4 years of pain!

Hi everyone, so for 4 years I've had pain in the right side of my pelvis. At first the doctors said it was a trapped nerve, I was put on tablets and it didn't work. I then got told it was scar tissue from when I had my appendix removed, I'm currently waiting for a pelvis scan. It seems to have got worse over the last week! .. my symptoms are: pain in right side of pelvis and lower abdomen, pain occasionally in lower back. Pain/numbness down right leg, frequent UTI's and I'm struggling to lose weight. Any ideas would be appreciated. I have googled PID, endometriosis etc. I also have PCOS so could it be my ovaries?

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  • Sounds like a sub acute infection to me.

  • What is that?

  • It just means that it's not like sepsis where the infection is urgent. It sounds like chronic infection that might have entered your body on that side when you had your operation.

  • Or maybe the problem with that area wasn't your appendix?

  • My appendix had ruptured and I've only had this pain since then

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