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First Herpes Outbreak. Severe. Can't go to the bathroom please help.

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I just was diagnosed with genital herpes. I am taking acyclovir 3 times a day and I just got lidocaine to put on to numb. It helps a little I will admit but it is still so painful. I am on ibuprofen a few times a day. I've taken baths for relief and to pee and it helps but honestly nothing completely relieves the pain.

This is literally the worst and I want to die. I don't want to be dramatic but I was already depressed and this just brought down my world. I will try to push through because I need to strengthen my immune system. I know, I've done so much research it hurts.

THE WORST PART pls help.

I haven't been eating or drinking for a week, since the sores started, because of fear to go to the bathroom. It is excruciating to pee and there's no words for the pooping. I am so frickin thirsty and hungry but there is something in me that will not let myself eat.

I have eaten small amounts of food and drink water to take my pills. What do I do? I am currently holding in a poop right now. I don't know what to do, I know it's bad for me but it's like the pain is so horrible I can't do it, and I don't want to. I wish these sores would drain and heal so I could live my life.

Some one please give me some advice on how to cope. Some happy stories that happened to you after herpes. I just turned 20. I still wanna have sex and mess around and I feel like having to tell every person I have herpes will ruin that.


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Hey! I remember when I had my first outbreak, I didn’t realise it was herpes but I was ill in bed for 10 days from tonsillitis and then the sores appeared about 2 days after, i has them between my anus and my vagina and it was horrible to wee and poo! It’s true, the first outbreak is always the worst. It gets better. I was on acyclovir for about a year and it did stop the outbreaks, I then recently went on a break and I have outbreaks now and again. I was so worried to tell my current partner it was the first time telling someone about this, and honestly he gave me the best reply. He wasn’t bothered and it really boosted my confidence. As long as you tell them the facts and statistics then most people are ok with it as long as you refrain from having sex during an outbreak! It’s affected me more mentally than anything I have my good days and my bad days but then I think about the millions of people who have the same thing, we all deal with it in our own way but it’ll get better ok? Good luck

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thank u so much

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KT has given some excellent advice and support there, I would only add though it seems counter productive drinking more water is better for you and don't stop eating, one way of easing the pooping is to douche, try and make sure the water is warm first but doing this will soften the stools and making it a lot easier to pass and quicker. As you have already done lots of research I am sure you already know to try and eat lots of fruits and vegetables while staying away from spicy foods and alcohol! If you can afford them multivitamins can help boost your immune system especially if you are not eating your 5 a day! Just be strong and remember that it gets better everytime. One final point, in desperation please don't get suckered into any of these fake remedies that you see in online vids (and sadly posts on here too!) if they truly did work then the NHS and other medical services would make it standard advice.

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Im in exactly the same boat here. This is my first outbreak and it just keeps outbreaking. I cant pee without crying. How long does this last? Did you get through it? I just want to die.

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It gets better, I have an outbreak usually once a month which may last for a week, when I was first diagnosed I was so depressed and I couldn’t really tell anyone except for my current boyfriend and close friend. Taking acyclovir really helped! I had it daily for about a year and now I only take it once I get an outbreak. It’s still uncomfortable weeing or pooing depending on where the blisters are but I can tell you this now, the first year of having it I would wake up every morning and it was the first thing on my mind, now I forget I have it and then I remember so that goes to show it’s not bothering me as much as it did, I’ve come to terms with it and realise how many people actually have it and you’ve just got to know the facts and how to be careful with sexual partners! It gets better with coming to terms with it!

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