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Pain in my right buttock cheek

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The other night late in the evening I was noticing some discomfort in my right buttock cheek and only the right side. For the past year or so I've also had pain in the bottom of my right foot plus that warm sensation down my right side of my right thigh as well. But have noticed it this weekend in the right cheek of the buttocks. From what I'm reading from WebMD it's telling me it's pain from my sciatica nerve. I've had a lot of discomfort the last few years with my arthritis but to start feeling this in my back side scares me . My GP already knows about the discomfort I've been having down my leg with the warm sensation but he didn't seem to worried about it when I saw him back in March. So my question is could I be getting the early stages of spinal stenosis from my OA? I'm in the middle of starting a new job and the last thing I need is to be going to a doctor. I'm not liking if this is related to my osteoarthritis on what it's doing to me. I. In my early 40's and having to go through this is awful. J. Quinn

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Hi ! I've had quite severe pain in left buttock and often front of thigh for over a year . Pleased to say that this has now disappeared. I couldn't sit on a hard chair without a cushion for quite some time. I do get bouts of OA in knee and back from time to time as well but am able to work through the pain with codeine and movement. I know that for some people thus isn't possible.

I do hope that yours doesn't last for long


JD, I've had pain in my lower outer thigh for the past three days on top of everything else - I'm hoping it's just sciatica -pinched nerve. I don't want to go to the doctor again either. I get sick of all this and hope you find out - don't dread the worst.

I get sciatica quite often, on my right side, from my buttock to my ankle. This started from when I had a prolapsed disk & my sciatic nerve was being pinched inbetween the vertebraes. I just do streching exercises, kneeling on the floor & stretch my leg upwards so it's reasonably comfortable, do this several times. Then stretch my leg outwards straight as possible, then bring my knee inwards so it's tucked underneath me, holding each movement for 5 seconds. This helps with the discomfort, maybe painful at times, but it helps. I also use an execise ball, just by sitting on that helps, as I still have problems with my back & now waiting to find out if I'm to have back surgery on the damaged vertabraes.

Try not to let it get it down. I know it can be a pain in arse 'literally'. Worth trying a few simple exercises, if not already.


Ruthietootie, try this on and see whether it fits:

It does sound like its ur sciatic nerve, it runs from ur shoulders, dwn ur spine thru both butt cheeks and dwn the back of the legs into the feet, if this nerve gets pinched in the lower back it causes pain in the buttock or hips and groin, put a cold pack on to help inflammation and take some brufen if ur able, it shud ease off.

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