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Is anyone struggling with work due to memory problems?


I have arthritis and tendonitis in multiple joints and have lived with terrible pain for the last 12 years. I'm 41 and single and don't have many friends to help.

I've had many problems at work as I've needed time of for operations and recovery from tendonitis problems, but the last few years I am finding it so hard to work due to my memory. I'm a seive, I can't absorb information, my vocabulary is terrible, and I constantly forgetting. I work part time but I can't work less hours as I have a mortgage and as I'm the only one paying the mortgage I need to be in work

I recently changed jobs as I had a bad experience with my NHS employer who did not believe that I had any problems as 'i was so young, and didn't look I'll.' my new job is interesting but I am struggling as it's so had to concentrate. I use lots of online tools, my mobile for lists etc but I can't hold information needed for my job. I feel so trapped.

I've not been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis as I don't meet the diagnostic criteria, but one rheumatologist said she thinks I probably do due to my family history and symptoms.

I wanted to ask if anyone with arthritis is struggling with memory and work and what possible options you considered. Thanks

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I fully sympathise about needing to work but struggling to do so! I suspect that you have a vitamin or mineral absorption problem and the memory problems and "brain fog" might be caused by a deficiency.

Ideally read some of the posts and replies on the Pernicious Anaemia group here in Health Unlocked and then get your vitamin B12, folate (vitamin B9) and vitamin D levels tested by your Dr.

Get a copy of your results and post them, complete with the ranges, on that forum. Even if they come back inconclusive there are people there who can help you and will be very sympathetic. I strongly suspect you will find that you have low levels of one or more of these but if not there are people on that forum who have knowledge of a range of conditions that have overlapping symptoms as autoimmune conditions often go together.

Please do this soon - help is available for you and it may be part of the reason for so much pain and tendonitis. If these are the problems the quicker you get the right treatment the better.

Good luck!

My mother had pernicious anaemia ,you have a point here she lost her ability to spell and do crosswords ect ,it slowed her thinking down and she was very tired and weak until she got the right treatment.Get it ruled out it does sound like one you need to check out .

I find with arthritis, the pills we take for pain can often cause brain confusion. I empathise with you concerning the emotional aspect of trying to hold down a job and being disbeleived in respect of how your illness disables you for work related activity. I have been the same route as you since my late thirties, fortunatly I am retired now but still have to battle with the symptoms and peoples disbeleive of how it effects daily living, simply because we soldier on. Do keep seeing your doctor about this as new help is being discovered every day and you may need other things like vitamins to improve your general health. There may be other help financially for you as you are a person living alone with only one income, there may even be a different mortgage your provider can consider changing you too , council tax rebates, free prescriptions on the grounds of low income and many others. Do you claim disabled tax credit on your wages? Other option is to sell your home and go for rented accomodation but rents are often dearer than mortgages. Sorry this is long but you need to consider all aspects to make life easier for yourself and less stress on your health. I live alone so understand the added issues of being alone. If you have a problem do ask me I have lots of experience of these things and am a member of the Arthritis Action Charity. Best wishes with reaching a decision on what is best for you.

Thank you all so much for your kind and considerate replies to my question. I'm sorry that you have had struggles too.

I have had my vitamin and mineral levels checked a few years ago but not recently and your messages has given me the confidence to go back to my GP to see if they can help.

Thanks again as your kind words mean alot.

Best wishes


Yes I attribute most of my memory problems to the medicine I need to take.

I know exactly how you’re feeling 😒

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