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I’m having difficulty gripping my golf clubs due to pain from what I believe to be arthritis. Any suggestions to reduce the pain?

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My husband - a golfer - loves to have a hand warmer in his pocket when playing g in the winter. The cheaper ones don’t last long enough for a round, but the more expensive ones are great, he says. That should help. It might also be worth while trying out a few supplements such as magnesium (he finds it great for his back) glucosamine, turmeric and rose hip.

Asay in reply to Happyrosie

Thanks already use supplements and being in Southern Spain hands rarely get cold.Does he take any prescription pills what are effective? Or creams etc

Ah well that’s was no good then! Here in sunny sussex is was minus 2 degrees this morning with the remains of a snow shower on the ground.No he takes nothing else for the arthritis, other than magnesium. Personally, I take glucosamine with chondritin but this does nothing for my arthritic fingers.

I have arthritic hands , as cold is not an issue for you I would suggest trying creams . the ones with chilli in them worked well for myself. I tried a cream specific to Spain when on holiday , supplied sample from a British bed company based out there it was very good but expensive , and to long ago to remember the name of it. Might be worth testing a few.

Read up on the omega 3 to omega 6 balance. Cutting down omega 6 stopped my fingers hurting.

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