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Symptoms and problems


Thank you all for replying to my earlier post. I found it re-assuring to find a lot of the symptoms are experienced by others, so it isn't just me. I'm a firm believer in the holistic approach, and have got annoyed when GP's separate everything out!

Bladder problems. Yes. Fatigue. Yes. Sleepiness Yes. Inability to concentrate Yes. Inability to cope with moving objects, like travel Yes. Following on from moving objects I find TV is unbearable after a while because it's movement which I have to follow. Inability to do many jobs that used to be easy, like small DIY jobs and gardening. Bending over any job is very difficult, as is reaching up to reach items and reaching down. Sideways as well, if I turn my head rapidly I just spin. Speech is sometimes slurred or I stammer. Explaining how I feel to folk is almost impossible.

It seems in many cases the medics can do nothing, so unless forced back to them I shall get by without them. I have never been one for doctors and only got drawn in because I was hospitalised. I have no idea when my physio appointment is likely to come through. This has now been going on over a year, and so far I've had a hearing test and that is all! Needless to say nothing wrong with my hearing. I suspect they did that to massage the waiting list as I was then told I needed to go to another hospital to see a vestibular therapist. I've deteriorated so much since my original referral it's now a whole different ball game.

But don't give up is my motto, or was!!

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