Reactive arthritis

Hi I am new and have just been diagnosed and suffering with with reactive arthritis, I was practically disabled, consultant has said I now have rheumatoid arthritis. Am just getting better taking prednisolone naproxen and also hydroxchloroquine as well as co codamol before bed. All seems to be working but has taken 4 weeks. Luckily went private but have appointment with nhs mid January as much insurance wont pay for chronic conditions. My concern is coming off the mediation and getting all the pains back. Consultant is considering methrate next. I have not had any side effects from taking all the tablets.

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  • Hi

    Just wanted to say hello. I am normally on the nras site on here where you will find lots of us with RA and with bucket loads of empathy and experience.....why not pop over and have a read......loads of advice on methotrexate, steroids etc and just dealing day to day with this condition.

    You will need to be guided by your rheumatologist re reducing any drugs......getting this condition under control is a long process often taking months as dmards ( hydroxy, methotrexate etc ) are slow acting drugs.

    You will also find some useful information on the nras website.

    Good luck

  • ntas website I could not find what is the full title please

  • National rheumatoid arthritis society. If you look at all the health unlocked communities ( see top of page ) you will find the nras community then just click to be a member as you are on here. From that site you can find the nras website as well. ( or just google for the website).... It's a charity for people with RA and has straightforward and clear information.

    The nras HU community is great and very active. I found it early on in the RA journey and it's been a lifesaver for me.

  • Thanks found it

  • Hello, I too have Reactive Arthritis as well as Osteoarthritis. I'm still waiting for a Rheumatologist appointment, but have been left with permanent joint damage in my thumbs from a 3 month flare, my bloods came back only slightly raised.

    You'll find lots of useful info on the NRAS site, I have as I thought mine was Rheumatoid Disease, good luck with your treatments.

  • Thank you will have a look. My thumbs are still sore as well as knuckles

  • Hi,

    Just wanted to say have been on prednisolone, naproxen and co codamol for quite sometime, the hydroxychloroquine didn't suit me second time around. (have been suffering from arthritis for well over 40 years, with various diagnosis, of which RA was predominant at the beginning) I have recently been told that I need double hip replacements and that I must reduce the prednisolone, and so have been put on Tramadol slow release, instead of the co-codamol. I too found that the prednisolone was the way back to feeling more like normal, and it controlled the pain to a greater degree, the only down side to this is prolonged use at 20gm per day can cause skin to thin, bruising easily, and bone thinning, the latter can be helped by taking anti osteoporosis medication such as Risedronate (1 tablet once per week). The problem arises when you need to reduce the steroids, as I have had to, don't do it too quickly. Take it slowly, 1mg every 4 weeks or the pain will overwhelm you. But on a positive note, stay with it, if it suits you then you will soon feel more like your normal self. One last tip take your medication with food, it will help prevent stomach irritation, if you find that you do have problems, ask your GP for Lansoprazole, this tends to solve the problem. Good Luck, hope all goes well with you.


  • Thank you. Have felt amazing for the last 3 days which I am 4 weeks in to staring medication but my eyes are dark and a bit puffy so using the drops my optician suggested which help. I was using brolene but he has given me optrex for infected eyes and it is better. Could believe,how,fast this happened.

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