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Reactive Arthritis Help!!

Hi everyone, I'm at my wits end.

After being diagnosed with RA in March I am still in so much pain😞

I'm 42 yet I can barely get out of bed in the morning, my feet and knee hurt so much. It's the school holidays, I have 2 children and it's getting me so down that they are missing out with me being like this! I had steroid injections back in April and things did begin to improve, but slowly slowly it's getting worse. Luckily I'm off from work as I'm a TA but come September I'm expected to go work in a busy reception class and I'm getting scared I won't be able to as its a job I love.

If anyone has any advice, please share I need help and fast!xxx

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If you were diagnosed with RA in March have they referred you to a rheumatology dept appt at the hospital? If not, why not? Yes the steroid shot gives short term relief but you need to be put on drugs which will (hopefully) stabilise you long term.


Hi, yes I was referred eventually that's when I had Steriod injections, the doctor then told me to come off Meds and I should be ok. I felt fine for about a month but slowly it has come back. Many thanks for your reply.


And second. Did you know there is a RA specific site on health unlocked. Run by the NRAS. Well worth having a look there for lots of useful information.

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I have Reactive Arthritis not Rheumatoid.


Ah ha! Lol. I always think RA = rheumatoid arthritis. Sorry 😉. Hope you get some relief to solve the problem.


Reducing the inflammation can reduce the pain


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