Cuts on my boyfriends penis??

Hi, my boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year and at the start of our relationship he tore his frenulum, it was a pretty severe tear and he was in alot of pain and lost lots of blood... Anyway he went to the doctors and was given cream, we refrained from hanging sex to let it heal properly and it was fine....

Not sure if it's relevant at all but I'm now 31weeks pregnant and a couple of times when we have had sex recently (in the last month or so) he has torn again, it's not in the same place and not as serious, no bleeding at all he just says it's uncomfortable... I was just wondering if it may be anything to do with me being pregnant or if he could be getting bigger (he is aged 25 so don't know if that's possible?) it's not been happening throughout the relationship, just that once at the start and a couple of times in the last month or so... I'm now too worried and scared that I'm hurting him so don't want to have sex... Any advice or facts would be greatly appreciated :-)

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Dear barney89,

If your partners frenulum keeps tearing then he should see his GP to be referred for a frenuloplasty. A small operation where they move the frenulum down so it is not as tight.

Otherwise make sure it has healed before having sex and use plenty of lubricant. Sometimes wearing a condom can help.

Kind regards.


Frenuloplasty better.u feel good while have sex no worried anymore and ur happy will come again.


what is frenulum


It's the attachment on the underside of the penis attaching the foreskin to the head of the penis. When you roll the foreskin back it "pulls" the head to stop you going "too far"... When the foreskin is pulled back as far as it can go like this the frenulum looks like quite a tight "string" and is also called the "banjo string" for this reason.

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