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Tingling vagina?!

This is weird. For me anyway...

Last month I had the great pleasure of finding out I had gonnerah. Got the treatment and 2 weeks later had the all clear. Then still felt weird down there and tests came back with bv. Once again, got some meds, it begins with M, I can't spell it but it was 5 tablets in one hit. Tests after that came back clear.

But I'm experiencing a weird tingling/mild burn down below. It doesn't hurt when I pee but there's just a constant feeling going on down there.

I can't think of what it could be, everything looks normal, cervix looks normal (the nurses inspected it enough lol I've had a speculum up there enough times last month) I'm wondering if this could be the result of my anxieties regarding last month's events? I've had sex, protected since then (no pain) and my new partner has had tests come back clear (I caught the clap from a partner before him)

Anyone else know what this could be? Can anyone relate?

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Could be herpes I had recurring thrush & bv for 18months before being my dignosed with herpes as for some people the symptoms aren't that bad.

Had got gum clinic about 10times in that time period 2 and got the all clear. They don't test for it unless you request and doesn't have to have blisters to be positive.


Ahhh...this is definately what I didn't want to hear. I did get a full check up and everything came back clear including herpes however I'm aware that a more definitive answer can only be determined when you have lesions? I dunno.

One thing that was detected though was Ureaplasma. Never heard of it before but after reading up on it Its some kind of bacteria found in nearly everyone And depending on who you talk to, it's an std. Again, this doesn't get tested for unless you request it. My doctor was stumped lol. I'm on day two of my doxycycline course and will go back for another test.


Yea, sorry just think it's best to know all possibilities like I said i had gone him clinic 10times and cause my got the all clear it made me pass it on to someone I care about so better to safe than sorry. Wish for you it's not that.... doctors now days are shifty better off going online and researching yourself then suggesting to your doctor what u think.

But yea deffo go back have a full check and I wish you all the best. Hopefully it's not. X


Thanks. Can I ask, before you got the conrimation, did you notice any lesions? Discharge? Anything out of the norm? What made you check for herpes?


I did I got discharge change was always cloudy sometimes watery some times thick and mushy and a slight smell worse that got worse after sex.

But my partner came up with the reaction worse than I did I went clinic and described what had been happening they tested again it came back positive.

But other symptoms i get are my lymph nodes imflam and feel fragile, in between my upper legs feel painful, pain in my lower back and adominino

For them to get a positive test you do have to be having a blistery or soreness outbreak.


I'm going to try and stay positive and see how this medication goes for me. Man, I read your original post not long ago. I'm sorry for how you're feeling. You and your partner have each other at least? How is he taking it? From what I've read on other posts regarding herpes, it does get manageable as time goes on?


It's hard cause we are both young sooo it feels like we have this life commitment but no kids. The. Our sex life has gone down hill and he can be really mean about it at times.

Yea it does calm down and the outbreaks aren't as bad as time goes alone and u start to notice the signs before you have one but it's still a lot of stress and because your stressed you have more outbreaks.


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