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Tingling vagina?!

This is weird. For me anyway...

Last month I had the great pleasure of finding out I had gonnerah. Got the treatment and 2 weeks later had the all clear. Then still felt weird down there and tests came back with bv. Once again, got some meds, it begins with M, I can't spell it but it was 5 tablets in one hit. Tests after that came back clear.

But I'm experiencing a weird tingling/mild burn down below. It doesn't hurt when I pee but there's just a constant feeling going on down there.

I can't think of what it could be, everything looks normal, cervix looks normal (the nurses inspected it enough lol I've had a speculum up there enough times last month) I'm wondering if this could be the result of my anxieties regarding last month's events? I've had sex, protected since then (no pain) and my new partner has had tests come back clear (I caught the clap from a partner before him)

Anyone else know what this could be? Can anyone relate?

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Could be herpes I had recurring thrush & bv for 18months before being my dignosed with herpes as for some people the symptoms aren't that bad.

Had got gum clinic about 10times in that time period 2 and got the all clear. They don't test for it unless you request and doesn't have to have blisters to be positive.


Ahhh...this is definately what I didn't want to hear. I did get a full check up and everything came back clear including herpes however I'm aware that a more definitive answer can only be determined when you have lesions? I dunno.

One thing that was detected though was Ureaplasma. Never heard of it before but after reading up on it Its some kind of bacteria found in nearly everyone And depending on who you talk to, it's an std. Again, this doesn't get tested for unless you request it. My doctor was stumped lol. I'm on day two of my doxycycline course and will go back for another test.


Yea, sorry just think it's best to know all possibilities like I said i had gone him clinic 10times and cause my got the all clear it made me pass it on to someone I care about so better to safe than sorry. Wish for you it's not that.... doctors now days are shifty better off going online and researching yourself then suggesting to your doctor what u think.

But yea deffo go back have a full check and I wish you all the best. Hopefully it's not. X


Thanks. Can I ask, before you got the conrimation, did you notice any lesions? Discharge? Anything out of the norm? What made you check for herpes?


I did I got discharge change was always cloudy sometimes watery some times thick and mushy and a slight smell worse that got worse after sex.

But my partner came up with the reaction worse than I did I went clinic and described what had been happening they tested again it came back positive.

But other symptoms i get are my lymph nodes imflam and feel fragile, in between my upper legs feel painful, pain in my lower back and adominino

For them to get a positive test you do have to be having a blistery or soreness outbreak.


I'm going to try and stay positive and see how this medication goes for me. Man, I read your original post not long ago. I'm sorry for how you're feeling. You and your partner have each other at least? How is he taking it? From what I've read on other posts regarding herpes, it does get manageable as time goes on?


It's hard cause we are both young sooo it feels like we have this life commitment but no kids. The. Our sex life has gone down hill and he can be really mean about it at times.

Yea it does calm down and the outbreaks aren't as bad as time goes alone and u start to notice the signs before you have one but it's still a lot of stress and because your stressed you have more outbreaks.


Hey I am goin through the samething did you find out exactly was the tingling & mild burning was


Did you ever figured out what was causing it


I have the same symptoms trying to figure this out too.


read my reply to Brittany91. hope it helps you xxx good luck xx


Hiya Brittany 91

I don't know if I can help you but I want to try. I read this thread the other day when my symptoms were still awful however I am getting better now I hope and sorted it out. I will tell you my recent experiences and hopefully it can help you.

So the last almost 2 months have been hell. since about the 20th September when I took a bath with Palmolive Vanilla bubble bath. I had found for several months when I showered or had a bath, even using Simple brand soap and shower gel I would be sore in my vagina when I got out and sometimes for days at a time it would be sore and burn even though I never put soap or shower gel inside my vagina I only washed around the labia and rinsed. This problem came and went maybe 3 or 4 days then weeks inbetween I would be okay and I was not thinking it was anything major until I had that bath that night, about the 20th September. Then I began to burn and it never went away. I took an oral canesten thrush tablet treatment and it helped slightly but then it came back as bad I used a canesten thrush hard pessary and I was dry so it didn't really dissolve.

