Update on my right ankle / foot

Update on my right ankle / foot

Since my last post that I put on here about my right foot and ankle the symptoms seem to be getting more prominent. I'm now feeling the pain down the left side of my right foot. The knot that appeared a few weeks ago is still very painful. Otc drugs still aren't helping me and the cooler weather is making it even worse. I'm not wanting to go to work because my line of work it makes it worse with me standing all day. But I was feeling where the knot is on my foot where my foot and ankle meets and it seems or feels like it's gotten bigger. This has got to be my osteoarthritis talking to me. If so it's making me very uncomfortable when I'm on my feet during the day. I wish I had something that I could use during the day that could keep me off my foot during the day while I'm working. The only thing that I have are crutches and I really can't go into work on them they won't allow me to be on them they'd just tell me to go back home. Any ideas. ?

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  • I have a very similar thing in my left ankle, it's terrible painful and swollen and also some bruising, I can feel a lump in there too. I'm on crutches all the time beacause I have RA and Fibro, so that combo has taken my mobility. I can't believe they won't let you have crutches at work? That's doesn't seem right, I really feel for you. I wish I had a soulution X

  • A-girl, By the second or third hour I hurt bad enough that I'm almost in tears. I'm not one to get that way unless something is wrong. But these,cooler temps are making it worse. Not to mention having to stand for 8 hours. I know it's arthritis related because I haven't twisted it or landed on it the wrong way. I don't know if wrapping it up will help . I think it'll only make it worse. Aleve hasn't helped nor has Tylenol or anything like that . I'm not sure what else to do other than make an appointment with a doctor and I really don't want to have to do that. Even when I"m relaxing on my couch at home it hurts like hell. Plus if I go to a doctor most likely they'll probably say something I probably won't want to hear. What to do , what to do!!!!

  • That's so bad, I really feel for you so much. I know wrapping my ankle does help, but only very minimally, the pain is unrelenting. Standing for that long would be so very hard, I just can't do it as I've had 4 falls, so that's why I'm on crutches permanently now. I really hope you can somehow get relief soon. Love Anita X

  • I may start using crutches at home and if I go out, when I'm away from my work. I guess I'll just have to see if it gets any better. I don't think it's going to tho because this has been going on for over a month or so now. And that area below my ankle looks like it's swollen even more than it was a couple of weeks ago. The pain at times shoots up through the back of my leg

  • A-girl, The worst part is I actually get to work before it gets day light . It's still very cold around that time of the morning. It takes awhile to put my shoe on,that foot because of the pain that I'm having. I can't really bend it right now either. I may try a wheat bag on it this evening, not really sure if that will work or not. But I may start doing the same that you are right now Anita and use my crutches so I can get around better than I am now. I have to see how today goes for me . If I have a bad day again today with my ankle /foot , I'll have to start using the crutches when I get home . We'll see. Jason

  • Anitia,

    Have you thought of looking into a wheelchair for yourself so you don't have to use the crutches everyday. I know they're not cheap but it might be worth looking into. plus you wouldn't have to be on your feet all the time either.

  • Yes I'm getting to that point... Just comming to terms with loosing my mobility at 48, it's not an easy thing but I know there are people who loose it a lot younger than me. I'm trying to look at the positives...

  • Well I have to tell ya I'm not far behind ya age wize , only eight years difference. But with me it seems to be hitting me with a vengeance. I never thought it would hit me like it has. Starting with my hands in 2013. Now it's all over me shoulders , knees hip and I think it's starting in my lower back as,well. I've had pain there as,well.

  • Jason, it's awful how much this has progressed and impacted your life. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I'm glad you've got an appointment with your Dr, I really hope you get some kind of relief so the pain isn't so intense. So many think this is an old persons disease but look at us in our forties.... I hope all the best for you.


  • Thanks Anitia, I really appreciate for your kindness and you caring.It means alot to me. Yes mine has progressed faster than I expected for it to, but there's not alot than I can do about it other than take pain meds and rest as,much as I need to. I'm sure you do the same with yours. As for you I hope that yours doesn't get any worse than it has already. It's hell having to deal with this all day and every day of the week. The parts of my body take turns . What I mean by that is one day it's my knees and hip that hurt real bad the next day it's my shoulders and hands . Other days everything whant to hurt me from my shoulders to my hips all the way to my feet as,well . Including my hands as well. A-girl I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers for you that yours does get any worse than it is . Take care Anitia and have a lovely weekend.

  • As I said I really feel so much for you. I hope with all my heart you can find some relief so you can enjoy life at least to some extent. I understand what you say when you explain how it moves around, it's transient and has a mind of it's own! Even though I do have RA my biggest issue is Fibromyalgia so between them life can get a bit hard but there's always someone around who cares and understands, if not someone physically close then lovely people like you who are on these forums. I wish the very best for you Jason, I'm thinking of you and hope with all my heart that relief will come your way in some form or another.

  • Anitia, I'm trying not to take but so much for this do to the fact I already take alot for my seizure disorder due to hydrocephalus that I was diagnosed with at birth. Having said having to deal with that and having this now on top of my disorder do to the hydrocephalus just seems like alot on the plate . My dad has ra as well as psoriasis arthritis. So I know eventually I'll have a second type of arthritis to deal with Wether it's ra fibro or something else. I'd probably be better off to move to like Florida where it's warmer. I have a friend that did that because of issues with her fibro that she has and after moving to Florida where it's warmer she's actually felt alot better than what she did when she was in Virginia. Maybe I should do the same. Truth be known I'd probably feel better if I did as,well.

  • Wow you've certainly got enough to deal with, and your right, moving somewhere warmer may just be what you need. I live on the East Coast of Australia so the summers are hot and the winters are mild. But when we go to NZ each year I must admit I do feel worse so that must be due to the cooler weather. You may need to make the move to Flordia then! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you Jason.

  • Yes Anita I do have alot to deal with already with my health without having OA deal with my OA as,well. It's not something that I'd wish on anyone. Not even my worst enemy. Having OA come into play was the last thing I needed. That one area on my foot / ankle is not only hurting but throbbing as well this morning. Plus it's rainy as,well. Witch as you know rain does nothing but make symptoms worse. But yes I had thought about looking into making the move to Florida. I was,down there two years ago and absolutely loved it. The beaches are gorgeous and the water is as well. I've always wanted to get away from where I am now. I may look into some areas of Florida on the Internet sometime today. I also have school friends that live down there as,well now. I'll talk back with you later on Anitia. Have a good sunday.

  • I'm so sorry your in so much pain, I'm hoping you can get some kind of relief, that kind of pain really wears you down, but you sound like you've lived with health issues your whole life and now this pain you are enduring... I hope your Dr can do something to help and that you have family in your life to support you. Hang in there Jason, I'm on the fibromyalgia forum and put a post up just yesterday about getting through the hard times.

