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Doctors again

Last friday started morning started with just a slight sore throat but by lunchtime it was really bad and I was unable to eat lunch and only had a very small dinner. Saturday morning my throat was not so sore, but by saturday evening I had lost my voice have started to get it back now after taking cough medicine and using a throat spray.

But now i have got a really chesty cough which has turned into chest infection. I have been finding that I have a really bad night time cough which is affecting my asthma and my sleep. The doctor said I sound very tight and i sounded very wheezy. She said I should start my prednislone and she also pre scripted some antibiotics Clarithromycin 500mg twice daily for seven days. She said if I am feeling no better than to go back.

I do have my own nebulizer but I have no nebules left, I used my nebulizer when I had a bad chest infection and it really helped. I don't know if the doctor will give me the nebules as I have be told before

that I can take ten puffs of my salbutamol and that is the same as the nebules,but I am unsure about this! I think the nebulizer is better. So I am unsure what to do about this?

Salbutamol Breath - Actuated Inhaler, Seretide 250 Inhaler, Montelukast Sodium Tablets 10mg, Loratadine Tablets 10mg, Mometasone Furoate Nasal Spray, Sodium Cromoglicate Eye Drops When my peak flow is below 300 I start 40mg of Prednislone.

Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to help my asthma, as it is affecting my sleep and mood? I have no energy at the moment.

Sorry for such a long post


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Personally I would try and get an appointment with your GP before the Christmas madness starts and out of hours GP's start so that you can get your nebs and make any medication changes needed. There is nothing worse than being ill over the christmas period.


I would go back to gp to ask for nebules. I think that nebuliser is better because although it may be the same dose of medication the system of using a nebuliser means that the particles are smaller and so are inhaled further into the lungs.



After having a really bad night on wednesday night when I could not stop cough and my asthma was bad waking up a few time in the night for my reliever and not getting much sleep.

On thurday night I was none stop coughing for around the first hour chest was tight I had tears running down my face where I was coughing so much so I took 10 puffs of my reliever which really help my asthma to settle down.

I am looking at buying a vapourizer to see if that will help my asthma and my nightime cough.

The doctor has said to me before that the 10 puffs of the reliever is just as affective as a nebulizer so did not want to give me any nebules at that time. But I will go and see the doctor next week to ask him again as I think this would help when I am having one of my coughing fits.

I just hope I get a good night sleep tonight.

Thank you for all your support.



Im sorry but I think you should get the meds for your neb, its all well and good useing the 10 puff route but I think the nebuliser is so much better, heres hoping that your feeling a bit better, merry christmas to you x


I could just say, ""me too!"" I am going through a similar situation and went to the doctor. I'm waiting chest xray results because my asthma nurse is wondering what's going on. Doc told me they had a discussion and decided they would do a reversability test after xmas when they have the xray results.

Thursday night I woke with tightness, wheeze and cough. I took 3 Ventolin puffs over several hours. Friday morning I was very chesty, wife said I have a cold, but sputum was as clear as glass. Went to doc @3.30pm.

He was thorough checking my chest by stethoscope and said I have allergic response in airways and have asthma. He also said I have senile emphysema (I'm nearly 75) and he prescribed cetrivine.

Today (Saturday) I am still coughing, with clear sputum if I force it. Wifey still says I have a cold, but I have no signs of infection. My PF is way down now from 550 to 610, down to 450. I'm also tired enough to have just dozed for over an hour (I'd normally have twenty minutes). Last night I got to sleep at 10:15pm, slept to 2:15am went back to sleep and got up around 8am.

So what's going on I do not know, but I must get it together to have the house ready for the family Chrissy visit tomorrow.

I am wondering what you guys think?


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