I was so sore and sometimes it itched like a weird itch right up in my cervix it felt like or in my labia or a constant burning inside my vagina that made me feel so bad I could barely walk for agony and sometimes was almost passing out with the pain. I went to the Doctors and they were sure I had an STD but I knew I did not. They swab me and I also went to the GU medicine clinic at the hospital. I tested negative for all they tested for. I also was so dry in my vagina it was like my natural moisture had dried up and gone. It was a nightmare and I was so scared. I went to loads of doctors and to the GU clinic and spoke to pharmacists in the private consultation room in several chemists for help several times and got nowhere. I was told to buy vaginal moisturiser that did not really help.

They gave me Metranidazole for BV and that made me so ill it was unreal and I had strange tingling in my vagina I was so scared. The doctor also said she thought I was having a chemical irritation or reaction to the shower gel or soap I was using and also washing detergents ect...I was told to use aqueous cream to wash with and it did not help at all. I was swollen and sore in my vagina so bad, if I tried to clench my pelvic floor muscles together it hurt so bad up at the top high inside my vagina like a tight sore burning feeling and I had a severely dry vagina.

After the Metronidazole, about 2 days after I finished it I had a shower with simple again and suddenly I was in even more agony and I did not even let the soap get near my vagina. I went to the GU clinic the next morning and was re-examined. They said that there was no BV no thrush, no STi, no evidence of anything wrong. Well I have never had anything like this happen to me in my life. It was awful. I tried another thrush tablet internal pessary and again I was so dry it did not dissolve. I had my period and after that and had to wait and then after my period I felt like my body was trying to make moisture and had begun to see slight discharge that was thick and thrushy looking. I went to buy the canesten 10% cream pessary and used it but the thing was I didn't insert the applicator too far in as ai was scared to hurt myself and then my mum turned up so I had to get out of bed and sit up with her not lay in bed like you are supposed to.

However my symptoms improved and I was not as bad, but it was still sore and itchy up top inside but the stingy and burning feeling was not as bad. I used another 10% cream pessary and this time insert it all the way in and I lay in my bed all night and did not get up. This was on Wednesday 14th November 2018, by Thursday night it was better only a weird itch up high all night, by Friday I was much better again and by yesterday a weird tingling was left in my labia that seemed to move around but now has gone. Although I think because I was SO badly sore for so many weeks it will take me longer to heal. I felt ok up in the top of my vagina until earlier today I went toilet and think I strained myself and now up inside feels sore again.

I am certain I have thrush and that it developed later than the 2 days after I finished my metronidazole and went back to the GP, as those were the last swabs I had... but think its a really severe case. I am praying my symptoms don't start to come back again and just go away fully. I don't really want to have to buy another canesten cream pessary and it says to not use more than 2 on the box. I am going back to the doctors asap and have appointments for Thursday. I have never had thrush with symptoms so terrible as these though. I do think it is a lot of things combined. The detergents irritation and the BV, Metronidazole and thrush all together for 2 months. and the chemical irritation that kept flaring up before from earlier this year. (It started when I had a shower with Cussons shower gel in February.)

I never knew this could happen to anyone. It is so awful. I have felt so alone because no one in my family or friends I have told really understands and they have mostly not been supportive and made me feel worse in some ways sometimes and I have just been so scared, scared the pain wont go away or what is causing it and what do I do when the doctor and the GU were saying everything was ok. Its so weird.

I have also for a month now not used any soap on my body that can get anywhere near my vagina as one pharmacist told me even if the suds are running down your body and you don't put any near there on purpose they can get there and irritate you. I have had to wash in stages. basically I have to use my soap under my arms and arms leaning over the bath with my wash cloth and rinse and rinse so no soap left on me, I wash my face with a face scrub leaning over the bath and I wash my hair leaning over the bath too, and last my feet. This is the only way to ensure no soap gets near my vagina. Then I get in the shower but I have to use a cotton square (I bought muslin squares from a baby store but you can use tights feet I read online. I fill it with porridge oats and I tie it with a hair bobble so the oats wont come out then I use that to wash my body with and only rinse my vagina with water. Its so time consuming and awkward, although I am getting used to it now. I was a girl who always washed her hair in the shower and soaped up and stayed in ages, now I cant or I swell up in my vagina and get so sore.