    I'm thinking of you and hoping relief comes your way soon,


  • Anitia I came home this evening and kicked my work shoes and socks off when I got home and slipped on my slippers. I had my class this evening so I drove to the school with them on still then changed into my socks and sneakers. Got as,far as,to the door to go in the school and ture around and went back to the car and pulled off the sneakers and socks and slipped my slippers back on . The spot in my foot looks like it's gotten bigger. I know it's also gotten more painful with my work shoes on . Not much that I can do about that tho. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a better day for me . It's very cold here tonight. It's below 30 and it'll be colder tomorrow night. Just what I need. Good night Anitia. Talk back with you soon . Jason

  • Oh no, that's really awful Jason, but I am glad you went back and changed back into your slippers. You have to do what is most comfortable for you when your in as much pain as you are. I'm sure the cold isn't helping, you're in the middle of your winter over there aren't you.. It's a worry though that the spot on your foot is getting bigger, I hope you can get that checked as soon as possible, please get an X-Ray and blood tests also, you'll have to ask for that though as many Drs don't take that on themselves to do these things that I think need to be done in a case like this.

    Hangin there mate, I hope relief comes quick.


  • Antia, I'm feeling the sore area on top of my right foot tonight and I think I was completely wrong from what I thought it was . One it's not moving around like a cyst would and two it feels like another nodule more so than a cyst now. Another words more like bone. Yes it's still very sore. Thank goodness I'm home tonight. But the area looks bigger than it was and more tender than it was,as,well. It'll probably get to the point that I won't be able to walk on it at,all. It's very tender in that area. If it's another nodule forming on the same foot that's not good at all. I think my rumy needs to look at it more so than my gp.unless I go to a foot and and,ankle doctor . Witch I've done before when I hurt my left ankle and end up on crutches for almost a month. The side even looks swollen some tonight. If I can get a good picture I'll let you see the area I'm talking about so you can give me your input on what you think it looks like to you. . Jason

  • This isn't good at all, it must be very painful by the way you have described it. I think you need to see the Rumy as soon as you can to get his advice. You can't leave it too long, it sounds like it's escalating. I hope you can get some relief Jason, this is awful for you. Let me know how you go,


  • Anita, It has been painful and like I said before standing on concrete and asphalt isn't helping me what so ever. If it gets worse by the time I go to lunch, I'll be on the phone calling a doctor. Yes I hate seeing or going to doctors unless I absolutely have to. I'm usually one that can tolerate pain until it gets to a certain point. I came close to pulling out my crutches last night and using them for the rest of the evening. I have had the pain going through my foot all the way to my toes as well. I probably should put an ace bandage on it while I'm at work today to see if it helps it or not. That will give me a general idea on what to do about making an appointment or not I think. But yes I do feel it through the top of my foot right now by just standing here on the concrete. I guess after you hit your 40's you start falling apart, in my case. I'm still not able to bend it in certain directions. So I'll just have to see what happens today. I'll be back in touch with you soon. Jason

  • Anita, I know I've told you this once before but I'm going to say it again. Thanks for being so thoughtful and caring, with what I'm going through right now. With this issue about my foot and ankle. Yes I'm home now and off my feet for awhile. I'm getting ready to wrap my foot for awhile while I'm not standing. I was to busy this afternoon to think about the pain in my foot , but once I got off I was feeling it. So now that I'm home and off my feet , the only thing that I have on them is my bedroom shoes without any socks on. I'll probably go down and get the crutches for later on so if it does feel more painful than it is while I'm off of it , I'll have them by my couch. Hope everything is going well for you and that you've had a painless week. Jason

  • Jason, it's really hammering you isn't it. Standing all day on concrete certainly doesn't help that's for sure. I do feel for you very much, being in constant pain really wears you down doesn't it.

    Your right what you say about being in our 40's, it really hits hard at that age, I guess that's the beginning of all these issues.

    I think staying off it is the right thing to do for sure, so be on your crutches while your at home just to take some pressure off. See how it feels to wrap it too, I know my ankle feels much better with that bit of pressure applied through a good bandage wrap.

    It's a hard one isn't it, finding a way to cope with relentless pain, but hang in there, I wish I could do more but all I can do is wish you the very best.

    Regards, Anita.

  • Good morning Anita, I did go as far as wrapping up my foot and ankle in a couple of ace bandages last night. I also stayed on my couch with it proper up most of the time as well. I didn't go as far as using the crutches that I have, with me staying on my couch for the evening I figured I probably wouldn't need to use them, but with rain coming in tonight again, I know it'll most likely make it hurt more so yes I'll probably have to use my crutches tonight. Believe me I will be doing that over the weekend and taking them with me when I go out on my errands as well as,keeping it wrapped up in the ace bandages. I did notice that it was puffy on the top last nite. I don't know if that was from being on it all day or not. But it was swollen some. It does ware me out some with being on it for so long during the day. But yes I'll take advantage of using the crutches over the weekend while I'm not working. Better safe than sorry I think. I'll wrap it back up when I get home from work this afternoon. Then afterwards pull out my crutches and keep them near by. This seem very odd for it to be acting the way it is, but I guess it'll run its course then eventually stop hurting like it has been . That one area is still very tender and to sore to try and bend it still. Will be in touch Jason

  • Update since earlier today. We'll Anita, just as,I thought , I'm currently with a wrapped up foot all the way to my ankle plus my crutches right now. Anita try to clean dishes in the kitchen with crutches under your arms. Not an easy task I must say. It's storming here right now and as I thought the weather is making it hurt me more right now. I've gotta go over to my uncle's tomorrow and I'd hate to be going over there on my crutches. They don't know I've been having problems with my foot and ankle due to the arthritis. I may see what I can do without them while I'm there but have them in my car in case that I might have to use them . I'll be there til Sunday morning, so it'll be interesting to see how I do. I'll sure let you know. Jason

  • Well let me say Jason, I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through. I'm going through exactly the same thing, so I can completely understand.

    I'm on crutches full time now, I have been for 4 months. As I've got my 27 year old son back home now, and my husband also to take care of, I truly know and understand your dilemma about doing dishes or any other domestic chores on crutches.

    It's so so hard! I really don't have a choice though as I've got the artheritis in my ankles also fibromyalgia that makes my hips and legs so weak, that I can't hold myself up let alone walk on my own.

    I faced the same dilemma you are about family members seeing you on crutches. It's a really hard one simply because people just don't understand. As much as they love us, they don't really understand.

    But you need to do what's right for you Jason. This is very important. We can't go through our life in the amount of pain we are in, struggling to walk because it hurts too much just because we don't want family or friends to see us on crutches. Truely, I understand. This flare up I'm in now, (and will be now because of the Fibro) started when I was in NZ, and honestly I couldn't walk without crutches. But I didn't want to turn up at the airport on them because my family would have freaked out. So I battled through in pain pretending I was ok and did more damage!

    Please do what's best for you. Just explain to your family the level of pain is very high and that you need to take the weight off that joint.

    You'll find it's so much better when people know and understand that you need help to be mobile.

    My friends are slowly getting used to seeing me on crutches now, it's how my life is going to be so they are starting to understand.

