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Asthma and Covid Experiences Please!

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Hi, so after feeling pretty rubbish yesterday with a sore throat, spiking temp and barking sounding cough, today I have tested positive for Covid on a lateral flow after avoiding the damn thing for 3 years! I have asthma, so am understandably worrying! I am waiting for a call back from GPs as my peak flow has dropped (I’m normally above 500, but at the moment I’m not getting much higher than 400/420) my inhaler does seem to be helping for now though and I actually don’t feel as rough as yesterday, my temp is more stable and the cough seems to be more throaty than chesty at the moment so keeping everything crossed! My asthma is normally pretty well controlled, I’m on Fostair 100/6 one puff twice a day, and Ventolin when required which until now I haven’t really needed since being on Fostair a couple of years ago. I also have Dymista nasal spray too.

My main question is what have other’s experiences been with Covid and asthma? How have you managed? Is there anything I need to look out for, or request from GPs when they call me back? I suspect they’ll prescribe a course of steroids?

Thank you!

27 Replies
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Looking at the various posts over the last 3 years, it seems that peoples' experiences are varied with covid, but not as bad as first expected at the start of the pandemic.

Asthma UK have put together a page of information. The approach is very much what you would do for any other respiratory virus.

I'd expect your GP to follow your asthma plan. It may be prudent to discuss Prednisolone and antibiotics as a rescue pack, as health care services will be stretched over Christmas, always better to be prepared.

Hope you start feeling better very soon.

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Nicki-Lou123 in reply to Poobah

Thank you!

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Hi, I have severe poorly controlled asthma and had COVID in August (during a heatwave, woop bad timing).

It did set my asthma off a bit for the first few days - actually that was before the COVID symptoms really kicked in. I did not need hospital but I did need to use my consultant-approved home neb a few times. I'd definitely say act as you normally would if your asthma is affected (action plan, GP etc) - the trigger doesn't necessarily make a difference to how you deal with asthma.

I didn't really have a cough. I did feel pretty much unable to sit up at all though which could fight a bit with my lungs' desire to NOT be flat - had to compromise with some pillows. I couldn't even watch TV on the recliner because that was sitting up too much for my body, and my attempts at eating at the table did not work.

I spent basically about a week on my bed feeling a bit crap, then needed to take another couple of days feeling a bit rubbish. For me, asthmawise it was about on a level with the thunderstorm that finished the heatwave! So definitely noticeable (though I have a skewed perspective), but not the worst (for me) or hospital level (for me) - others may have different experiences.

I don't think I've personally had any long-term effects from it either. For my asthma, I've had colds which have put me in hospital, swine flu where I felt worse than COVID and it made my asthma worse permanently, and RSV which was for me like COVID plus - I felt rubbish for ages, had an admission and my asthma was worse for months with lots more admissions.

I wouldn't have liked the earlier variants but this version wasn't awful personally - though I don't think I'd be promoting it as a fun experience, and I definitely could have picked better weather!

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Thank you! That’s good that you managed to avoid admission! Like you I’m grateful I’ve avoided it so long and I’ve had my vaccines so keeping everything crossed!

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LysistrataAdministrator in reply to Nicki-Lou123

I meant to say hope you feel better soon!

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Nicki-Lou123 in reply to Lysistrata

Thank you! Just spoke to the Dr, he’s prescribed me some Dexomethasone as he said that’s better for Covid than Prednisolone that they usually give for Asthma, and he said to keep a close monitor of my peak flow and have a really low thresh hold and to call immediately if anything changes at all! He’s hopeful though that the steroids will make a big difference and will help make me feel better in a few days so fingers crossed!

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for me having Covid wasn’t bad it just seemed like a bad cold that cleared after a week. However, as I also have cough variant asthma my cough was much worse and took nearly six months to settle back to just irritating!

The main difference to my health of having had Covid is I am left with a slightly enlarged heart. I had an X-ray shortly before I had Covid and one a couple of months after due to the continuing cough.

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Nicki-Lou123 in reply to Oldandgray

Thank you! At the moment it doesn’t seem to be worse than a cold so I’m keeping everything crossed! Sorry to hear it took so long to settle your asthma… mine presents mainly as coughing fits, my usual trigger is hay fever although viruses do tend to flare it up. Had a better night last night though, although I’ve now lost my taste and smell, so I’m hoping we’ve caught it and treated in time but who knows with Covid it seems to be so different for everyone!