I wash with my oat bag and then I get out and surprisingly I do feel clean and the oats smell good. Then I empty oats in bin or down the toilet and rinse the cotton square really well then put it on my heater to dry to use again the next day. I just bathe at night now. I used to bathe morning and night. I have cried a lot and found it all so hard. I have had to start to wash my clothes with a fragrance free, non bio detergent called 'Surcare' and I put an extra two rinse cycles on and rinse my underwear extra under the tap. I find if I wash my knickers by hand too much soap seem to stay in them or something they feel stiff and no matter how much I rinse I think this irritate me. I am looking into natural non detergent chemical ways to wash clothes but not got anything yet.

I hope you can find a solution. I hope I do too, I will come back here and let you know how I got on. xxx good luck xxxx


rjust to edit here this part ... "After the Metronidazole, about 2 days after I finished it I had a shower with simple again and suddenly I was in even more agony and I did not even let the soap get near my vagina. I went to the GU clinic the next morning and was re-examined. They said that there was no BV no thrush, no STi, no evidence of anything wrong. Well I have never had anything like this happen to me in my life. It was awful. I tried another thrush tablet internal pessary and again I was so dry it did not dissolve. I had my period and after that and had to wait and then after my period I felt like my body was trying to make moisture and had begun to see slight discharge that was thick and thrushy looking. I went to buy the canesten 10% cream pessary and used it but the thing was I didn't insert the applicator too far in as ai was scared to hurt myself and then my mum turned up so I had to get out of bed and sit up with her not lay in bed like you are supposed to... u I meant to say that after I finished the metronidazole and went GU I did not try the thrush pessary that night, it was about 2 weeks later.


that was the one that did not dissolve. I then put up with the pain until the 9th November when I used the first 10% cream treatment and then the second on I used on the 14th.

I hope my post makes sense


I was giving metronidazole to take after the first couple of days I started itching very bad on my labia so I basically use toilet tissue to scratch with it on both of my labia couple of days after I started feeling burning and I had to long cuts on my labia I never had cuts down below before I am hoping the medicine caused it all but I have a doctors appointment Tuesday so hopefully all of my tests come back negative I am still experiencing light itching and burning


I am still experiencing light burning and mostly tingling feeling. Everything looks and smells normal. I went and got tested last week and hopefully will have my results tomorrow. It’s so scary because the only thing that comes up online is herpes...I will update after I find out.


I hope everything turns out good for you!!! You can’t really go off of the internet everybody body is different so hopefully we can get to the bottom of it


Thanks you too!!


Update* I just got home from the doctors and I’m STD free. I do have BV. I hope everything works out for you too!


That’s so good I am happy for you!!!!


Hey the exact same thing happened to me. The burning stopped yesterday but I have this weird pressure/ tingle feeling down there. Specifically my clit. Have you got any better?


Hiya hun. I hope my long posts made sense. I am sooo bad at explaining things so they make sense. Basically yes I got better. I know I experienced extreme chemical sensitivity to the soaps and shower gels I was using daily. This gave me BV. The metranidazole antibiotics gave me thrush and it was combined with the chemical irritation. I totally stopped using soap near my vagina entirely even up to now. I would not want that pain back ever. It was agony. I've read on these forums women having it for years. Its scary. Vulvodynia. I truly believe its from the chemicals in the soaps, shower gels, laundry detergents ect and have to stop using them to cure it.

Now I wash my clothes with non fragranced non bio detergent and rinse about 3 separate rinse cycles. No fabric conditioner on pants or underwear. I just bought these things called soap nuts which are natural non chemical. I am going to try these instead!

I wash by leaning over tub with rag and fragrance free hypoallergenic soap free body wash under my arm pits around to my back, back of neck, arms chest and I rinse all soap off leaning over bath tub. I have another rag I put smallest amount of the same body wash and rinse mostly all off, I stand in tub and wash my butt (sounds too much info but I am trying to help people who maybe having same problems) with that, not vagina. I wash my feet and my legs too standing in tub but not so far up as to risk getting the body wash on my vagina.

I then turn shower on cool and with cotton wool pads and water I wipe either side of my labia and my clit to make sure its fresh and then rinse then turn water nice and hot and wash my whole body with a stocking foot I filled with four full handfuls of oats. Its is all creamy and smells nice too.

I make a body scrub if I want to with a mashed ripe banana, oats, honey and milk and rub it all over me and rinse well.