    I hope you can get some relief Jason, it's a difficult thing to live with, but take advantage of the things that make it easier like the bandages, crutches or any medication that helps.

    I hope you have a nice time with your uncle and aunt.

    Regards, Anita.

  • Anita good morning, I'm hoping mine doesn't end up hitting the way it's gotten you. After reading your last response to me , I really feel for you. Having to be on your crutches on a full time basis has got to be rough in a way for you . I'm hoping for me that it's just temporary. I don't want to have to be on my crutches on a full time basis, but my body is doing what it wants so I really don't have a choice in a matter if I also end up being on crutches on a full time basis. I'm feeling it through the side and bottom of my foot this morning near my toes. It's a little above of being mild in pain right now. I still have it wrapped up and my crutches are behind me in the doorway. I'm not really sure what it'll do if I try to put my sock and shoe on that one foot. Especially now that I'm feeling it in that part of my foot. I'm hoping I won't have to go through this with my left ankle / foot. But I'm sure I will at some point. It's just a matter of time for when it does get to that point. I guess right now with all this happening with myself , my only fear is it getting to the point that it confines me to a wheelchair. But I have prepared myself for that if I do get that way. I wish I could train Newman to go get my coffee for me so I don't have to hobble over to my kitchen counter without my crutches. I don't know if I've mentioned him to you or not he's my pug. We'll I'm going to run for now Anita because I've got to get my bag packed still and also hop in the shower and get dressed then head over to Surry. It's just a little over an hour ride for me . Have a lovely day. Talk with you soon. Jason

  • Good even Anita, well it's been a full day for me for sure. I ended up going over to my aunt's and uncle's without the crutches. I'll probably regret it by tomorrow morning do to the fact that the pain is still there and having my sneakers on til about an hour ago. I did move around on the crutches this morning after I got up for awhile. I'll probably most likely get back on them when I get home with it still being very sore and painful on the joint as well as on the top of my foot. We'll see how I am in the morning. Will be in touch. Jason

  • It sounds terribly sore Jason, it makes everything hard having something like this, doesn't it. There's not a lot that can be done it seems, unless we want to be medicated constantly and that's not good either, but it does come to that for some people, sometimes we are left without a choice.

    I hope you have a better week, there's got to be something that can give you some relief from the pain, but the sore spot you decscibe and the fact that it's swollen makes it very difficult to treat especially it being artheritis, it just seems to be out of our control.

    You dog sounds awesome, I'm an absolute dog lover. We have 7 on our property so I know how it feels to love animals. Pugs are just so gorgeous, I've never had one but I've always loved them.

    I hope you can get some relief soon Jason, hang in there and keep positive.


  • Good morning Anita, yes my ankle has been terribly sore. But I'm headed home from my uncles now . So once I get home and cleaned up I'll most likely wrap up my foot and ankle and pull out my crutches and stay on them today. It's snowing here this morning , so you know with the cold and all its bothering me. I took two aleve last night and like before it did nothing to ease the pain. So back with the two ace bandages and my crutches for today. That's my plan when I get home. Jason

  • I'm sure that cold weather doesn't help one bit Jason, we are in the middle of our summer down here in Aus, the days are boiling hot and we have the aircon going all the time! I love the cold though, that's why we go to New Zealand every year. Don't know how I'll go this year though since my onset of RA and Fibro.

    It's been really ongoing for you hasn't it, I hope you can just get home and have a rest although rest in itself isn't the answer. And it's aweful when you don't get relief from pain tablets.

    Hope you improve real soon, I'm thinking of you.


  • Anita I was looking at the lo temps for us here and it's suppose to be in the teens starting tomorrow night for the next few days. I use to love the cooler temps until my arthritis started with me in 2013. Yes it has been ongoing with me for quite sometime now. But keeping my foot on the two pillows as well as keeping it wrapped in the two ace bandages and using the crutches this afternoon has helped it in a way. I've gotta work tomorrow and I don't want to go in because the way it feels. I'll be sure that I have my crutches with me tho as,well wrap it back up tomorrow morning after my shower. What I'd like to do is call out and let it rest another day at home, by keeping it propped up on my pillows , with it wrapped up and like this afternoon just get around on my crutches and not bare any weight on that foot. Because I know once I get there the pain will only get worse when I'm there. So this is my plan as of right now. Go in and make sure I have my crutches with me. So if by chance it does get unbearable I can start using them if need be. As for tonight I'm going to put the pillows I have my foot on now on my bed so I can keep it elevated during the night and hopefully get some sleep as well. I'll also have my crutches near by if I get up during the night to use the rr or get a drink of something. I don't get up alot usually during the night but just in case I do I'd rather be using the crutches than put the weigh on it and make it hurt more. I haven't had anything on that foot since I've gotten home other than the ace bandages. Now that the temps are dropping my toes are getting a little chilled. We'll it won't be much longer before I go to bed. I'll make sure my foot is cover so my toes don't get chilled. But anyway I'm going to go for now and I'll talk back with you probably tomorrow most likely if I don't see a response from you before I go to bed for the evening. Jason

  • I think having it up on pillows is the right idea for sure Jason. Also having it wrapped is excellent and staying off it as much as you can.

    The falling temps don't help at all, try and keep it warm if you can. There's not much more you can do really, short of getting medical advice and even then, this is something that just rages on inside us...

    I can't take medication because I have a kidney problem, so I'm dreading this getting any worse. We just have to do our best to take advantage of any medical help available, then doing what we can personally for ourselves.

    I hope your day at work is ok, being on your feet doesn't help so I hope you can get the day off to continue resting.

    All the best Jason,


  • Good evening Anita, Sorry I didn't respond back to you right away when I got your message earlier today. Today was very cold here today. I made sure this morning that I had both ace bandages on my foot today to only hope that I'd get some comfort while at work today. I also put my crutches in the back seat of my car this morning before I left for work , just in case I'd need them. Last night I woke up during the night from this awful pain on the right side of my foot. I thought at first maybe by chance the bandages were to tight but that wasn't it. After taking them off the throbbing was still there . As for today during my 8 cold hours of work, I did have the discomfort after a few hours of standing. I couldn't get home fast enough so I cold get my shoe and sock off . I've done the same this evening and kept it propped on the two pillows and used the crutches since I've been back home . To be honest I'm starting to move around pretty good on the crutches. Getting ready to put my pj's on along with my bathrobe and just relax until bed. As I did last night I'll put the pillow on the bed to keep the foot up some and the crutches by my bed in case of needing them. We'll I'm going to go for now Anita have a good evening. Jason

  • It just sounds like it's going to be so ongoing with you Jason, it's such a shame you have to suffer so much. Standing all day for your work certainly wouldn't help, but what choice do you have when its your job.

    It's terrible you have so much pain keeping a shoe on it, again something you have to do for work.

    I do hope you can get some relief soon, it's awful that it wakes you at night, that's not good.

