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Unknown spots on penis

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I have some spots on my penis but I'm not sure what they are, I'm 17 and have only had sex once, and used protection. Some of the spots I have had for as long as I can remember but I guess I've become a bit paranoid.. These spots don't itch or oose or anything like that, they haven't grown or spread either. Here are some pictures, if you know what they are then let me know, it would help a lot!

6 Replies
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Since you used a condom, it is unlikely that these are something you have caught from sex. Show them to a specialist at a sexual health clinic to find out. These clinics are expert in finding genital conditions and will explain what needs to be done - if anything needs to be done. Then you can stop worrying!

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BarneyHill98 in reply to MarianJill

Thanks a lot, I will do so but do you know if these spots look similar to anything you know about?

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Hey BarneyHill98! I've got the same and have done for some time also - I'm going to a doctor next week. Have you heard anymore about this or spoken with anyone further??

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I have the same problem, have you seen a doctor or do you know what it is?

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Hey mate, they are fordyce spots nothing to worry about, I have same at 41 years old

Get it looked at by doctor really nice penis

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