Is it possible?

I was just wondering if it's possible for osteoarthritis to start progressing thru the body after it starts. Back in 2013 around mid year I started getting signs of arthritis in both of my hands. It wasn't til August 2014 that I was getting signs of it in my feet. My gp tested me both in 2013 and 2014 for the RA Factor and both times it came back negative. March of this year I saw my gp for my yearly physical and back in March is when he gave me a referral to go to a rheumatologist. Saw the rehumatoligist in June and after looking at my hands they had told me more signs of osteoarthritis than RA . But my question is this is it possible for OA to start getting aggressive after it starts. Since March of this year when I was just feeling g it in my hands and feet, I'm now feeling it in my shoulders knees and elbows with in a short amount of time since March. Can OA start to get aggressive once it starts in the body? I've also had discomfort in my hips and lower back since I saw my rehumatoligist in June as well. Any info will help thanks J . Quinn

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  • Yes it can very aggressive my is very servere and its all over I'm 31 and can't go up or down stairs and can't walk for more than 3 metres it started in knees then hips feet and now in my upper body

  • Aishaakbar51 how long did it take for yours to get aggressive? Mine started in 2013 in my hands before I was 38. But now it's also in my feet, shoulders, knees and elbows now and possibly in my hips and lower back too. It started in my feet last year. It didn't start in the other areas of me til this year. I feel it's starting to get aggressive with me as well. I get fatigued going up and down stairs at times. So days I can't pick up my pug and he's under 20 lbs. I know they say to use your joints as,much as,you can to stay mobile but some days I just hurt to bad to even move. Those day I feel I could use something else to help me get around better.

  • It's common for people to be RF negative and still have RA. My RF is 22 so initially my doctor didn't think I had RA and if I did it was very mild. I did the CCP anitbody test which came back 250+ (20+ is a positive). Have you done the CCP antibody test?

    Either way, no test can tell you that you don't have RA but there are tests that can tell you if you DO have it. If it's spreading throughout your body I'd check to make sure you don't have RA. Do you swell? How long is the morning stiffness?

    But having said that my neighbour's mom has osteo and it's progressed pretty badly for her.

    I hope you find relief. Hugs.

  • Mommy4two, I feel it all day long from the time I get up til I go back to bed. My rehumatoligist did take blood on my first visit but I'm not sure if he had it tested for the ccp antibody test. He looked at my hands back in june and saw no inflammation just redness in my hands and finger joints. But it's definitely spreading through my body pretty quickly from what I can tell. Plus I'm starting to hurt more as well, especially in my shoulders and knees. Some days I can't bend my toes either they hurt so bad as well. The prescription he gave me isn't helping either. I know osteoarthritis is a slow progressing arthritis but at least four other areas of my body have started hurting with in a three month period at the least since I saw my gp back in March.

  • I've seen people mention that they were misdiagnosed for years before the doctor finally realized they had RA. Again, I can only speak from personal experience. My RA started suddenly after the birth of my second child. It hurt so bad in the mornings and would take hours to ease up. Eventually I was taking pain killers 24/7. My hands never really swelled though. I could't take my ring off in the morning but visually it wasn't very noticeable. I also didn't go red. Bending my fingers hurt. Eventually even walking, standing, sitting hurt. It sounds a lot like what you describe. Most notable was my hand stiffness. For me massaging my forearm helped although I've seen that it makes some people worse. If you have RA proper treatment should help. I'd push to get in earlier.

  • Mommy4two, I have signs of redness in both of my hands, where the first signs of arthritis started in 2013. My rheumatologist saw no inflammation just redness in both hands. After looking at the signs of both hands he said he was ruling out RA and leaning more towards OA, that was before he started pulling on my shoulder joint , witch at the time we're very painful on the day of my appointment. I'm finding my right side is affected more by my arthritis than my left. I'm also right handed . I do very little with my left hand. I go back on the 24th of this month to see what he wants to do next . Something needs to ease it soon because it seems to be hurting me more now. My right hip has bother me this week more than it has from when it started in my hips. I hope I get relief from this soon. J. Quinn

  • Have they checked for Lyme diease?

  • Mommy4two It's not Lyme disease, I haven't had any ticks on me. I didn't mentioned to you I also have a nodule below my big right toe. It's arthritis of some form. I know it sounds like mine is progressing quicker than it should for osteoarthritis. I seem to be the most comfortable when I'm not on my feet. Go figure. Yes I still feel it when I'm off my feet but not as much though. I'm currently taking Meloxicam generic for Mobic 15mg . 1 once a day. It's not helping after being on it since June.

  • I did a quick search of both of these medicines and it looks like they are both painkillers so I'm guessing they should have started workin already. I really hope you find relief soon. hugs

  • The Meloxicam that I have been taking since June should be easing the pain by now but it hasn't. I guess the dosage isn't strong enough. So my question is what's next? The Meloxcam is generic for Mobic. My hips have been hurting all weekend long and other parts of me too. I'll keep you posted Mommy4two. Talk with you later.