    It's good your getting more used to the crutches, they certainly have their place. Because I'm on them all the time now, and have been for 4 months, I'm also getting used to them. I use forearm crutches all the time, the only time I use the underarm ones is when I'm in the kitchen.

    I got mine off the internet when I knew this was going to be permanent. They are black and instead of being round, they are square. They are very strong but light, and I changed the tips on them to anti slip, gel tips so they take the shock off the arms when the crutch makes contact with the ground. They are called "Hurricane crutches", I'm so glad I found them because they save me every day from falling.

    I can feel my hips and the muscles in my legs just let go several times a day, but my crutches prevent me from falling so I'm very grateful for them.

    I hope you have a good week Jason and that the pain doesn't get the better of you.



  • Yes I think your right Anita I think it's going to be an on going issue with me. But I think you have It a little more rougher than I know you don't want to be. I feel for you as well. I've come to the conclusion that getting older stinks. If you and I have to go through this mess. Tomorrow I'm expecting it to be bad for me because yes I have to work again tomorrow but after that I have to go to Newport news for a 6 pm 3 hr class. So I'll have No time to put my feet up on the pillows. Oh don't worry I'll put my moccasin slippers on instead of my sneakers. I know I'll probably be worn out by tomorrow night. I'm hoping the fatigue doesn't hit me. It has before. We'll see how it goes tomorrow night. Hopefully it won't be to bad tomorrow night. We'll I need to go put my little furry friend in his bed them me in mine . Have a lovely evening Anita. Good night.

  • I agree with the moccasins Jason, they would be much more comfortable than your regular shoes.

    It sounds like you've got a big day ahead of you, but I'm guessing by the time you get this message your day will be over. I hope it went ok for you, and the fatigue doesn't hit. That's the problem with these things, we get the fatigue with everything else that goes along with it.

    I hope you get a chance to put your feet up though, as you said in your other message, it is a concern when your faced with the thought of both ankles being sore... I've got it in both mine now and it makes it very very difficult, but where it's different for me is that I don't have to work. I feel for you so much having to just keep pushing on a work every day...

    It's nice you've got Newman to keep you company, they make all the difference don't they.

    It is harder getting older, I think having something like we have got is terrible in our 40's but then I think there are people in their 20's and younger that have to live with this.

    Anyway we just have to keep looking at the positives Jason, so I wish the very best for you.

    Talk to you soon,


  • Good morning Anita it's now Wednesday morning here and a little after 4 am. Still cold as blazes here. Just got through wrapping my foot and ankle back up. Not really looking forward to this long day ahead of me. Still very very sore , more so through the ankle and top of the foot. The bottom feels like it's wanting to join in as well with making me feel achy. It has in the past so it won't be the first if it starts back up. I'm banking on today being a little more rougher than the past few days have today. I'm only going to have an hour or 2 at the most before I have to leave again to go to class. The last few day with this cold I've been pretty sore. It's probably time for me to make an appointment with my rehumatoligist since I haven't been to him since August I think it was. It would be my third appointment with the rheumy. I'm sure all he'll probably do tho is probably send me on my way with more drugs. But like I said in my last message my moccasin slippers will be what I ware to class this evening. To try and make my feet less painful or at least my right foot and ankle. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will help doing that. I'll keep the crutches in the car just in case they're going to be needed after my class. Witch I'm sure they will be , so I'll make sure that they're on my front seat this afternoon so I have better access to them then the back seat. They'll be needed I'm sure. Just heard that more snow is expected for this weekend. They're forecasting alot too. I'll let you know how this evening went as far as the pain was for me. It looks like it's starting up with me already this morning. Even tho I have it wrapped up in the ace bandages. So looks like I'll be needing the crutches later on today after all. I hope it doesn't get to bad during the day tho. Talk with you soon . Jason

  • Goodness that's an early start Jason, being awake at 4am, that's an early start and it must be freezing that time of morning.

    It's 10.30pm here Wednesday night and usually I'm not up this late but I've been at a meeting so I'll be heading to bed soon.

    These things we put up with are made worse with weather and also late nights so I'll be heading to bed real soon, the pain is much worse when I'm tired.

    I hope your day turns out ok, it's so unfair to have to put up with the pain you're in and still be so busy, I'm glad you've got your little pug, they just make such a difference.

    I think it's wise to see your rheumy again, I know he well probably say more drugs but you need to get a professional opinion on what's happening with your ankle and foot.

    Anyway, I'm off to bed, hope you have a good day Jason,


  • Hey Anita, I know you're in your bed getting some much needed rest. I hope you get a good night's sleep. Yes I know what you mean with the pain getting worse when you're tired. I've been there myself believe or not. I grew up with golden retreviers when I was a kid. Newbie is the first pug I've ever had. Reese is smaller than him. She's jrt and Chihuahua mix. My fokes keep her tho. It looks like some snow is expected to come in tonight here sometime. After being here over an hour I'm already sore . I'm not rely liking the thought of being drugged to get rid of my symptoms. But this concrete floor isn't really cooperating with me and my foot /ankle. My knees don't like it either. I have found out that OA really doesn't like me and to be very aggressive. Like you said in one of your previous messages our crutches really have there own place, but to be honest I really don't know what I'd do without mine right now. They've helped me in a big way these last few though days that I've had. We'll not to much longer on my shift now til I get off. Thank goodness for that because it seems to get worse the longer I'm on it. Can't wait to get off of it for awhile. Plus I'm very much ready to get out of the cold. I can feel it throbbing on me again with my shoe on. It's time to get it off I think and back on the crutches. Boy I'll be so glad when this eases up, if it ever does that is. It'll be my luck that it probably won't. We'll guess I better go for now. Chat with ya later . Jason

  • Good morning sunshine, Anita by the time you get this message it'll be Thursday morning and you'll be enjoying your morning coffee and as for myself I'll probably be in class still. Just got home from work and just as expected I have a very sore and throbbing foot right now for being on it to long. I'm still planning to just go to my class with my slippers instead of my sneakers on. I think that will be best. Plus you got it , my crutches on the front seat of the car going over this evening. They are very much needed right now. I haven't taken my work socks off as of yet to actually see if it swollen or not . I'm sure it is tho for much. We'll I think I'm going to catch me a power nap before I have to leave again . Have a lovely Thursday morning. Jason

  • That foot is really giving you trouble isn't it, it is a worry because at the moment you don't know if it's a flare and it will ease off or if it's gone to a new level... I sure hope it's just a flare Jason and that it eases off real soon.

    As you said previously, getting older certainly is an issue. It just makes it all so much harder.

    I hope you can get some much needed rest and get your foot up for a decent amount of time.

    I'm glad the crutches have been off some help, they have their place that's for sure. Taking the weight of your foot is really important and I think you should do that as much as you can to try and save it from full weight bearing.

    It's 8.30am here on the East coast of our beautiful country and Luke and I are headed to our favorite beach for our coffee. We have the most amazing beaches here and we sit under the trees or if I'm too sore to get out of the car, we sit in the car and watch the water.

