Pain in the mid part of my spine

For the past2 to 3 weeks I've been having pain in the upper mid part of my spine. It hasn't gotten unbearable yet but is very uncomfortable. I still have the pain in my lumber part of my spine as,well. The lower part is worse than the mid part . Has anyone else had this with degenerative arthritis. I'm only 41 and going into the 4th year of having arthritis. I think mine is getting agressive now . I fear even more now of being wheelchair before I'm 50. Should I go back to my rhumy? I haven't been to him since August of last year. I feel like I'm falling apart. My GP doesn't know about the discomfort in my mid spine as of yet. But I know if the mid part of my spine gets like my lower spine if don't know what I'll do. If it gets to bad I'll probably loose my mobility, I hope it doesn't get to that point yet. Any suggestions? Thanks Jason. D. Quinn

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  • Jason, I'm going to rheumatologist in a few days - acute pain -well chronic acute pain in lumbar part. I AM SICK OF PAIN - feet, knees, now right hand with a prominent bone near wrist. Oh, forgot the shoulder too- silly me. I hate this effing disease with a passion. It doesn't seem to get better - only WORSE. Talk about personality changing - I'm bitter instead of the happy person I was 5 years ago. I'll let you know what the rheumy says and pass it on. I don't know about operations on the back - shots I guess would alleviate the pain. Hope you can get some relief. Sookie

  • Oh I know Sookiedee. This morning was rough for me do to the morning temperature. It was 24 here this morning. My whole body has hurt today. I think I may be having a restless night tonight while I'm trying to sleep. I hope not tho. Jason

  • I've had this lumbar pain ever since my vacation in the states 5 months ago. It's really getting on my nerves not to mention my cheerful disposition, ha. What does arthritis do - take a travel trip up the entire body?? Hope you get some sleep.

  • Lumber pain hurts like hell I've had it since last year. Mine seems to be getting worse than better. But now that I feel it further up my spine , like I said I fear for the worst that can happen. I fear that it eventually cripple me at some point. Like the saying goes prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

  • You know Jason my dad always had a bad back but it wasn't arthritis. Strange to relive old memories now. I was thinking possibly shots for the back and I also will check Amazon to see what's available in back braces - not the old kind with metal but a sturdy yet semi-type cushion one. You're right -hope for the best at this rate.

  • Sookiedee, having a needle stuck in my backings scares me in a way and I'll tell you why. I have read on more than one occasion from others that have had a shot in the back to relive pain , that afterwards has left them paralyzed and never getting feeling back from the waste down. Everyone has said the pain was gone but has also said that the only way they're able to be mobile is by wheelchair. One thing you have to think about is the spinal cord when that needle goes in the back. For one that has always been stuck by needles since I was a kid that's one thing I don't think I want to do. Good luck Jason

  • Hi Jason 😎 Sorry to hear what you are going through. I have just had a battle with back and neck pain was bedridden for 3 weeks not just from the back , other issues with Medication . Was diagnosed with Psychiatric Arthritis almost 15 years ago, I'm almost 55 now, in later years they say RH as well ? Well i finally started looking for a second opinion . Sick of being sick of my Rumatologist blaming all my problems to my Arthritis . I went to Total Lifestyle Chiropractic here in Australia they are not just bone crunchers , they have gentle technology for severe spinal injuries. They saved my life 😇The Chiro Doctor sent me straight to the Xray department, found that my Spine was that far out of Alignment,Pelvis way out. Right leg way shorter than the left .This was causing most of my flair ups . Found Cervical Spine C5, C6 disks and unconvertebral Joints Degenerative . No Osteophyte formation 😀. Thoracic Spine, some Curvature. Lumbar Spine blar blar blar i could go on but I'm not here about myself . Just wanted to let you know i was very reluctant to go ahead with Chiropractor as the Doctor's in Australia have given them a bad name, in the past, More accepted now . I wish my Rumatologist had checked my spine 15 years ago .All in the past now 😅Don't cry over spilt milk. Currently doing a 6weeks Progress exam twice a week for 6 weeks . At my 3rd week now and feel 20 year's younger . I'm overwhelmed, no pain in my lower back leg or knee. I'm off Melthotrexate and doing well on Arava plaquenil . And weaning off prednisone. Haven't been able to take Nonsteroidal Anti Inflammatory for 3 year's . Also taking high dose Magnesium and Vitamin C powder,also dried AlfalfaTea . Still have aches n pains of course, not as.severe. Keep on trying something will hopefully come your way . Don't ever give up . If your spine Alignment is checked regularly, your body can run more efficiently. Been a very educational experience for myself . hope something here helps someone else . take care everyone , and remember move it or loose it.



  • Kel, sounds like you gone through quite a bit as well. I'm not sure what is going to help me all the meds my rhumy and GP both have had me try hasn't helped with the pain. It's been cold here in the states where I am lows have been in the 20s and 30s. I fear for the worst if it happens. I don't what this to affect my mobility but if it does I guess I'll have no choice but to except it. I refuse to use a cane of walker. But I've had to use under arm crutches for awhile until that hurt my shoulders. I have the arthritis in my feet too. My right foot is the worst though. I already have a knot just below my big toe on .you right foot. It's not real big but big enough to see it. The arch stays painful as well as the right side of that foot . I think it's a pinched nerve on my right side from my lower back. Happy Thanksgiving. Jason

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