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The implant


Hi girls.

I had the implant fitted in July 2019 and I began to experience some spotting. As time has gone on I’ve been having heavy periods with bad cramping and I am spotting between each period so there isn’t a time when I’m not bleeding! I have had severe mood swings, no sex drive and really bad anxiety and depression as a result! Has anyone else experienced this and if so what have you done about it? I tried to have the implant removed in March but it took a while to come out and as a result I had a panic attack and we stopped trying to remove it and I’m going to try and get it removed once everything with covid has died down. I’m not sure what alternatives I can get that won’t give me the same side effects because I cannot have oestrogen/estrogen?! Help it’s driving me MAD!

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Dear Pinkflower,

I'm sorry you had such problems with the implant. Unscheduled bleeding is the commonest cause for its removal, and its impossible to predict. You have had it for a year, so you have definitely given it a good trial.

If you cannot take oestrogens, and had side effects with this progestogen, would you consider a hormone free copper coil ( IUD ) ?

Pinkflower19 in reply to Galen70

Thank you for your advice! Yes I think it’s best I get it removed. The copper coil is the option I was considering but worried about similar side effects!

Galen70 in reply to Pinkflower19

Its unlikely you would get the same issues with bleeding. Periods can be heavier and slightly more uncomfortable for some, not all , women with the IUD. If you already had those issues, a Mirena IUS would be another option - the amount of progestogen released into the circulation is very low. A copper IUD were certainly not cause any mood or libido issues . If it was a GP practice who were trying to remove the implant and they found it difficult , consider a reproductive health clinic as they insert and remove implants all the time .

Pinkflower19 in reply to Galen70

Thank you so much!!

Hello, I’d just like to share my experience with you so you know you’re not alone☺️. I had the implant for 10 months and completely lost my sex drive, I bled the majority of the 10 months I had it and the pain / cramps were more severe to the point I couldn’t walk sometimes. I had an increase in appetite and constantly felt so hungry so I ended up gaining a lot of weight which made me become depressed as a result. I got my implant taken out and tried the coil however I quickly experienced similar symptoms and therefore got it taken out within 3 months of having it. I now take the pill although there are other alternatives. I hope this helped somewhat to know you’re not alone ☺️xx

Wow it’s so nice to hear someone has had a similar experience! I tried talking the mini pill with the implant to control the bleeding and that made me even more loopy, I think it is the progesterone that doesn’t agree with me!xx

Hi there i see on your post that you are maybe looking for something to help you stop having a heavy period i suffered with all of the above symptoms that you have mentioned there i went to the doctor and I was introduced to a new jag called sayna press it is the best so the next time you go to the doctors ask them about the sayna press and hopefully it will help you

Okay thank you! I’ll have a look x

No problem hopefully something should be able to help you x

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