Can you help. pain on the tip of Penis

Hi I have been to the clinic and was tested for clyamidia and gonnarea. Both came back negative. I was treated with the single dose antibiotic, for UTI due to the pain.

The pain is still there I went to the doctors and they said in look inflamed but sound die down and gave me the thrush cream. The doc doesn't suspect herpes due to the time frame.

The pain is still there. but I did have a couple of days of no pain. When all the results came in clear. but then stupid me Google it and then it came back I think due to worry. Can any one give me advice on what to do now.

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Herpes has no time frame. Go to a clinic


Thanks guys for the reply.

I have been to clinic and that is where I got the single dose antibiotic, they said nothing on examination about herpes.

Also my doctor said the pain would have probably gone by now considering it have been about 10 weeks give or take a week. Since the pain started.

The stupid thing was, I surprised the pain went when I though it was clear.

I just don't what to do apart from go back to the doctors or clinic.


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