Powered chair advice wanted! Please!

Hi All,

I have been using this site for a couple of years but haven't asked a question for ages. I wondered if any one has experience with a lightweight foldable power chair or the remote control Smarti scooter? My mobility is now very poor and combined with a general weakness and chronic fatigue walking is virtually non-existant. I have a manual wheelchair and a Luggi scooter but cannot get either of these in the car. I can still drive to hospitals, stores etc but when I get there I cannot independently mobilise, what is the answer? I have been trawling the net for answers and found foldale powerchairs and the remote control foldable scooter but are they light/ easy enough to get in a Skoda Fabia? Does anyone know or have any other suggestions please?

Losing mobility and independence sucks, can be very depressing!


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  • what about asking your local "Motability" supplier? The people who sell cars which can take chairs in the back? They must know the brands of chairs that people are buying and are saying are good. Worth a try ....

  • Thank you Caz1961 that's a good idea.


  • Hi Nicky :-)

    I have a lightweight foldable Neon 'Quickie' wheelchair which has a detachable - joy stick controlled - motor which my husband can easily put in the rear of our Honda Jazz. Unfortunately, it sounds like your current wheelchair doesn't fold up so you're looking for a lightweight foldable scooter.

    I think you need to take a tape measure to the boot of your Skoda and then search for a foldable scooter that matches those dimensions. When 'Gertie' (my wheelchair) and the motor had to go in for a service recently, I had to search online for a foldable scooter because I had go away for a couple of days to attend meetings and certainly couldn't do that without 'Gertie' because I can't walk at all and don't drive myself anymore. :-)

    I found one particularly good one online that had arm rests (some of them don't) and it was very reasonably priced. Luckily 'Gertie' was fixed quickly and I had her back in time for my business trip so no probs.

    I don't seem to be able to post a piccie in here but I'll try to find the link for you and post it later.

    Good luck. :-) x

  • A couple of years ago I was advised by a mobility specialist that the only electric wheelchair light enough to come apart and fit in our Ford Fiesta was a Shoprider Vienna. I would ask the advice of a local specialist to see what fits your own requirements.

  • Have a look at this site, Nicky. Loads there. :-)


  • I have an Aquasoothe Travel Lite, called , 'The Doodlebug'. It breaks down into four pieces and fits in the back of a Ford Focus estate car. Priceless for going out.

  • Hi

    I've been looking at the Foldawheel PW-999UL:

    wheelchair88.com/product/pw... (I don't know how to create clickable links. Oh, I've seen that when I post this it does it for me)

    but it isn't cheap and comes from Malaysia. It weighs about 45 lbs, so quite light for an electric wheelchair, but still quite a weight. I'm looking for a wheelchair for work, and this seems to fit my requirements.

    The reviews seem good, but I don't actually have the chair.

  • Hi violasrbest,

    Thanks for that I have been looking at that but then found one very similar made by CareCo in Britain. It's also called Foldawheel and it too is pricey but it weighs 20.5kg and reviews are good. So am thinking about best thing to do. Just a shame nowhere stocks it as it would be good to try it first.


  • WE have a motability car converted vw from brotherwood beer hackett just down the road from here My husband can get his mobility scooter up in the ramp at the back and it sits in the back of the car very good solution

  • Also they can take wheelchairs you need to be getting enhanced PIP benefit on the mobility part

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