I’m sorry also to hear about the effect it has had on your heart. I have another condition and part of that involves regular MRI scans to check my heart, I’m lucky that it’s always been fine but I will be sure to mention Covid to my consultant and see if it’s possible to push next years MRI forward.

Thank you!

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I'm 68 and fairly severely asthmatic following catching Covid, and a subsequent bacterial chest infection (which amoxicillin didn't touch) in April and May 2022. Having Covid was hideous, necessitating a visit to A&E to treat the pain. My asthma has become increasing severe since then. My asthma nurse and I have been trying all kinds of different medications to find one that works ever since.

I'm just one case, of course, and happily it sounds as though you're not in the same situation. I'm just sounding a warning bell to take the situation seriously - as I'm sure you are :).

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Nicki-Lou123 in reply to Challiefan

Thank you so much for your reply! I’m so sorry to hear that you are having it so rough, I hope you can find something to help soon!

The actual Covid side of things definitely seem to be improving, temp throat aches etc, so I’m really hoping that’s it, my Asthma isn’t happy though but inhalers and steroids keeping it under control so far and I’ve got strict instructions on what to do if there’s any slight change so hopefully it will all settle soon!

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i had it back in July……asthmatic and severely immunosuppressed. I got the usual chest infection after 5 days and had antibiotics x 2 plus steroids to clear it. Hope all goes well🤞

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Nicki-Lou123 in reply to Evie3

Thank you!

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eleanordigby in reply to Evie3

Didn’t you get offered anti-virals, Evie? You should’ve done if you’re immunosuppressed. You get admitted for one day for an infusion. I’ve got all the instructions on who to contact but so far haven’t needed them 🤞Maybe check with your immunologist about this, just in case you get Covid again. There’s still a lot of it around & who knows whether there’s any other variants yet to come 😕

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Evie3 in reply to eleanordigby

yes I was promised…. as a CEV …went thro all the phone calls etc then a local medical person eventually rang and said I wasnt eligible? At the time felt they had abandoned me. Luckily I survived. If i catch it again and will b more forceful.

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Hi , like yourself I tested positive for Covid on Friday after 3 years of avoiding it. I now have chesty cough with yellow/green mucus, peak flow has dropped. I am not even going to try and contact out of hours. I have increased fostair inhaler and using blue one regular. Will contact GP in the morning. I also had flu virus in October and ended up on steroids and antibiotics for chest, don’t think I have been right since then. I am so glad all vaccines are up to date. Thank for posting, hope you are on the mend.

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Nicki-Lou123 in reply to Mumtochd

Thank you! So far the actual Covid side of things is definitely improving day on day, I’ve avoided the chesty cough so far it’s all my throat and inflammation and my asthma isn’t too happy. But luckily the inhalers and steroids seem to be doing the trick! Yes thank goodness for vaccines hey!

Hope you’re feeling better soon too! Don’t hold off too long, my GP when I spoke to them Thursday said to have an extremely low thresh hold for symptoms and contact them with any changes immediately don’t hold off! Good luck X

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Evie3 in reply to Mumtochd

you should always have rescue meds by you…..just in case

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I had Covid back in March and found the Covid symptoms weren't too bad but it made my asthma flare up. I rang my GP as soon as I noticed the asthma was worsening, and he agreed to my doubling my preventer and issued new preventer/reliever inhalers to make sure I didn't run out. So don't try to be 'brave' - as soon as you notice any increase in asthma symptoms, ring the surgery.

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Nicki-Lou123 in reply to Mandevilla

Thank you! I’m finding the same to be honest, in terms of the actual illness itself it hit hard for the first 24/48 hours but improving day on day and my temp has been settled since day 2 which is great, I’m just very fatigued and my asthma has flared… I called the GP on Thursday as I’d been unwell Wed (LFTs all negative until Thursday morning) and my cough was getting worse and peak flow dropped, so they prescribed be Dexomethasone for 7 days with strict instructions to call back immediately and to have a low thresh hold for any form of symptoms, so far I haven’t needed to call back I seem to have be managing well at home, my peak flow isn’t back to normal but it’s improved since being on the steroids 400/420 (I, normally above 500) up to around 450 so I’m happy with that too and keeping everything crossed!

