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Not so good welfare meeting at work

Hi to all hope everyone is well.

So I had a welfare meeting at work to discuss my condition and to see what support the company could put in place.

My manager has said that I will not be able to return to my original job because of my condition and my doctor agrees with that as he told me a few months back that I need to change all aspects of my life.

Anyway basically my manager has said to me that depending how long I am going to be off work it is more than likely that the company will decide to finish me through ill health ( exactly what you want to be told at 30 )

So yea a little nervous for the future now also feeling quite down just knowing that my working life has come to a grinding halt.

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Rrob86, I had the self same thing happen, I'm a bit older but at 45 I had to stop because of my condition, it took me along time to adjust, but, beleive me, you will adapt and find other things to do, I sometimes wonder how I had time to go to work now. Money is difficult to start with and I would advise you get help at the earliest time with something like the Citizens Advice Bureau, they helped me briliantly, especially for things like PIP, ESA, and other benefits, if like me you know nothing about benefits you will need help its a mine field.

My advice take your time, adjust to the change, and try to be positive, youare not out of work because you don't want to work, like some, but because you have been told to leave by a medical professional, there is a big difference.

Best of luck, hope this helps, and don't be nervous, the fear of the unknown is not as bad as you are thinking.

All the best.


Hi I'm the same I was medically finished in July at 51, it took me a wee while to adjust but I'm glad it happened as I was struggling in the last year at work but things have worked out fine and I've got my works pension and am not any worse off and can plan my day accordingly


Im sorry to hear this because I know how worrying it is, 2yrs ago I lost my job due to ill health too after dedicating 10yrs to them, my company did nothing to help me keep my job, all suggestions by occupational health were ignored which aggravated my cindition to the point I was out on long term sick for just under a yr, atm I claim esa which is hard to manage on, any attempt for dla have been turned dwn, I own my own home and if it wasn't for my husband taking over the payments me and my children wud hav lost our home, so as u can see u fully understand ur concerns, speak to citizens advice and make sure u get everything ur entitled to, good luck and try to remain positive.




My husband didn't get DLA the first time around have you heard of DIALThey we really helpful helped fill in forms & my husband got it 2nd time

had to give them a donation when he received it but


Iv applied a few times but theyv since said if nothing changes im not entitled to reapply, angers me because atm im waiting to see a neurologist for nerve pain, a gynecologist for a prolapse and a colonoscopy for bowls problems, im not very well at all but they dnt care. X


Hi there Rrob,

I struggled back at work for a fair few years and did have a very supportive employer but eventually I had to take medical retirement.

Have a chat on the Headway helpline and see if they can point you to relevant support perhaps? :)

... is it at all possible for your employer to offer a different area of work for you.... just a thought.

I am in the support group for ESA and also have been awarded DLA due to mobility and epilepsy issues. As well as the citizens advice bureau there is a site called Benefits and Work which explains all the hoops we have to jump through and how to fill in forms. I

Is there a local advocacy service to you who could talk you through this.

I'm so sorry that you are in troubled times there, it does get you down i know when you are worried about the future.

Take heart that there are those here who have survived leaving work. I'm sorry also that they are so unhelpful in work. Look after yourself and know that people are rooting for you here.

TN x :)

ps when its a really rotten morning it's nice for me to snooze in bed for an extra half hour and remember the two and a half hour each way commute I used to have bus, train, train, bus.....don't miss that a bit !!

Take it easy and be kind to yourself.

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Hi Rrob86

Its a huge shock when you hear news like that. What I would say to you is this. You may not be the person you were before your condition, but you can be a different person still every bit as productive after but, bearing in mind your limitations. 30's very young to have to start changing your life around but a lot of people just drag on in the same job they started after school because well why not its a job that pays and its handy to get to etc and in the blink of an eye they are retiring. Try to see what you have been handed as an opportunity. What about booking an appointment with a life coach preferably one who can deal with a person with a health condition and maybe also a counselor i'm sure your very angry I knows I was when I discovered my working days were at an end. I think I worried people would thing me idle and lazy etc. I hope you have the support you need. Keep talking and typing and i'm sure we will do anything we can to support you.

Gentle Hugs



Hi rob I know how you feel with that one my employer tried to arrange something a little nearer my home as I had 104 miles between the Saturday and Sunday so they found me a job I still had to go through the process got the job THEN it disappeared into thin air even human resources didn't know what happened "so they say" so I was left to get on with my life it feels tough at the time but it gets easier there's a lot of help out there take it easy a day at a time

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Hi I am new in here. I just had to leave my job after many years as I can't work anymore my income has been cut in half. In the past 2yrs I have had a full hip and knee replacements with more to come. I have severe OA, I try my best to have a positive attitude i know how hard it is living in constant pain but your frame of mind has a big impact and in my case stubbornness as well I refuse to let this beat me.


Hi all,

Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks to all that have commented and shared their experiences and have also given great advice.

I've been looking into several options spoke to the job centre ( what a wonderful bunch they are ) and have rang to apply for pip.

I have another MRI on Thursday thoracic and cervical spine to see if I have anymore degeneration in the rest of my spine

And also I see a specialist and surgeon on Friday and then based on what happens there, I will have another occupational health assessment and then the company say they will make a decision.

So yea fingers crossed but I won't hold my breath


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