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Not had a great experience with implant, how will I cope with coil?


I had the implant put in 3 years ago nearly and had no issues for the first few months. After that had on and off bleeding like normal period , sometimes it can last up to 2 months at a time have a week off and back on again, or I can be off for a few months. I’m getting the coil soon and wondered whether I’ll get on any better.

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How old are you and how many children do you have?

Fatunicorn in reply to Kdkdk

22 and have no children just always suffered with bad periods

Kdkdk in reply to Fatunicorn

What is your weight? Do you have another problems ?

I think it is better to do some analysis like hormone profile in the second day of period

Copper or Mirena IUS ?

unscheduled bleeding is normal for some women with the implant. I asked if you were having a copper or Mirena coil ( or Jaydess ) as the IUS may also cause unscheduled bleeding.

I had the Mirena fitted, had it put in almost 6 months ago and only had a little bleeding on two separate occasions.

Fingers crossed it keeps going well 😁

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