    Your other dog sounds just lovely, and golden retrievers are an amazing breed. They live the water don't they.

    Well I hope you day was ok Jason, I hope this issue with your foot is just a flare and that it will settle again.


  • Good morning to you out there in Australia Anita. It's 4:45 pm on Wednesday afternoon. I'm getting ready to head out the door to go over to Newport news. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we are let out early tonight. Yes my foot has been given me a fit since last weekend actually, is when I started feeling it more. I'm still going to trow my other shoes in the car just in case. But o don't think I'll be putting them on when I get there. I've had regular shoes long enough today and it's time to let my foot rest . So my slippers are the best way to go. We'll see how it is by the time I leave tonight. I'm actually curious to find out how it'll be. We'll gotta go feed piggies before I leave and put him down stairs again. He's not going to like me doing that. Bad weather is coming in tonight. So as for now I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing until something changes hopefully easy up and not get worse than it is now . I'll let you know later on how things are Jason

  • Good evening to you Anita. I'm now home from class and off my feet. Waring my slippers helped me some tonight with it wrapped as well. Yes I do have concerns on what is exactly going on with my foot and ankle. Especially that it's been on going for I guess close to a month if not over a month by now. But yes the crutches have also helped me quite a bit as well. Witch reminds me I need to go get them out of the car. The snow started before I got out of class and is still snowing right now. I guess the best thing for me to do is wait and see how I am by the end of the week. If my foot hasn't eased up or gotten worse then I'll be on the phone making that appointment with either my gp or rheumatologist. As for tonight I'm going to do what I've been doing and keep it on a pillow or two while I'm asleep. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be better for me. No promises tho with the snow and cold temps. It may be another day that I'll have to put my crutches near by if I can't put alot of weight on it still . I only hope I don't wake up in the middle of the night with that awful pain like I did the other night. We'll let me go back out to get my crutches out of the car so I can get myself to bed and hopefully get some rest. Talk with you soon Jason

  • It sounds so cold which really doesn't help these problems Jason. I live in a place where we never get snow so I don't know what that's like. I imagine it must be beautiful, although if you have to live with it, a nuisance as I can imagine it would block roads and so forth.

    I think wearing slippers is a great idea, you have to do what is most comfortable for yourself.

    What class do you take? I hope it doesn't involve you being on your feet as well, then no wonder you get so much pain, you wouldn't get much time to rest.

    I think seeing the Rheumatologist or GP is a good idea, just get his opinion so then you know what's going on. Even though he may give you more drugs, it may help you get through these flares, if indeed that's what this is. I hope it's only a flare and not how it's going to be permanently.

    Anyway, I've been out with my husband and son all day and I've really done too much, so I'm settling into my lounge with a glass of red while Luke puts some dinner on. I cook meals and freeze them so on days like this, they just have to be heated.

    I think nutrition is so important so I cook with lean meats and lots of veges.

    Anyway, I'm winding down for the night, I had a very unsettled night last, so I'm hoping for some sleep tonite.

    All the best to you Jason,


  • Good morning from hayes VA Anita, it's currently 4:11 am here . I just finished showering up and getting dressed for another work day. I'm trying to get somewhat woken up but after I get a cup of coffee in me I should be good. Yes the snow pretty last night driving home in it from class last night. The class I'm taking is actually on veterinary assistant. The top of my foot is still red and puffy this morning and sore on the top as of right now. I haven't put my ace bandages back on yet but I'm getting ready to. I'm not far from colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown. Both place have alot of history to them. Today will be interesting to see how things will go for me . If it's like yesterday then I'm in for it . The knot feels like it's gotten bigger instead of smaller since I've been going through this.it must be nice not having to deal with snow out where you are. Yes it's pretty but afterwards it can be a mess and cause nothing but accidents here because people just don't know how to drive in it. If you haven't seen virginia it's very much a state you'll want to visit sometime to see the places that I mentioned. I've never been to Australia out where you are I'm sure it's pretty out there too. We'll I need to go on and wrap up my foot before I put my socks on this morning. Have a lovely evening Anita. Jason

  • Oh wow, my daughter did veterinary nursing for a while. She Loves, absolutely loves animals. She is a dog groomer now and works in a pet shop. She has had horses, ferrets, bred ducks, chooks, mice rats, Guinea pigs, she's had and still has cats, dogs, she has a pet snake, fish, turtles... The list goes on... She loved veterinary nursing. I can totally relate to you doing that, I'd love to do it myself. My daughter and I are wildlife carers, we used to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife, but I can't now with this RA and Fibro.

    Your home town and surrounding areas sound beautiful! I'd love to see America, I have been a couple of times but only around LA area and only for a short time, once when I was 16 then again at 18. My daughter and her husband are going for 6 weeks in March, they are really looking forward to it.

    I hope you get to see the Dr soon Jason, you need to know what's happening with your foot. I really hope it settles for you soon. I'm hoping to get tired enough to sleep soon, I'm exhausted but can't sleep. Doesn't make sense does it...

    Have a good day,


  • I hope it settles down too because it can be very exhausting some days for me. Like I've said before the crutches help me out a lot, but I don't want to be on them permanently. I'm already feeling it on this concrete this morning. The snow didn't amount to much witch is good for me. It was 21 here this morning and the wind is making it colder for me. Mother nature isn't helping me out at all that's for sure. I was puffy this morning and red as,well but that might of been from the bandages that I've had on it I don't know. Didn't get any usage out of the crutches yesterday when I needed them the most. Hopefully I will today later on this afternoon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm not to uncomfortable today. Have a good evening Anita and sleep good. Jason

  • Good evening Anita, Well let me just say that at this point I think I'm in this for the long haul. Do to the fact it doesn't seem that it wants to ease up on me what so ever. We have a big snow stom heading our way on Friday afternoon . Virginia has been put under emergency for the state of Virginia . With the storm heading our way work was non stop today . So with the cold on top of what I've been feeling I was aching pretty good when I got home . I got home today and took the shoes off right away. Been using the crutches tonight to keep it hurting any more than it does now. I'm not trying to move around much tonight on the crutches unless I have to. This is day five of using the crutches by Sunday It'll be a week that I've had to use them. I'm actually feeling it through my ankle as well tonight.I have a funny feeling I'll wake up again during the night do to the pain again. I hope I'm wrong though. I'm curious to see how it is by Sunday. Time will only tell I guess. Hope that you've had a good friday so far and that you didn't tire out to quickly. That fatigue can be a bear sometimes when it wants to be. Well I'm going to go for now and relax and rest this foot of mine until I go to bed about nine or so. I could go now for much . I'm pretty tired tonight. I think that's what I hurt as much I do tonight. Talk back with you soon on my progress. Good night Jason

  • It sounds like maybe you're right about being in it for the long haul Jason. It's not letting up is it, such a shame you have to endure this.

    It just makes everything so much harder, especially for you guys having to keep a job down. At least with us girls, some of us don't have to work, but with men it's different.

    I hope the snow doesn't hit too hard, that's a worry thinking you might have to evacuate. You never know with the weather.

