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Guide to claiming PIP


For anyone claiming PIP I would strongly recommend the website 'Benefits and Work' ( They offer advice on how to claim PIP. They also offer a very detailed guide to claiming PIP (see It costs 20 pounds but I think it is well worth it. I am currently claiming PIP so I will have to wait and see if I am successful this time but I bought a similar guide to claiming Disability Living Allowance a few years ago from this website and it helped me obtain the higher rate for both mobility allowance and personal care.

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you have added a ) to the end of the link it might confuse people, if you can edit you post that would be great


Here's the correct link for the guide to claiming pip:

My son was diagnosed with FA in Feb 2016 and is starting to struggle on his feet. He is no longer working and we claimed for PIP but he got refused it 😣 im not sure what to do next.

Sorry to hear about your unsuccessful claim - I know from personal experience how frustrating that is. According to the Benefits and Work website only 37% of PIP claims are successful the first time. You should consider appealing or if not you can claim again in the future. I would definitely recommend buying the guide to claiming PIP on this website. It includes a guide on how to appeal against a decision and it explains the points system behind claiming PIP. On the website it says, "you can even use our Guide to Claiming PIP to check whether, in your original claim, you gave enough detailed evidence about which point scoring descriptors apply to you. If you didn’t, it’s not too late to put things right in your SSCS1 Appeal form or in a written submission".

In order to be awarded anything you have to score a certain amount of points and the guide explains how this works. Here's a link to the guide:

Thank you for your reply conanthelibrarian im away to have a look and see what steps i can take next. I will keep you posted on our progress. Thanks again. X

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Hi Pat definitely get help to complete it the charity actually filled it out with us and for us as part of an interview it took 4hrs to complete the form with her and we still only got mobility because on our interview we didn't focus on bad days big mistake! Anyway so sorry for your assessment get some professional help and letters from your helath professionals hope you are successful in your appeal

Hi thanks that's helpful CAB is free and will help fill it out with you too lots of local charities too. We just got our letter yesterday we got enhanced mobility but not general living so will have to appeal so this site might be helpful thanks

What is PIP

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