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Dealing with Insurance companies is exhausting!

I am outraged at the situation I find myself in. First, I have been a Financial Advisor/Planner for eighteen years with the same agency. My diagnoses was delayed by at least ten years. I remained a Financial Planner because I could work with my condition as I made my own schedule. The problem began three years ago in that I could no longer meet the demands of my work. My clients refused to let me leave, bless their hearts so I bought a retail business. The goal was to take my passion, dogs, and make it my business. I wanted to train a manager so that I could slow down. The outcome was two years of working fourteen hours a day and my body finally shut me down. I could no longer walk. My spouse drove me to my GP who said it was Fibromyalgia and wanted to give me yet another drug. I refused to leave without a requisition. If that was not positive then I wanted MRI. The following day the blood work came back and I was off the charts in all markers including Nuclear AB.

That was in July 2015. Since then it has been an endless stream of specialists , tests and drugs. The insurance company first forced me to comply with treatment, even though I have several autoimmune conditions which are not curable. I also have a very long list of drug allergies. So I qualify for ltd based on definition (disabled from any occupation). I also qualified for CPP Disability. Now the IC wants me to repay the disability benefits I received. So despite paying premiums for eighteen years, they want it back. This after forcing me to comply with treatment. I have been trough four DMARDs and three Biologic. Humira, Orencia and now Rituxan. I have had ulcers, rashes, Pityriasis, gastric issues and worst of all Migraines. They are without question the worst.

Then to top the cake, today I get a letter asking me to pay premiums on disabilty! WHAT! I get no benefits, they want a repayment of the benefits I did receive and they want me to continue paying premiums. I do not care how much brain fog or cognitive impairment I may have, that is simply ridiculous. I called my case manager ! Or write as I keep those records, she responds with that is the contract. So I insist on a manager and just spell it out. She is now looking into it. I was going to arrange a repayment until I got a request for premiums. It reminded me that I paid a great deal of money over twenty years for insurance to protect me from exactly what is happening now. I also have a Critical Illness policy with this company that I have been unable to collect. It is beyond ridiculous. I have been using the foundations press kit to lobby our MLA's regarding these issues. The other major battle has been trying to get DTC back time. The DTC moving forward was approved emmidiately. I have paid CPP for 38 years. I have paid both sides employer/employee for twenty years as I am self employed. I refused to give up. They are just playing games. I do not fear Revenue Canada. I have dealt with them for years.

If I get nowhere I intend to get public with these issues as I am quite certain I am not alone. The system is set up to have you feel quilty about asking for what we pay for every year with taxation. Suddenly, I no longer matter. I intend to fight this every step of the way.

It is truly sad to see how people react. They never seem to disappoint. I expected so much more. I worry about my children's future. They have been raised with ethics which no longer seem relevant. Social media is destroying our lives. No one interacts anymore. People are vicious. A young 17 year old girl hung herself at the end of our street. It was discovered that she was being bullied on social media. Dr Phil had a story of an 11 year old boy who hung himself after his 13 year old girlfriend pretended to kill herself, a prank! What is this world coming to?

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And I thought Vancouver and Canada in general was a wonderful place!

How wrong could I be!

Keep fighting!



Unfortunately, we now live in a world which is global. It does not matter where you live social media has no borders. We also live in a capitalist society, and money talks and health care is a BUSINESS. When you stop and think about it, we are at cross purposes with Pharmaceuticals, doctors , insurance and society as a whole. So much of our identity is tied to what you do not who you are. It is for many, a forced early retirement with no financial incentive.

My current Biologic, Rituxan, is 12000. Per infusion. That is one patient, there are 650,000 in BC alone with RD. That is a lot of money. I currently have seven specialists. That is only a start to what will undoubtedly be a rough road ahead.

My faith lies exclusively with my Rheumatologist. She is the most caring, considerate person I have ever met. She is currently helping navigate these infections even though this is not her role. It should be my GP. I have been seeing him for fifteen years yet I have no faith in him or the system. I believe GP's have the most demanding yet undervalued role in medicine. They are given ten minutes to hear the symptoms and make an appropriate diagnoses, before making the referrals. He is great when it comes to that. He will send me wherever I ask . Many Rheumatologists with decades of experience are often at a loss. The reality is autoimmune disease affects everyone in very unique ways. So it is a game of Russian roulette. They keep trying the drugs in an effort to fall apron the right combination.

Sorry, for the onslaught of issues lol a little ADHD.

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