I make another scrub with a bit of fine ground soft dark brown sugar and honey and scrub my face and lips with it. Also my feet after I pumice stoned them.

When I get out I blow dry my vulva with hair dryer on low setting to ensure fully dry and sometimes apply a little Vaseline in the external folds at the sides because one thing I have developed since all this is a bit of contact dermatitis there like I get on my hands and a very thin layer of vaseline seems to help soo much. I find I don't need it every day. The inside the vagia pain and burning is gone. I also sleep with no panties now to let it get more air!

And u know what too? I smell nicer than ever I think, honestly. I sweat less and I stop wearing deodrant unless I am going out if just staying in house I dont bother and I find noe I sweat much less and I smell fresher. I always thought I needed so much soap and products and now I learnt I don't. All I ended up with was a three month nightmare!!

Please let me know how you get on x

P.s if the BV or burning anyone has comes back please do consider changing the way you bathe like I have and cutting out the soap and shower gels. I think its the only way.

P.s I also do not wash my hair in the shower like I used to either. I lean forwards over the tub for that too.


Pls excuse typos. My phone is not very good


Thank you so much. I’m glad to hear you’re doing better. I was over washing with summer’s eve and shortly after I had this mild burn. I had discharge like a yeast infection and I treated it over the counter with Monistat. Well the burning persisted and it was on my vulva as well. I went to the doctor for my annual and he prescribed me Diflucan for a yeast infection. That didn’t help. And every time I had intercourse I would burn after. Then I had bv discharge after intercourse and so he prescribed me Metronidazole. That didn’t help either. Ive had this tingly feeling since then, the inside of my vagina stopped burning but my vulva still does. I stopped washing down there, but it still burns sometimes when I uriniate. The burning stopped once I started using Vaseline but I have this sore feeling on my clit/vulva thats persisted. I hope my case is similar to yours and I just need to cut out using the harsh soaps. I’ve been dealing with this for almost a month and a half now so hopefully with your tips I get better soon. Thank you so much again.


hiya I really hope you can get fully better too hun. its just the worst thing ever going through it and most people just do not understand at all, i don't think anyone can understand unless they have experienced it, which honestly i wouldnt want anyone to have to. Its so embarrasing too. I find i get a bit sore around there too from time to time and i put a little vaseline around my clit hood too and a thin layer at either side of the folds of the external vulva around the entrance to my vagina. Only a thin layer though and never inside as I am scared to get thrush again. I always make sure when i rinsed well in the shower to dry thoroughly with the hairdryer on a cool setting too. I used to always get waxed but I am scared to try and do that just yet so figuring out how to get rid of the hair without irritaing myself. anyone i know that dont wax uses soap to foam up and shaves and i cant do that!! If you ever want to ask anything then just post and i will reply i check my email quite often x I hope you get all the way better ASAP. please let me know xx


p.s Also if you are in USA I think Monistat and Diflucan are the same as what we call Canesten over here in England x


Thank you!


I got prescribed a steroid/antifungal cream and it’s helped some. But urine burns at times and my clitoris still gets swollen and red. I had a piece of toilet paper left in my vulva that had urine on it and it left a red welt in my skin. This is definitely a dermatological problem most likely brought on from washing way too much. Then only issue is, I stopped washing down there completely and it hasn’t been helping. Im going to start trying your tip about leaning over a bath tub to get clean and stop using scented detergent on my clothes. This is so miserable and I’ve confused three doctors now. I’m just praying this doesn’t last much longer.


i agree with you. I think it is definately something to do with over washing because even though the unbearable burning inside my vagina has stopped i still get red and sore in the folds of my vulva at either side of my vagina and like i said before somewhere on this thread that I just wipe the area in the shower with wet cotton wool, rinse and dry with hair dryer on cool setting to make sure not left any damp skin in that area and it still can get sore, mostly on the left side too. Some days i dont have any problem at all other days it sore there. I use a thin layer of vaseline and it go away but i think it is like on my hands i get contact dermatitis i have now but on my vagina. I think it is something like that and hope it fully go away one day, I neverhad any problem like this on my vagina until i got the severe chemical irritation thrush and BV brought on all around same time from over washing. I just thought i was being clean! Its so awful now we have to live with this just from not wanting to be unhygenic.

