Implant and bleeding irregularly :(

Hi guys , just wondering if someone could help me out. This is my second implant , the first one I had no problems with , I only had 2 periods in the whole 3 years !! But this one I've had in a year and half and for the past 6 months I've been on my period for 7 days every 2 weeks. Apart from this month , which I was on for 14 days then off for 2 and now am back on. It's really affecting how I'm feeling , physically , emotionally and mentally. My boyfriend pretends to understand but I can't explain how shit it makes me feel. has anyone else experienced this or know of any advice how to stop it being so random??

I thought it was supposed to slow down after the 1st year :(

Thanks :)

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  • Hi hun I had this problem with my second one I went to a clinic and they gave me the pill to stop the bleeding t when I stopped taking it it started again so I give up in the end and went on to the iud xx

  • It might not be right for your body this time! see your gp and see if there's anything else you would like which will suit your body better

  • They gave me a pill to regulate or completely stop it when this happened to me.

  • This happened to me but it made me depressed if you feel it's not right for you come off it because it can affect others around you

  • yeah, I'd say 1.5 years is enough time for your hormones to normalize and if the constant period issues are not going away then I would get off it.

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