    It's a shame the pain in your foot wakes you at night, that's terrible as you need your sleep and when it's interrupted by pain, it makes the days hard because of being so tired.

    I'm still hoping you get relief from this Jason, try and have a good relax at some point, with the weekend coming up maybe you can.

    All the best,


  • Good morning Anita, To anwser your question about the symptoms subsiding. As of right now no they haven't. I'm still keeping a couple of pillows in my bed as well to put my foot on during the night while I'm asleep. Also keeping it wrapped as well during the night. The snow is supposed to start around 11 this morning here. So I came prepared this morning, with foot and ankle wrapped up, with the ankle being achy last night as well and also put the crutches in the back seat again this morning. Will most likely need them later today. I think you're right with symptoms like this hitting the men harder than women. Why that is I don't know. But when it hit it hits good it looks like to me, and hangs on . I think part of my tiredness was fatigue kicking back in as,well. I may be wrong but that's my gut feeling right now. We'll I guess I'll be making that appointment by Monday it looks like. I can't go through another week like this I don't think. It's starting to progress more I have a feeling. As the weeks go by the more intense it's getting, as far as the pain goes . Last night was almost unbearable at one point. That's when I had to make sure the crutches were being used. We'll gotta go for now. Talk with ya later Anita. Jason

  • Good afternoon Anita, well the snow has arrived. It started here earlier than they thought it would. Let me tell ya I hurt all over today, this includes from my shoulders to my feet. The OA is pretty much in my shoulders kl, knees hip possibly in my lower back and you already know about my ankles and feet, especially my right foot and ankle. So I think I'm going to go on get the crutches out of the car before it gets dark and the weather gets worse. I most definitely needing to stay off my right foot and ankle now. I need to go down anyway and get my bag I take to with me to work anyway. So I'll kill two birds with one stone by getting them both. Hopefully tomorrow I won't hurt to bad. I plan to be using the crutches most of the day . I my just make it a pj's day with it being nasty tomorrow too weather wize. We'll I guess I'm going to go on and get those two things out of the car so I can get out of my work clothes and something more comfy , mybe my pj's and robe instead of my sweat suit. Usually that what I go for on cold days like this and rainy days as well. I wish I could send you some pics from this snow storm we're getting right now. We'll let me end this message and go get my crutches because I'm hurting pretty good right now and need to be off of it the rest of the evening while I'm getting my dinner fixed and newbie fed. He'll be asking for his dinner soon , he's like clock work when it comes to feeding time. He's still staying pretty clear and away from me when I'm using the crutches. I'm not sure if he's sure what to think about the fact that I'm using the crutches. I wish you could see the expression on his little wrinkled face. I'll talk with you soon Anita. I'm going to get warmed back up now . Jason

  • Yes it's got a hold on you Jason, it's such a shame you have to suffer like this. It's right through you by the sound of it, how awful. I hope you can get to see your Dr on Monday, I really think you need to.

    I hope the snow doesn't wreak too much havok, it may impact the weekend but then again when someone is in pain like we are, the weekends are very quite spent at home anyway.

    I think getting into PJs is a dam good idea, I'm back in mine and am staying like this all weekend.

    Your dog sounds so awesome, I bet he's just the best thing. They are such good company arnt they. Your right about feeding time, mine are the same. I have a Dalmation and a cattle dog, and I adore them. I'm too soft on them so my lounge is wreaked because they are always on it with me. But I don't care, I'd rather have their company.

    I'm glad you can at least get off your foot with your crutches, as I've said before, they have their place. I don't know what I'd do without mine.

    Hope you have a good weekend, hopefully you can have a good rest and maybe get some relief for your foot.

    Take it easy,


  • Yes Anita this does have a hold of me in a big way. Like you said as well the crutches very much do have there place. I don't plan going anywhere all weekend so I will have on my pj's all weekend as well. Especially tomorrow. I bought my groceries after work so I wouldn't have to go back out over the weekend. Plus with it being so cold they seem to be the warmest thing to have on. After being off my foot since I've been home, I can feel it throbbing through my whole foot and ankle. Like you I don't know what I'd do without my crutches right now either. They're a big help to keep me off my foot but still can get around better. It's 33 degrees here right now. I'm guessing I'll have another restless night this evening from the way it feels. But the place tomorrow is to put the crutches into use for the whole day . Try to keep it off the floor and my weight off of it. I know you'll agree with what I'm saying. About the only time I'll probably have to put weight on it is when I either go up and down my stairs or when I'm fixing me something to eat or getting something to drink. Everything else can be done with me on the crutches. It's not easy goin up and down the stairs on crutches. I could slide down on my butt tho and slide the crutches down if need be. But I'd look pretty silly doing that tho I think . We'll just have to see what tomorrow brings in for me , it may be another painful day but the again it may not. I've got to go out sometime tomorrow and make Newbie and area where he can release himself when he needs to. He hasn't master using it in the bathroom yet. I know ha ha. Lol. We'll I've gotta get off this couch and take my pills for the evening . I'll let you know when my Saturday morning gets here on how I feel. Like I said before I may be have a restless night tonight. I'm hoping for a restful evening but I seriously doubt that will happen. Good night on my end Anitia. I'm going to be getting in my warm basket " my bed " lol. Yes I my be hurting but my sense of humor is still there. That hasn't gone yes. This weather has really done me in for today in many ways. From staying with the pain and the cold cold wind just take the energy right of me . I think a little of the fatigue is coming back too. That really drains me when that hits especially moving around on the crutches. The symptoms of the pain is very sharp right now both the ankle and foot. I think that's why it's throbbing like it is right now. I'm going to try and watch blue bloods but I don't think I'm going ti make it through the whole hour of it. Well I'm going to go for now and try to get some much need rest if I can. It's not promising I know but I'm going to try to. Good night Anita. Jason

  • Oh my goodness, I love blue bloods!! Luke and I watch it every night, we are comming to the end of the 5th season and we don't know what we will do when it finishes!! What a great show. I love those types of shows, actually I would have loved to have gone into forensics. Forensic Physcologist to be exact. But I got married young and had my first baby when I was 20, and I wouldn't change a thing.

    It's a shame you are in so much pain, such a shame Jason. I can only say I hope you get some relief soon and that your Dr can do something. All you can do is rest as much as possible. It certainly seems to be progressing and that makes things very difficult.

    The weather sounds dreadful, so cold which makes anything like artheritis much worse.

    I hope you have a good weekend Jason, I hope you get some rest and relief from the pain.

