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Funny feeling in my body

So, I don't know how to describe the title but for a while now I been feeling werid like for the past 2 or 3 years. I'm not sure if this has to do with diabetes but the last time I went in for a doctors appointment which I imagine was in middle school or early high school I am 18 now, but anyways the last appointment check up said I was at risk of diabetes so I was wondering if it could relate. So I just name off the symptoms I been having.

In the beginning I always felt really dizzy, but recently now I am more aware that it's not just the dizzy feeling it's more like when I get these episodes I feel confused then when I hold stuff my hands seem to release without me releasing them. The first time my hands released without me knowing I was holding a milk container at school and my hands just suddenly opened without me realaxing my hands. Then the second time this happen I was trimming up the bushes outside with a weeding tool over my head and my arms where shaking so bad but it felt like they where asleep. If this helps when my leg falls asleep it's not just in my leg it's in my lower back.

I am also over wieght like 230 pounds my mom says its because I apparently damaged my nerves from being heavy, but if this true why do i get confused/dizzy not to mention I get really tight in my jaw and neck and legs.

I hate it when this happens and it's been happening almost every other day. I just want to know some health conditions before I go to the doctor so I have some ideas.

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🤔 It's not helpful to your doctor to 'speculate' beforehand, unless you actually have a family history of a specific condition. Far better to record your symptoms, note if anything makes them worse, and just be honest 🙂xB


I agree with Wobblybee!!! ;o)


Sent u a message.. don't know if I did the right thing... was about vision issues and what u were prescribed....XXX N


Maybe a good idea to rule out Low thyroid. These are the correct tests - TSH - FT4 - FT3 and Thyroid anti-bodies TPO and Tg to exclude Hashimotos.

TSH is around 2 in a healthy person. T4 & T3 need to be in the upper part of the range.

Also check B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD as they could well be low in range if you are Hypo or have absorption issues.

B12 is good over 500 and Folate and Ferritin need to be mid-range. I think you are in the US so VitD needs to be around 60 if the measurement is ng/L.

Many conditions have overlapping symptoms so difficult to advise. Ruling out things is a good place to start ... 😊


Hi Imrachel, I have some of the same problems, if I raise my arms they go numb. I have restless leg syndrome and tight muscles. The tight muscles are called dystonia in my case, so my head looks more to the right, which is called torticollis. I used to have Botox injections for this, but gave them up as make me feel like I had flu. I am always dizzy too. I have no proper diagnosis yet, although I was once diagnosed as having neuroacanthocytosis, now the specialists don’t think it is that. I keep forgetting things too, which is annoying to me. Hope you find answers.



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