt (but can't be sure until you test) that you are pregnant.

Would it be an idea to consider the depo injection/implants as well as condom in the future? Double protection. Ask you practice nurse or local sexual health clinic.

Good luck!


Thanks so much for the answer! I'm due on my period in two days but sometimes it tends to be late, so I'm planning on taking a test next week just as a double-check.

I'd love to discuss any other forms of contraception with the doctor, but without my parents knowledge so I was thinking about the pill. I'm aware that the implant is very effective but I'm worried it would be too visible and obvious.

Thanks again!


You used condoms you are not pregnant unless the condom had split . Then you could be . But seeing as you used protection it's not possible. You don't need a pregnancy test .


Is this right... your period ended 5th March and you had sex then? If this is true it's highly unlikely you were fertile on that day unless you have a very short cycle.

You should still take a test to ease your mind but if you have a regular length cycle around 28 days and you used condoms, the chances are extremely slim. So don't worry, but yes take a test. And think ahout another form of contraception to use alongside condoms xxxxxx


Yes my period ended on the 5th and thats also when we had intercourse, I wanted to be as safe as possible but didn't really have any other options apart from condoms and using the cycle. Although the chances are slim, I know it's still possible hence I'm worrying.

I was thinking about going to the doctor and ask about the pill or other forms, but again dont want my mum finding out really it's quite an uncomfortable topic based on how our relationship isn't that strong.

Thank you for the answer!

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I suspect by now your period has started. If not you would be very unfortunate to fall pregnant first time straight after your period finished.

Your doctor will not tell you mum and dad unless you want him to if you want to go on the pill or any other forms.

I know it's embarrassing but your being adult by protecting yourself. You have done nothing wrong.If I may suggest keep on being the sensible young lady that your being. Specially if your relationship is not that strong. Your young and free so don't settle for 2nd best you,ll be glad that you picked a keeper when it comes to having babies later ,when you want to.

Good luck. I would be proud to have you as my daughter.


Did the condom used busted ?If not ,then you are not pregnant and only worried over nothing.The signs of pregnancy is not only headache.headache (result from you being stress over the pregnancy) and the urinating often,maybe due to cold weather that makes urinate within short periods.


You're worrying about nothing darling x you'll be ok x


It's more than likely that you are not pregnant. See your GP and that should calm your fears..first time can be stressful with worry but if you've used a Condon you should be fine.

Your university and A'levels is the right way to go.keep focused on that.

See your GP and you'll be fine.


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