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No period after having the implant removed?

Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me. I had my implant removed in October just passed after having it in for 3 and half years. I didn't have a period at all the whole time I had the implant in and haven't had once since having it taken out. That's almost 4 years without a period and I am definitely not pregnant.

I have some other symptoms which suggest I may possibly have PCOS and I just wondered if anyone else had experienced a significant delay in getting a period after getting their implant removed.

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Yes I had my implant for 2yrs it got stuck in my arm n had to have it surgically removed I didn’t have a period the whole time and after I had it taken out I didn’t have one for another year. Year later I got pregnant with my first child


Implants are sustained release hormonal dose - somewhat same in properties to that of contraceptive pills. It is natural to not have periods for a while after removing implant when you have had it for longer than a year. It will take a few cycles before it gets back to normal regulation. However, there are shots to help you jump start AF after coming off hormonal contraceptives but it's best not to try them before 3 cycles without an AF. Also, the removal gives symptoms similar to the PMS and pregnancy just like it is when you get on pills with all the breakthrough bleeding and stuff. Don't pay heed to any symptoms for 6 months or so now they are just a way of your body trying to get back to its normal regulation.


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