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Please help! Bumps on the shaft of my penis?

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Hello. Me and my gf have unprotected sex and we recently got together. I noticed this cluster of bumps on the shaft of my penis after sex one night and i am freaking out! It does not burn or itch. From everything ive seen and read it is not herpes but i cant help but think it is.Please help

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I would say this is something you should absolutely get checked. It's difficult to tell whether they're blisters but regardless you need to know what it is.

Herpes is unfortunately something people don't always understand. We can carry the virus on our skin with no signs at all. It often only becomes apparent in times of stress or illness. For that reason it's very difficult to protect yourself and others as it can just as easily be transmitted through oral sex.

I had my one and only breakout years into my marriage and am of that age where I've only had a few sexual partners who were themselves the same. I was mortified until my lovely doctor explained it all. I was recovering from an illness and my immune system at an all time low otherwise I'd be here 11 years later still completely unaware.

Please don't let a universal lack of knowledge about one condition panic you and just go and get it checked.

I hope you do get it checked as I'm certain the worry from that see if doubt will be far worse than anything you hear from the doctor. Feel free to message me or reply if I can help at all.

Once i noticed the bumps when i woke up i immediately went to labcorp and got a 10 panel test done along with bloodwork. I fear the worst and am super anxious to get the results. From everything ive gathered through research is its probably an infection but i have to know. So i paid 200 dollars for a full blown test for everything.

Hello Bucsfan23 ,

I agree with StripySpoonie - for the sake of a quick check with a doctor/GUM clinic you can get a proper answer and - hopefully - peace of mind. I'm afraid a medical diagnosis from a forum - with the best of intentions - just doesn't compare to a real doctor or GUM nurse...!!! Yes, it may just be a skin irritation, but a diagnosis here could be dangerous...

I would nip to a GUM clinic and drop in for them to take a look (because they see these things all the time...!!). For your nearest one go to

I'm very glad you've gone to get it checked as the anxiety is worse. How long do you have to wait for results? The idea of people having to pay for this seems so alien to me in the UK. We forget here that for all its faults we are very lucky to have our health system giving us free access, testing, and treatment for these things x

We have health departments that do free testing but they only test for chlamydia, gonorrhea, hiv/aids. So i feel like its none of those and need tested for everything. 200 for peace of mind is worth it to me.

I'd have done the same for piece of mind. Obviously, just be cautious and get the facts when you get the results as if you should find herpes in your system it's impossible to know how long it may have been in your system so don't assume it's your current gf. I've got my fingers crossed for you to get all clears on the tests and you've had a skin irritation for some reason x

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Chiefsfan3 in reply to Bucsfan23

What was it ? Is it bad ? I just went through the same thing

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Nadadaa in reply to Chiefsfan3

What was it for you?

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Johnnyboy133 in reply to Nadadaa

Did anyone figure out what he had ??

What were your results I got the same exact thing

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Nadada in reply to Ijustcant

What was it for you?

What was the results?

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Nadada in reply to 3612hemant

What was it for you?

Did you find anything?

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