Thank you X

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I had Covid 2 weeks ago, also after avoiding it all this time! I felt ill the first day and not so bad after that. Was like a bad cold. Mine was mainly in my throat too and still is. I'm eligible for anti virals but the doctor didn't feel I was ill enough to have them. I did feel a bit breathless but it seemed to be because of being blocked up rather than on chest. I only needed extra astma medication a few times. Hopefully yours will be as mild.

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Nicki-Lou123 in reply to alnew45

Thank you, hope your recovery is going well! That’s exactly my experience to be fair, I’ve definitely improved after the first 24/48 hours I’m just snotty and coughing, and totally wiped out, but like you it feels like it’s my throat and not my chest… I am taking my inhalers and the GP put me on steroids, he did consider antibiotics but he said it would be too soon to put me on them, and as I haven’t got any worse I haven’t called back…

How long did it take you to start testing negative? I tested this morning for work as due back tomorrow (absolutely no way though with how I’m feeling so I’ve asked for a fit note from my GP for another week) and I’m still positive, I just want it out of my system now and I’m worrying because I’ve heard of so many people I know who have had it recently still positive up to day 12/13 😩

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alnew45 in reply to Nicki-Lou123

Hello,I tested positive on the Friday and didn't test again until the next Saturday. It was negative then but definitely wouldnt have felt up to working! I am retired so don't have to worry about that. Definitely have the wiped out feeling still after two and half weeks. Hope you're doing ok now.

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Nicki-Lou123 in reply to alnew45

Thank you, getting better each day so I’m really hoping I’m over the worst! Completely and utterly wiped out, and the steroids although they’re amazing and helping they aren’t very helpful for sleep in the slightest so all I’m doing is resting! Spend 4 days in bed but moved to the sofa for a bit now the last couple of days which has helped a little!

Thank you

I avoided Covid until this past August. I wear a mask in public and went to a local OUTDOOR street fair and didn’t wear a mask… 2.5 days later a super sore throat. So I waited until the next day and still a sore throat so I took a home test and sure enough positive. The next few days I had VERY mild symptoms (mild headache, no appetite, mild sore throat) but I kept track of my blood oxygen levels( asthma wise I felt fine) and my normal blood oxygen levels are around 98 and I noticed they were dropping. On day 3 it was 92 and I freaked! I made a Dr phone appt and had to demand paxlovid (I have other health issues besides asthma). I finally got the RX, started them ASAP and was better(blood oxygen level wise) in about a day and a half.

I think I would have been totally fine as my symptoms were very mild(I had 3 vaccines) but I didn’t want to risk anything with my blood oxygen levels going down.

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Nicki-Lou123 in reply to AnxiousCanadianChic

I’m glad to hear you too had mild symptoms and was fine asthma wise, that’s very scary re the blood oxygen though… did you feel any worse/different when they dropped? I haven’t got a meter, thinking maybe I should ask someone to grab me one? Although I’m feeling a little better each day though? It’s so scary isn’t it, the unknown and not knowing what to expect! So glad to hear you managed to get the correct treatment and your blood oxygen improved quickly!

How long did it take before you started testing negative? X

I can’t say exactly when I tested negative as I didn’t test right away..I think I just tested when I was done the meds and was negative. I hear about people testing positive again after paxlovid but I checked a few times and was always negative.

I didn’t feel off or anything, I just checked it out of fear and paranoia 😂 and seen it dropping quickly and the last thing I wanted is to end up in the hospital. It was annoying trying to get the paxlovid (I live in Canada) as you’re supposed to be over a certain age and have certain conditions but when I googled it I read Canada was stockpiling it and not giving it to anyone (most older people have conditions or are meds that make then unable to take paxlovid) so it was just sitting in pharmacies.

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Nicki-Lou123 in reply to AnxiousCanadianChic

Ahh that’s interesting!

Oh gosh how scary that you didn’t even have any sign of your oxygen levels dropping, thank goodness you had the sense to check and push for what you needed! It’s scary at the moment isn’t it, I’m in the Uk, so many nasty bugs going round at the moment and I’m absolutely terrified of needing hospital! So far so good though and I’m really hoping it stays that way! Anxiety driving for sure but so reassuring to hear of so many others who have recovered and come through it all! Thank you

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