Pain in my toes this week

I've had joint Pain in my toes this week again. I know osteoarthritis affects the joints in the big toes of the feet, but can it affect the smaller toes as,well? Ice been feeling it most of the week this week including today. Icebeen taking my shoes off in the car all week and driving home barefoot from work everyday. Could I also be getting rheumatoid arthritis thats starting in my feet first? RA runs in my family on both my mom's and dad's side of the family. I'm noticing quite a few changes since I've been dealing with arthritis Pain. I don't like it one bit. I try to find the most comfortable shoes for my feet now that I'm dealing with arthritis pain in my feet. Some days it hurts to just be standing for a short period of time. I've been waring skechers the seem to help some but not enough. I'monly in my 40 and some days I feel like in in my 70s damn this disease . What do you do when your feet get to this point? Arthritis is dictating my life and it'll have my mobility be for I know it. One of my fears has always been having to start using a wheelchair. Who with OA has had to do that?

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  • It's quite possibly RA starting in your toes. Mine started in my feet ankles, hands and wrist. If so, you will need to be referred to a rheumatologist. There are blood tests which will give the doctor a clue as to whether you have it or not, then the consultant will start you on the right kind of treatment to get it under control. I can't answer your other question, although I have OA and Osteoporosis too, and occasionally used a wheelchair, because of back pain because of spinal fractures. Although I do know a lady who uses a mobility scooter.

  • Poemsgalore1, I already have OA I was diagnosed with that 2 years ago. But just wondering if RA is starting to form as well. When my OA started in me my gp tested me twice with the rheumatoid factor and it came back negative both times for RA That was 2013 and 2014. Don't know what's going on right now, I saw a rheumatologist in 2015 they diagnosed my OA after a series of xrays on my shoulders and hips. I also have pain in my spine both upper and lower, it's one of the reasons as why I brought up using a wheelchair from time to time. I'm in my early 40s and have all of this going on with my joints. Poemsgalore1 but the wheelchair is the last resort. I don't want to have to go that rout but if I feel like I need to I will.

  • It could be a podiatrist may be able help. Perhaps your feet have flattened over time. If so you may be given an insert to wear inside your shoes. Have you considered Traditional Chinese Acupuncture ? I have had help with my Arthritic joints ( including toes) with this type of Acupuncture. What about a battery wheelchair or mobility scooter. Perhaps start researching now whilst you are able. There are various ways of getting them into cars. Or there are the larger ones that can go on the roads.

  • Rosepetal60, After my arthritis started getting to the point that I was feeling it in my feet and spine I started looking into possibly getting a manual wheelchair. I'd rather go manual first on like a light weight rigid wheelchair. A power wheelchair would be to bulky. My feet haven't flattened I've had the pain in my feet for a couple of years Now. January of last year I had to use crutches the pain was so bad in my right foot I couldn't walk on it. That lasted for about a month. It's not easy when you're having to get around on crutches for that long and do house work as well, plus trying to cook a meal as well. It's very much a challenge. I haven't tried acupuncture so I don't know if it'll work or not with my arthritis. The pain in the upper part of my back bone is bad at times as well. My gp wants me to try physical therapy because of my siaticia never pain. The pain pills haven't helped me for that at all.So you see it's a combination of things thats come into play with my arthritis . But I stay very uncomfortable anymore, it hurts to walk at times ,at least the lower part of me does.

  • Hello sorry not great at this ok I had pain in my toes went to GP no luck lucky for me I am diebetic so the foot lady check my toes said I needed soft splints on my toes in foam help a lot then she order some Werid shoes with insoles in wore them for a month only had toe pain when I did not were them they were soft so no good in rain .Now local hospital making me some shoes NHS lets you have 2 pairs hoping for pink in summer and black in winter I still get pain in soles but it's hardly noticeable just when I do to much.

  • Hi, I eel your pain for you. My left foot as O/A, gout and now plantar fascia. I can not put my foot down when any of these kick off. R/A was ruled out last year. As the above are all inflammatory conditions there seems to be a pattern going on. My right leg suffers by taking my weight on it. I'm only 9,stone. I've no intention of looking at a wheelchair as yet, I'd probably look at a scooter first. I've learnt to deal with the pain( using Zomorrph ) over the past 31yrs. I also have O/A in spine, shoulders, hands and neck. Don't give up hope yet, see your doc about pain relief. Hope it ease,s for you soon. I wear trainers/sketchers all the time, as they are far best to curtail the symptoms.

  • Fit-flop brand shoes, sandals, boots, are the best, like 200% relief!

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