Today i tried to take my gf virginity we tried without a condom but she was too tight and we stopped .

This spot was on my penis 5 minutes after the act . I didnt even came i put it in her only 1 time and i pushed a lot because she was to tight . Please tell me what is this im paniced. Sorry if my english is bad its my third language . Its not itching or hurting it doesnt burn when i pee . Please answer me im so panicked right know.

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  • Dont worried It will be better.

  • hey,

    at this stage it doesn't seem to be anything to be worried about, maybe it is where you have tried to hard and forced when you tried to penetrate, you need to relax with this kind of activity, keep monitoring for a few days and it should go away, if it doesn't maybe get an appointment to see your doctor, it doesn't sound or look like an infection at this stage,

    good luck

  • It is highly unlikely to be anything serious. Highly unlikely! The reasons: it appeared minutes after attempted penetration and she was a virgin.

    Any Sexually Transmitted Diseases do take a while - days - to show.

    But - and it's a big but - you are being very silly if you are attempting intercourse with out a condom! Do you want her to get pregnant? It is a 100% myth that you cannot get pregant the first time!

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