?Having sciatica flare up with OA

Hi! I have had OA for last 4/5 years and mild stroke which has left me with right sided weakness/limp but in October x-rays revealed both hips and lower back show OA..was offered consultant apt for invasive surgery but declined unless they could do a 5 in 1!! .Last week had terrible time getting up for work and have experienced buttock pain which radiates down both legs and leaves me with no sleep...pain has started to wear off a bit over this weekend because I think I am moving more slowly and not rushing about ( having to get up and down with work duties) but still cannot sit for longer than 20 mins....and behind left leg is aching ..... am due at G.P.s tomorrow for meds review and blood test results (once a year) but feel like asking G.P. for note for work.....I was very irritable Friday and snappy because of the pain and the team I work with are usually supportive but not so much Friday- we are very busy at the moment and I feel guilty about not going into work.....

Does anyone else have these work quandaries?

Feel like swearing and screaming at the minute...

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  • Sorry you are in so much pain I have osteoarthritis in my hands so I know what it is like diagnosed in 2012. I was getting more pain in other joints so was referred to rheumatology clinic and found out I have psoriatic arthritis too that was in May last year. I still went to my work. But I moved house in March last year and had to give up my job. Or I would still be working. Not been able to get another job due to other health conditions. But I try to keep myself as active as I can take care xx

  • Hi Amanda2 - I get frozen hands and the veins ache but not sure what causes this..maybe the meds....will ask G.P. tomorrow.....

    Sorry you had to give up work and not able to find another job due to health conditions...I have looked for work closer to home so I don't have to travel in traffic some days an hour each day....financially its not worth my while but feel psychologically its worth it EXCEPT when I'm feeling so achey and no sleep..not able to concentrate or interact with banter on team just feel like screaming so think I need some time to help body repair....and maybe my energy levels and motivation will improve.....I am not very active and know I need to be but perhaps I need more pain management - will also discuss this also tomorrow....will be there all day with my list....hope G.P. is in good Monday mood! xx

  • Hi good luck at your GP tomorrow. I am going to see my consultant at the rheumy clinic and respiratory clinic this month because I think there is a connection with the PsA and COPD. I am willing to work but not many employers will employ you if you are breathless at an interview. I just wish I could stop being so breathless. Well I will just have to see what the consultants say take care xx

  • I have oak a nd spondylitis and worked with it like you. I also got very irritable due to pain and ended up not being able to put up with the politics or bs you get at work. As a college lecturer I had strict time scales and had to rush from one side of the college to the other. I eventually gave in and took early retirement and have never looked back! If I hurt through the night, I sleep in, I go at my pace and no one worries, including me I go for walks if pain allows and life is slower and better and much less stressful. The pain hasn't gone, but I can manage it better.

  • Hi Diane....I'm pleased you were able to take early retirement and now you can go at your own pace and life is more manageable....unfortunately I cannot take ER as don't have workplace pension and at 60 am not financially stable....worries me to go on benefits or NOT get them even though friends have said I would be financially better off!! Have been off work this week as my posts have stated with this locked back pain triggering other probs...have not been out as tooo cold but have tried to gently move around to keep a little mobile and sane!!

    This week my sleep pattern has been cat naps and know I am not fit for work - I think my time has come to stop challenging myself at getting up with bone ache at 6.30 to do an 8 and a half hour day as a computer/scanner/shredder slave.....!

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