Obviously what I have had to do with washing leaning over the tub first and not getting soap or shower gels even the hypoallergenic ones or fragrance free anywhere near my vagina (I had only been using a brand over here called 'Simple' anyway when this all flared up that is supposed to be mild, fragrance free ect) Yes its helped amazingly and then getting in the shower and washign all over my body with the stocking foot filled with oats is comparable to having a proper shower i think, i know i dont smell, actually i know i smell better my vagina feels so much healthier than when i used all those soaps and shower products too but i think the soreness is something we triggered. I just dont know. all i know is I am soooooooo relieved the burning inside has gone. I could barely walk, I could barely sleep, the pain was so bad no exageration for me i was some days almost passing out with it, it was almost 3 months of misery. i pray it never comes back, I still cant believe it happened to me, but i was showering SOoooooo often, sometimes maybe 4 times a day, i dont know, i felt like i was dirty when i woke up in morning even though i had a shower at night before i went bed, if i went on the public transport and came home i felt dirty so i showered.

definately stop using the scented detergent and fabric conditioner on your clothes.. i am going to be trying soap nuts as soon as the net bag i ordered to put them in arrives from amazon in replacement of detergent, soap nuts are natural you put three in a net bag in the machine with your clothes instead of detergent i read online, going to try. and rinsing the clothes really really well.

I am just sooooo glad my boyfriend stay with me beacuse it was a very new relationship when this happen to me I only met him about 12 weeks, and he didnt get scared off. Probably because when it was very new before this happen to me i had went clinic got STi testing and all negative I shown him before we slept together first time and he had done same so he knew it was nothing bad like that, but honestly i dont know how he stay by me cos he not got no sex for months and I was in all that pain. I do know though when he met me he asking 'wtf do you wash so much for?' . its crazy


I went to the doctor since I did not have any blisters I told her my exact symptoms and how my cuts on my private looked like instead of her testing me for herpes she gave me her personal opinion which was she think that I was just irritated on my labia and the cuts came from me wiping to hard cause the sores on my private would have looked like cold sores I still have light burning and tingling in my labia but it’s not painful could some one give me there personal opinion please and I have got tested back in May and everything came back negative


Brittany I really think its the soap/shower gels or clothes washing detergents causing it like for me. I just replied above to another poster, check it out and consider cutting out the chemical cleansers and trying the way I have switched to. I hope it helps


Hi guys. I've only just had notifications come through regarding this thread so I'm really sorry if anyone responded to me. After the rigmarol regarding down below, I was given meds for Ureaplasma and things called down. That was a good while ago and I've had another testnot too long ago funnily enough (I get tested every so often, more of an MOT lol) and all clear. One thing I will say is, if you ever get given antibiotics for stds or whatever, it's a good idea to top yourself up with good bacteria while taking them because your body will basically be stripped of it while it's tryna "clean you" if that makes sense? My feet started peeling oddly enough. Yakult has helped a lot!

And please, everyone try not to read too much into things on the internet, we're all different, you'll literally drive yourself insane and your body will react to this. Once I started calming down and taking one day at a time, my brain and body settled.

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I also took yakult everyday :)

I seldom take probiotic pill sometimes I forgot



May i know what type of ureaplasma did you catch? What’s your symptoms?

Do you feel better now?


Hiya, yeah much better now. I'm not sure what type of Ureaplasma, I wasn't aware that there were different types? I just remember my std test coming back with that as positive. This was after the gonnereah and BV. My body just went the whole hog lol. I learned that even when you have an std check, it's not often that Ureaplasma will be picked up because it doesn't tend to be looked at as a major std, so people could be walking around with it and not know. I only came across it because I kept on moaning about not feeling "right" down there so a more thorough test was done.

I can't remember having much in the name of symptoms but i remember feeling as though I still had BV even after I had the antibiotics for BV and was clear of it. I just felt...weird and uncomfortable.


I positive for ureaplasma parvum ,treated with IV moxi and oral antibiotics and now negative for it, I’ve retested twice and still negative.

unfortunately I can’t really feel the symptoms , except burning on my eyes ( one of the symptoms)

Other I’m not sure because my lower abdomen in pain after miss carriage in July17, so i went to the Dr for check up for the pain, and Dr did swap test and I positive for ureaplasma parvum..

For more info regarding ureaplasma you may join forum on inspire.com , lots discussion about ureaplasma :)


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