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Komperdell poles - light and compact

Komperdell poles - light and compact

My new poles are superb! Got them because they are so light - less than 200g the pair, short enough to fold into 4 and when folded are just 35cm -a ruler length -long. They come in different heights up to 130cms. Others in the range go up to 145cm .These are life changers for me. Took some time to find. Added some Velcro straps to keep them neat.

Details of exact model etc if you want them.

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Pleased to hear your poles are good Feelingourway Mine go int o each other

but I must admit I leave them full length and throw them into the back of the car

I would be pleased to have details of where you bought them



This is the link where I got them from

You need to look carefully because there are lots of versions at different lengths weights and styles I chose these specifically for weight and compactness.Warning -they are expensive but the quality and build is superb.


I used poles for two years.I use my scooter now but poles were versatile.May give up the gluten free diet as we have kept it up rigourously since July but no effect on my ataxia at all.

What do you think??



Great to hear you have found a good pair of walking poles.

I use them all the time, and having a pair that collapses small is very useful when you are out and about, especially in a wheelchair.

I have stoppers on the ends of mine so they are quieter on our stone floor and do not slip : )


Just got some rubber slippers for them - Komperdell sent me them from Austria to try. Nice and quiet now! The neuro physiotherapist thinks they are great for me.Thanks Litty!

Did you get my message about art things?


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