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Travel advice?

Hi, everyone.

I have sca3, and can't walk very stable now especially on a bumpy road. But luckily my hands are still stable.

And now my wife, my 3 years old daughter and I are planning a short trip (about several days). This is the first time I travel when I have sca3 symptoms. Do you have any experience of this? If you have any good advice or suggestions, please tell me. I really want to have this trip with my wife and daughter.

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Is trip in UK or flying/boat, where are you thinking? x


Taking a trip is a good and healthy thing to do. Check with hotels or make sure they are accessible and have accessible restrooms/showers. Plan your restaurants and make sure they have few if any steps. Plan ahead with transportation airlines, etc. make sure they can accommodate you. Bon Voyage!

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Hi Collinhucn,

It does depend on where you are travelling to and your budget. Forward planning essential, as has been mentioned, but most important is Travel Insurance. We tend not to think about it unless we are travelling to another country. Choice of destination is important, not only for you but somewhere suitable for a three year old as well. In my case, I am a widow in my seventies, so I only have myself to please. I am, at present, in Chile on my 6th trip. I book my holiday through a very reliable company, it is tailor-made to suit my needs, they do all the ground work and I get assistance at airports, and when I get here, I have drivers and guides that help me. I was diagnosed with CA unknown nearly 20 years ago and I suppose I am fortunate in that the progression has been slow but walking is very erratic now. So go for it!


Enjoy your travel in Chile.


Thank you all, Litty, Cubsfan, lorrainewalls, your suggestion helps.


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