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Asthma starting to play up


Hi to all,

Not feeling to well tonight feeling very out of breath and chest is also very tight having being sneezing quite a lot today. Think I must be coming down with a cold, really not feeling to good tonight. My peak flow has started to drop and is now 390 my personal best is 450. I have a asthma management plan from my gp which I follow.

Here is a list of my current medication as I am not just not on meds for asthma.

Salbutamol Breath- Actuated Inhaler -2 puffs as required

Fluticasone and Salmeterol Cfc- Free Inhaler 250 - two puffs twice a day

I take this inhaler with a spacer

Montelukast Sodium Tablets 10mg

One to be taken daily

Phyllocontin 225mg Tablets 1 tablet twice a day

Prednisolone when needed

Epilim Chrono M/R Tablets 500mg

One to be taken at night

Epilim Chrono M/R Tablets 200mg

One to be taken each morning

Fexofenadine HCL 120mg tablets

one to be taken in the morning

Azelastine 0.05% Eye Drops

Put one drop three times a day

I have emergency pred and antibiotics at home for when I need them.

I just feel really poorly tonight and have had serval occasions where staff at work have reported my lips and finger nails been blue.

I just don't know what to do for the best.

Thanking you for your advance.


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Hi Rachel,

Sorry you're not feeling well. Even though your PF isn't that bad, it's dropping, and the clincher is those blue lips and fingernails. Get yourself to A&E! Or at the very, very least OOH but you really do need to see someone tonight if today you've been having blue lips/fingernails.

Hope you feel better, let us know how you get on.


Hi Rachel.

Sorry to hear youre feeling so rubbish atm.

I completely agree with Philomeoa. The blue lips n nails means your body is alreasldy really sruggling to get sufficient oxygen for all the body. So AandE is probs best. If you feel it could be a struggle to get yourself there dont hesitate to call 999.

Please stay safe. Always better safe than sorry with asthma beig a pain ;-)

I hope things improve for you soon. Let us know how you get on.

Rose xx


You need to go get checked out if you've had blue lips/fingernails. I went to the GP surgery and had nebs last time this happened to me, but as they're not open you should go to A&E or at least OOH

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