    Stay warm,


  • Good morning Anita it's 10 am here on a Saturday morning. I just got up and rewrapped ?y foot and able for today. Getting ready to make a nice hot pot of coffee. Newman just hopped in my late so he'll give me the look. But like I said in my previous message I'll be using the crutches all day today. So hopefully this will help quite a bit so I'll feel less pain during the day. I'm very much hoping that this will with me using the crutches all day today instead of just 3 or 4 like I've been doing. We'll it's definitely a pj's kind of day here in Gloucester county VA. My prediction was wrong when I said I was guessing I wouldn't sleep much with the way I was feeling last night with my foot and ankle. I guess I was just to tired. Very rarely do I sleep til 10 am on the weekend. It's usually 730 that I'm up and around for the day. But like I said I'm my last message I was just exhausted last night. Between dealing withe the pain this week and bad weather on top of that as,well. So today is going to be a stay off foot day and crutches only as much as possible. Probably need to go get a sock for that foot so my toes don't get chilled today while I'm moving around on the crutches. I've got several things to get done so I know it won't be easy while I'm using the crutches to stay off my foot. There's always obstacles that come into play when people like you and myself are forced to be using crutches do to our arthritis. But like you said on fl more than one occasion the crutches do have there place. We itch is so very true. I'm not expecting for ant improvement I'm just hoping that it'll improve this weekend. We'll I've gotta go brush my teeth and get a sock for my right foot to cover my toes up they're getting chilled . I'm not putting a shoe of and kind on that foot today. Not even my slipper shoe. Just a sock will go on that foot today. We'll gotta go for now. I'll talk back with you later . Jason

  • A-girl, it feels worse tonight than it did last night. My ankle and foot that is. It also looks swollen tonight as,well. What do you think I should do? Should I go on and bite the bullet and make an appointment with my gp or rheumatologist? Or just deal with like I have been.

  • Defiantly see your DR! Don't leave it, it's obviously getting worse, see a DR as soon as you can. Hope you get relief real soon.

  • I'm going to see today how soon I can be seen by my rumy.

  • Make an appointment with the doctor right away. Until then elevate foot, and ice it. I have arthritis in my right foot, had manipulations and injections but nothing cures. I think the specialist merely numbed it which lasts for three weeks. Big deal....

  • Sookiedee, I've been trying to stay off it as much as I can when I'm not working. If I need to start using the crutches that I have I'll do just that. I'm really not able to stay off it when I'm working and that does nothing but aggravate that area where the place is. I'm not really sure if this is arthritis related or not so as far,as making an appointment I'm wondering if I should call my gp and make one with the or my rumy and see him about it. But from what I read last night people with oa can possibly get cyst in that area . If I'm guessing right I think it's a ganglion cyst that o have. Not sure though.

  • JD, I think you should see your GP first and then he/she will go from there. I initially had an MRI and they detected early arthritis and I guess that includes top of the foot pain in my case.

    Cyst might be easy to remove if that's the problem - hope you find the answer and get some relief.

  • Sookiedee, I had a cyst on one of my wrist some years ago. It was a ganglion cyst and it appeared a second time after going away the first time . This place I have on my foot / ankle looks exactly like that only bigger and more painful. If I ture my ankle the wrong way it makes it hurt more than it did. It seems to be getting bigger from what I'm seeing and making it more painful as,well. That's why I was considering on starting to use the crutches when I was,away from work as,much as,I could to get around more and stay off that foot so it doesn't get to aggravated. I haven't wrapped it as of yet because I didn't want to put any pressure on that area. The pain hasn't eased up all day today. Weather I'm on it or not it still hurts. I'm going to see how it does tomorrow, if it's still the same as,today I'll be making an appointment to see my doctor. I'll keep you posted.

  • I agree, JD, about not putting any more pressure on the cyst with wraps. Keep it clean and uncluttered.

    I take Aleve for the pain in my foot and it really DOES work for a while. Try that also.

    It's a shame they can't let you use at least a cane at work to alleviate the pain.

    Take care and keep me posted.

  • I wouldn't consider on using a cane , one it wold make me look like an,old man and two I'd wold want to be using something that would keep me off that foot. Crutches would work better for me I think. I'm going to put an ace bandage on it tonight to see if it helps some. Also I took aleve the other day to try and ease the pain and it did nothing what so ever for me. I've also tried Tylenol and it didn't work either . But I do think if I start using my crutches at home or if I go out to do a couple of errands it should help for the time being. I haven't have regular shoes on all day the only thing I've had on my feet since I've been up today are my slippers. That's actually helped a great deal too. I've had them on without my socks. Thats,the only way I ware my slippers. I'll keep you posted though. I'll be in touch. Jason

  • Sookiedee, I don't think it's a cyst now do to the fact that it's not moving around like a cyst would. If feels more like another nodule forming on my foot. I already have one below my big toe on the same foot. It's very sore tonight. It feels more like bone tonight. I'm thinking I'll probably be better off going to a foot and ankle doctor than my gp or rheumatologist. I went to one years ago when I had hurt my left ankle and end up on crutches for almost a month. Not very fun hobbling around on crutches. May have to do that again for awhile just to stay off that foot while I'm doing small things around the house. But there's not alot I'll be able to do of I start using the crutches I have fom my previous injury with my other foot. I'll be back in touch Jason

  • Good luck Jason.

    I might get an operation on my arthritic foot in the future, but I'm holding off for a while since any operation may weaken it.

    We take for granted our feet until something goes wrong, and people with problem-free feet have no idea how lucky they are.

  • Sookiedee everything through Google on the Internet as rheumatoid arthritis. When I type in knot on the foot it comes up as ra nodules on feet. No other type of arthritis is coming up. So I must have rheumatoid arthritis starting in my feet now.

  • Jason, there are some drugs that shrink rheumatoid nodules on the foot through injection by a doctor. Although surgery may be required if the nodule is causing nerve pain.

    Good luck with everything and find out as much as you can.

  • Sookiedee, I'm just touching back with you . Things haven't been good on my end for me the pain is intense for me right now. I've been on crutches for over a week now plus have been keep the foot wrapped and elevated on a couple of pillows. I've been getting fatigue as,well . I'm tiring out pretty quickly, especially being on the crutches at times. It's pretty sharp through the foot and ankle tonight., the pain that is. I'll get back with you later on with,an update. That all I have for now though. Jason

  • I'm having the same problem. I don't think it is related to the cold because I had it in the summer too! It eased off for a while but came back with a vengeance a few weeks before Christmas. I now have a referral to an orthopaedic consultant on 12th Jan next week. I suspect he will say its OA but I live in hope it's something which can be fixed. I will let you know. Mine doesn't just hurt when standing or walking. I wake up with it aching like mad.

  • I've already been diagnosed with OA in June of last year. My OA started getting worse in March of last year before I knew what type of arthritis I had. I just notice that a nodule is now forming in the same spot on my left foot right below my big toe. I have a feeling I'm going to have the same thing start on my left foot / ankle as,well after seeing that nodule on my left foot now.

  • I've had OA for years can't remember how long. I've had two knee replacements and I have it in my spine too so he may say it's something to do with walking differently, realignment or something like that. Trouble is as you will well know the more you hurt the less you move, so the weight goes on and makes things worse so the more you hurt the less you move and round in the circle you go again. I used to work on my feet all day but now I can't stand for very long at all. I hope you find some relief soon. Good luck!!!

