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About Asthma Community Forum

Welcome to Asthma + Lung UK's asthma community forum which is a place for you to share your experience and hear from other people to support you with whatever question you have about your asthma. There's over 17000 people on the forum, so chances are, someone has been where you are.

Guidelines Highlights

Be kind, respectful, and understanding of one another
Actively listen & have in mind that everyone deals with their own private challenges
Post from your own experience, but avoid promoting alternative therapies for asthma - some can be a trigger
"For me, this worked..." rather than "You should do this..."
This is a space for peer to peer and emotional support
The community does not replace the relationship or advice given by your healthcare professional
Provide your sources of information
Use well-known sources of information and add the URL to your reply or post
No political content
Let's focus on individual health experiences.
This community should not be used for commercial or personal promotion.
No selling, no fundraising, no petitions, no blogs/videos. Any research must be approved by A+LUK first
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