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I sometimes get reallly bad bouts of hiccups, they really bang in my chest . I hate it hurts. Swallowing sometimes only goes half way it seems to stick and makes me feel like its in my chest not my tummy. Coughing, sometimes its so unstoppable and i pee and cannot ever hold it even if i have been toilet it still soaks through. All this as well as mobility problems/tiredness. Some days/weeks worse than others. Am gettting scared to go out in public incase I have a sudden coughing fit and pee infront of everyone. It literally runs down my legs. anyone else have similar problems. many thanks embarrased. xx

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ps, wear incontinent pads and carry spare underwear and leggings. xx


I am sure lots of people have this issue; u r just very frank. I would bring an extra pair of clothes to wherever and good luck 2 u N


I can't control my bladder, if I needed to go then had only couple of minutes to get to a toilet! But now I take a medication called "ceris" which thankfully really works.

apparently often with neurological illnesses the nerve controlling the bladder doesn't work properly

ask you neurologist about it or maybe your gp can prescribe it?

as for all your other problems (except hiccups) ditto.

we have to keep finding ways to overcome our difficulties. A neuro physio is great for improving our mobility. Do you see one?

the tiredness is terrible. I always have a 2 hour sleep in bed in the afternoons. I've learnt that this is essential

Good luck, sorry I've not addressed all your probs. And I'm just relating my experience.

Alison xx

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I have single use self catheters and drain my bladder before going out. Not foolproof but helpful.


Violent sneezing causes a similar problem for me, even if I don't have the urge to go to the toilet🙄 This is manageable during the day but any sneezing overnight preys on my mind. I always have to get up at least once during the night, daren't not😳xB

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thanks so much for all the replies, hiccups must be a me thing then lol.. as for the rest will look into the medication. It doesnt always happen but never know when it will or wont hit me. Best get my girl guides head on.. B Prepared. xx


I got horrendous painful hiccups, Neuro put me on buscopan and lansoprazole... hardly ever have a problem now, although it never affected my bladder, just very uncomfortable


I take pads if staying away

Not such a problem since prescribed tolterodine (detrositol)

Stay with me....

I stop hiccups by drinking glass of water through curly straw with nose and ears blocked by fingers and thumbs sounds daft but does seem to work.




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