Did the PIP assessment yesterday

As the title says.... I had a very cordial meeting with the assessor, I took along my social worker as moral support, after hearing so many "unhealthy" stories. non of the question asked were out of the ordinary, but the only real criticism I had was at the end of the assessment.... I was asked to do some basic movements, and hand to eye mobility stuff, the point is, I could do all of them, and was sat or lying down, and it did not really show the "real me", like traversing the house, stairs etc or walking over distances of 5 yards.

I had to laugh tho (not really), as when I was leaving, she (the assessor) said good bye, and I kind of turned to return the same.... and stumbled into the wall, my social worker grabbed my arm, and said "steady now" :-)


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  • It seems Peter, you were showing the assessor your real world..... let's hope she made a note of it!


  • 🤔 Wouldn't it make more sense if the assessor observed normal activity in the home, as a matter of course.

    But, ataxia showed its true colours in the end😉xB

  • I will not bore you with my 2 assessments (and still waiting) but I HATE PIP!!!!

    I have complained in writing to both Capita, DWP, twice to our MP and health minister. I am hoping the local paper will do a piece on me.

    Good luck but if necessary fight them x

  • I am lucky in that when they brought in PiP, I had already turned 65 so my DLA stayed as DLA...... not changed to PiP. xx

  • Oh lucky you x

  • Aha!

  • Hi Veteran250.

    I am over 65 but I still had the PIP assessment..... I scored zero of course. Wish I had taken someone with me... I am now waiting the result of a "Mandatory Reconsideration" the whole thing is a farse. How come I am no longer disabled ???

  • The trick as they say is to exaggerate everything, a friend of mine who has MS warned me what a PIP assessment would be like and urged me to put it on thick when answering questions, this was not deception, rather just getting my point over how things could be for me on bad days. Ultimately I have been awarded the full disability quota ( On my first assessment a couple of years back, I was deemed not too disabled and was only awarded a reduced quota) so I believe the full award is fully justified for my needs. Certainly appeal if you feel your award is too low, my council welfare officer was on hand to give me good advise, good luck!!!


  • point taken, I was told by a couple of family members to "lay it on a bit", I took the advice on board, But am a very honest person really, and just answered everything with honest replies. BUT, if its seen as detrimental , to my case, when I get the results, and appeal, then a more "flexible" approach will be taken, am sure.... as a side note, WHO handles the appeal? DWP?, Court? another independent person?


  • How do you appeal a PIP decision?

    Step 1 You get a letter telling you the result of your claim for PIP. ..

    Step 2 Ask for the DWP to look again at their decision. ...

    Step 3 The DWP will send you two copies of their reconsideration decision. ...

    Step 4 Use the SSCS1 form and the letter generated by our Mandatory Reconsideration Tool to ask for an appeal.

    Good site explaining how (http://www.advicenow.org.uk/guides/how-win-pip-appeal) x

  • I know what you mean. During my first assessment I thought if I just answered every question as honestly as I could the assessor would be just as impressed, how naive was I. Part of an assessors job is to save the government money, the DWP looks at any appeal but I believe the assessors opinion holds a lot of sway. Another way of frightening you off appealing is to say you may lose any and all disability allowance. Needless to say I followed my friends advise and I successfully won all my PIP allowance this time around, I did not tell any lies but made sure my symptoms were highlighted.. Unfortunately you have to play the game to win.

  • did you have to go for a face to face assesment? I have informed the dwp of a change of circumstances, they sent out a form that I have had to fill in and send back. My condition has gotten worse since I first applied, and am now hoping to get the enhanced mobility.

    Yes it is worrying if they reduce what I already have, I had no help in filling out the forms, perhaps I am to honest?


  • Hi auntiesally,

    A couple of years back my first assessment was done at my home, my wife was in attendance.During my latest assessment I was informed that a home visit was not possible unless I had a doctors certificate. (probably cutbacks) I attended my second assessment in a wheelchair which my wife pushed and my face to face meeting went OK because I was awarded the full pip allowance. If possible ask someone to help you fill out the form but make sure you iterate any distance you can manage is highlighted even with a mobility aid, since my first assessment I definitely feel worse and can only manage to walk short distances, I was quick and proud to tell my assessor during my first meeting how far I could manage to walk, this obviously went against me as I was only awarded the lower PIP allowance. Be honest but embellish any answer where necessary to ensure you get the help you may need Good luck.


  • What happens at a home assessment have one on Thursday and want to be prepared

  • thankyou trace x

  • A home visit allows you to show how every day chores can be difficult, have someone there with you if possible. The assessor mainly goes through what you have entered on the form, make sure if needed to emphasise how difficult walking can be and simple chores, the assessor can only be guided by what you say.

  • I went for my assessment the other week in Tadcaster. It went ok, ish, I was turned down, as expected. My social worker, who came with me, as a kin of moral support, said I should have embellished certain things, I am too honest a person to do this, but have now realised it has to be done. I am now appealing, but heard nothing yet


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