  • grannypip , I had thought of looking into maybe a wheelchair for me because of the fact of the pain I have while trying to fight the pain. The way I'm fightning it now is only making it worse for me . I'm not liking having to deal with the pain everyday while I'm on my feet everyday. I'm also not liking it putting me in tears at times as well. It's awful having to deal with this at my age. I'm only 40 and I feel like I'm falling apart. Yes I know they say to use the joint but I'm at the point that I need some assistance for mobility, like using a wheelchair perhaps if need be .

  • That's a good description. Exactly how it feels. Like you're falling apart. Oh dear I'm so sorry you are suffering and worrying like this. I feel I should be cheering you up but everything I say is negative. I'll let you know what the consultant says next week. Hopefully he will have a solution. Have you done any pain management courses? I did a nine week one last year. I found the morning physiotherapy, anatomy and exercise sessions very helpful. Wasn't too keen on the afternoon psychology though but that's just me, some people found that helpful too. I'm afraid I have a stubborn streak and I'm fighting every step of the way to keep out of a wheelchair but then I also have an incentive to stay active for the sake of my special needs daughter. I adore her and want to be there for her as long as I can. Stay strong. I wish you well.

  • That would be awesome grannypip, My only fear is to have to go with the same thing with my left ankle/foot soon or later . If thst happens I'll be one hurting cowboy. It's bad enough having my hands and shoulders as,well as,my knees aching but my feet are my foundation. I think I'll be calling my rumy sometime today because I can't keep going through this every day. It makes me hurt to bad. Bad enough that an Aleve or two won't even ease the pain I'm having. I don't even want to put shoes on in the mornings it hurts to bad, I wish I could go into work with just my bedroom slippers . They feel better than the ones I have to have on every day for work. Have a good day today grannypip. I'll talk with ya soon . Jason

  • Grannypip, Listen I just did some research on Google on the bump I have on my foot. From what I'm reading it's very common for oa patience to get a ganglion cyst in that area of the foot . If that info is correct.

  • Grannypip , I ended up going to class last night in my slippers do to the fact my speakerhurt my foot to bad . Actually what I did thought was drove over to where my class is in my slippers and put my change of shoes on the passengers seat, so when I got there I'd pull off my slippers and put my socks and shoes on before I went in the school. Well I got as far as throught the doors and half way down the first hall way before I turned aroud went back out to the car pull my sneakers and socks off and put my slippers back on then went back into the school for my class. Boy I'm glad I did because that made a big difference . Although I was feeling the area that's painful and it's feels more like a knot on that area more so than a cyst.A cyst would move around under the skin , this isn't . I'm really not sure what to do about it with it being on top of my foot. . It's at the very back on the top at the bottom of the ankle. But now the pain is going through my foot on the side and top as well. Right now I'm trying to figure out witch doctor to go to first, my gp or my rumey. What do you think? Jason

  • Well JD I can only tell you what has happened in my case. I have now seen the consultant and had X-rays done and am going for further scans and injections and tests. He thinks after thoroughly examining my foot and ankle a few times and putting me through a series of physical tests ie: walking towards him and away from him and standing against the wall trying to do tippy toes etc. He thinks it is a combination of three things. A plantar tear, arthritis and something called Mortons neuroma which is a swelling on a nerve. Try googling this for more info. Now I must say that this is my diagnosis and not necessarily the same as you have so my advice is to go to your doc ASAP and get it seen to because as you will see on Google If you have got the same as me it is very painful and will only get worse without treatment. Ask to be referred to a specialist. Good luck I hope you get some relief soon.

  • How about those lightweight chairs that fold up that you usually take to the beach? Surely there must be someone at your workplace sympathetic to your pain?

  • Sookiedee, I've looked at the tilite zra wheelchair and a couple other tilite chairs. I think titanium is the way to go for a wheelchair , other than aluminum, do to aluminum chairs are heavier. I've haven't gotten around to ordering the wheelchair as,of yet. I had to use crutches for over a month do to my ankles, feet and knees. After awhile my shoulders started acting up on me so I stopped the usage of the crutches. So I guess my only option is to get the wheelchair and use that. I go to my GP the end of March, I'm sure he'll ask how my arthritis has been . I'll just tell him that it's been awful this winter, to end up with some days being unbearable, those days I've felt that I've needed a wheelchair to get around. Those unbearable days I've had brought tears to my eyes each time it's happened. The Rheumatologist cost me alot so I don't think I'll be going back for awhile, this is another reason I was considering the wheelchair. Jason

  • That is so unfair to have what you have at the age of 48. My heart goes out to you big time.

    Do you have arthritis in the family? I just wish studies could cure all these awful autoimmune diseases - I don't know why it was different in the past - my parents nor grandparents ever contracted osteo or rheum arthritis until they were in their late 80's.

    Yet my sister got Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 46 and felt devastated as we all did for her. And every type of medication is expensive if you have a disease- you would think people could get a major discount for treatment of pain that goes along with emotional distress.

    I hope the titanium wheelchair eases your pain, and we're all thinking of you.

    All the best,


  • Sookiedee, Yes both ra and oates run in my family. In 2013 when I was still 37 , just shy before I turn 38 I started getting signs of the arthritis in my hands. Now 3 year later it's all over me at the age of 40. No one in my family has had to use a wheelchair with there arthritis, so I may be the first. Like I said before I'm already feeling like I need to be using a wheelchair. If it helps me get around better than I'm all for it, weather I like it or not. I kinda figured I'd get to this point after I started getting signs of arthritis. I guess I was,right. I also had someone else tell me that they thought it was time that I went on and bought the wheelchair so I didn't have to keep going through the pain I'm having in my knees , ankles , feet and hips, like I've been having. In your option do you think I should get the wheelchair so I'll have it? Tell me what you think. Jason

  • I think, Jason, to alleviate the pain, that you're right in considering a wheelchair. They have all different types these days - lightweight and foldable for the car, motorized ones, etc.

    Hope you get all the help you deserve to make your life easier and somewhat pain-free. Life is hard enough in this world today, and your wheelchair would ease the anguish of your suffering.

    All the best,


  • Sookiedee I've already looked at several rigid wheelchairs . The quickie gt and Q7 also by quickie. I want one that's light weight and as light as,possible. The lightest I've seen so far is 9.5 lbs and that's a titanium wheelchair by tilite. The one I'd like to get is by tilite, it looks pretty stylish for a rigid wheelchair it's over 3,000 dollars though. But the way I see it a wheelchair is an investment so do it right the first time around. It'll be something I'll need to use the rest of my life with the way my arthritis is. Anymore my feet ache like crazy by the end on my work day as well as my knees and hips, so the way I see it to avoid all the pain or some of it is to use a wheelchair to keep my weight off my joints when they hurt the most. Jason psychological have a good rest of your weekend sookiedee

  • You're right Jason - a wheelchair IS an investment and you should get the best one possible. I can't believe they are that expensive - geez. That's an eye opener for sure.

    Good luck and I'm thinking about you.


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