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Pain and discomfort on top on my foot

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For the past few day I’ve been experiencing some pain and discomfort in the top of my right foot. Not sure if this is arthritis related or not. I haven’t hurt it at all , in anyway. I feel it in the mid foot area near my ankle. This is the same foot that I was having pain in the bottom a few months ago. Can anyone tell me what I might be feeling? It’s it possibly mid foot arthritis?

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Could it be gout? Too little water, this hot weather causes loss of water due to perspiration, and any tendency to gout can be worsened. Usually felt in the big toe joint. Try drinking more water (and less caffeine which is a diuretic), and see if that helps?

DD, I haven’t been diagnosed with gout as of yet. The only type of arthritis I’ve been diagnosed with is OA back in 2015. But I’m sure by now I probably have a second type of arthritis just don’t know what as of yet.

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Gout is an arthritis. I have gout and osteoarthritis in my feet.

I have ankylosing spondylitis and pain on the tops of my feet are common. It restricts my ability to wear many types os shoes and limits my ability to walk.

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You need to see a dr. It could be a number of issues so tests need doing.

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Mark, If it gets worse than it is now I will before I have my next appointment with my gp. I can still walk on it without having to use anything like crutches to stay off of it. But it has been noticeable all week long, some days more so than others.

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The sooner the better. Its important. It could be tendons, gout, arthritis or bone issues amongst possibilities. All need scans and further treatment so the sooner these tests are done the better. I have the first three amongst many issues but gout is unlikely as that is visible and commonly causes swellings but im no dr. You need tests now. You need an appointment in the next few days preferably when it hurts as some blood tests help diagnosis. Also it may take time to get specialist help so the sooner you get in the queue the better. Good luck

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