  • The mine is osteo arthritis and I'm swelling all over frm arms to legs my both hips need replacing and more but doc say I to young I'm having a stair lift fitted by my ot and still she thinks I need the replacements all over as I am young and still have lots of life in me

  • Due to the way mine is acting I had thought of looking into a wheelchair for myself for my worst days. Yes you are young a little younger than myself. We both shouldn't have to go through this so soon. I may bring up to my rheumatologist about being fitted for a wheelchair. I don't want to have to go this route but something tells me I might have to .

  • I started with Nodal Osteoarthritis about 7 years ago (I am now 54) started in my neck and right knee, then my right thumb, then my lower back, then the left thumb, then my big toes, then both shoulders and right elbow. I have had several operations. I now have it in every single joint with visible nodes in my finger joints. I would say that the last 6-months of my life it has progressed very aggressively and I am now in talks with my job about early retirement due to ill health. Psychologically it has been very hard to come to terms with but I am just in so much pain now I couldn't possible hold down a job. My pain relief includes Naproxen, Amitriptyline, paracetamols and sometimes codeine. I see my Rheumatologist every 6-months and had MRI scans on my hands recently. They have ruled out RA but I did not expect Osteoarthritis to be so painful as it actually is! I am now struggling with using crutches/walking stick as I am finding it difficult to weight bear due to the pain in my hands, elbows, neck and shoulders. Any advice appreciated!

  • KarenF, Mine actually started in 2013 just shy before I turned 38. I started getting signs of it in my hands then by August of 2014 it's started in both of my feet. I have a nodule below my big right toe now. After March of this year the osteo started in both my knee joints as,well as my shoulders and elbows. I'm now getting it in my hips as well. Lucky it hasn't gotten into my neck as of yet. But I also have discomfort in my lower back now. Some days are better than others but some day it's unbearable for me and those are the days I wish I had something to help me get around. I have days that I can't stand on my feet the pain is so unbearable. Those day I just break out in tears it hurts so bad. Last winter was awful for me. I had several very bad days that I could barely get through a work day . I'm hoping that I don't go through that again this winter. I also tire out quickly going up and down stairs anymore , I get fatigue if I do to much during the day. Hope you have a good day J . Quinn

  • I'm in a similar state. My diagnosis is currently OA, but I am now being reviewed, since - as my GP put it - "It's not behaving like RA, but it's not behaving like normal OA, either".

    One thing I would mention is that a lot of my pain and swelling appears to be tendinopathy. I have long-standing tendon disease and it has now caused my hands and feet to start to deform and lumps to grow on my hands, wrists, forearms, feet, and below my kneecaps... It causes awful burning pain - almost as bad as the bone-on-bone pain I had before my hip replacement last year, but everywhere and constant. :( I'd suggest you Google tendinopathy and enthesitis and see if they ring any bells for you...

  • Dear flow ,

    I been tested for the RA Factor 2 times already and both times it came but negative. But mine is like you said not acting like RA or OA . I think it's progressing to quickly for OA but the again I'm not a Dr. The tops of my had stay red some days they are redder than others depending on how much I use the joints in my hands. But since I saw my rheumatologist in June my hip has been bothering me especially on rainy days. I shouldn't have to be going through this before I'm 50 . I've had some days that it been unbearable and had me in tears. I very rarely cry unless I really hurt like my arthritis has at times. I think I push myself more so than I should on the days that I feel the worst. That's the stubborn part of me. Chat with you laster. J. Quinn

  • It can move fast. My hip went from 'moderate and consistent with age' to 'severe' in 15 months. My hands have deformed so that I can no longer put them flat in 9 months - though that is what has led the GP to wonder if something else might be going on, and send me back to the rheumy...

  • I too tested negative for rheumatoid arthritis. I stopped taking the short term meds for relief until the symptoms increased. Then I tested positive about 3 months after symptoms began and was able to receive appropriate medication and get relief. Hope you get some help.

  • Basalisbury, since I posted this particular post my arthritis has started in my hip and lower back. So now I feel it in my shoulders, hands ,elbows, knees and feet as well. I was told that it was osteoarthritis but I'm not so sure that it's OA. My feet have been hurting really bad this week. Do to the weather and cooler temps.

  • My symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis included red, warm to the touch areas over wrist joint and feet, first on one side of the body and then to the other side, same area. It moved to hips, shoulders, and worsened in the feet until I finally made another appointment and was finally diagnosed. With rheumatoid, symptoms appear one one side of the body and then moves to the other side, same joint. Good luck.

  • I've been getting the warm feeling on my right thigh for quite sometime now . Sometimes I feel it from my right tight to my knee cap. I'm not sure what it's from maybe a sign of ra as well. I haven't been getting the swelling though the only redness I'm getting as of right now is on top of my hands. I have no sign of inflammation what so ever as of right now. But like you said the warm feeling is only on my right side not my left. Is this a sing of ra starting?

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