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Back pain


What are the best ways to control back pain please?

I have lower back pain at the moment and have tried many painkillers and anti inflammatory pills.

Not had much success with these as still in pain.


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Hi Alison , my stomach is a bit sensitive to anti inflammatories so gp said paracetamol 4 times a day which only took a bit of the edge off but i did find volterol 12 hr gel which is a bit stronger . It did make a difference and it hasn't upset my stomach yet ! I hope you find something that works for you , best wishes 🌸

Thanks for getting back to me.

I can’t use voltarol it makes me feel sick.

I will carry on my search.

All the best


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Isn't Voltarol 12 hour gel a rub? If so, how can it upset your stomach? I use Fenbid (prescribed) an Ibuprofen gel to rub onto my back and hips. No upset stomach.

I found yoga stretches were the best thing for me some years ago before arthritis sets in. Son swears by his visits to a chiropractor.

I now take paracetamol and aspirin together .

Thanks very much for getting back to me.

I will try the yoga stretches.

Can you recommend any yoga books or websites please?



Cant sorry. Mine was in the days of pre digital classes. A dvd or similar might be good so you can take it at your own pace and stop and start? The bridge,salute to the sun, the cat all good.6



Thank you for posting alisonchild - you might find our pain-management information useful, on our website:

All the best of luck


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The good old hot water bottle helps to ease my pain.

Hope it works for you too.

Thanks very much for getting back to me.

This seems to work some of the time.



GranAmie in reply to alisonchild

my daughter is a chiro and she helped loads. I find agood office swivel chair more comfortable - stops me slumping! I've recommended feldene gel which hospital gave me but now switched to biofreeze as a more plant based gel / rollon / spray.

Thanks very much for getting back to me.

Use the Williams back exercises. My pain doctor recommends and I have used with success. Search online. Basically stretching and strengthening back muscles to eliminate pain.

Thanks for getting back to me


Hi Alison, I found Pilates during my search for back pain relief, and after doing a six week course run by a physio over ten years ago, I was hooked, as all the pain had gone after an hour's class! I spoke to other participants in the class, some of whom had taken the surgery route, but they told me their backs were even worse after the op, so I've never fancied that route. I was an aerobics instructor at the time, but I have since requalified as a Pilates instructor. I practise Pilates everyday, and I am a firm believer that it really helps, especially if you don't want to take meds. Have you tried ibuprofen gel, or a TENS machine? I have just recently bought a TENS machine, which was recommended to me by a physio. I find they both relieve pain 🤗

Good luck in your quest for pain relief!

Joanna 😊

Thanks very much for getting back to me.

I will have a look at the Pilates.


This has some exercises that are helpful (depending on the condition and symptoms):

A couple of members above have recommended anti-inflammatory skin gel (like volatarol) and that can work very well for some people and by-passes the problem with taking an oral dose:

Decent guide to back pain and pain relief:

Very useful information.Thanks for getting back to me.



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